Jackie Carbajal

A highly motivated customer service specialist, she brings a wealth of experience and a comprehensive skill set dedicated to resolving customer complaints and championing conflict resolution. Her leadership journey includes a significant role as a Customer Service Manager, where she honed her skills in guiding teams to provide exemplary service. Known for being a builder of strong and trusting relationships, she exhibits a deep commitment to enhancing customer experiences. Beyond her customer service prowess, her expertise extends into the realms of marketing, encompassing proficiency in Google AdWords, SEO, Google Analytics, and social media marketing. Outside the professional sphere, her passions are diverse and reflect a love for art, animals, and the great outdoors. Whether immersed in creative pursuits, spending time with her dog and 2 cats, or enjoying the natural world, she finds inspiration and rejuvenation. A social butterfly at heart, she relishes the opportunity to make new friends, fostering connections that enrich both personal and professional aspects of her life.