Executive Coaching and Leadership Certification Training

Does the prospect of working with the Executives and Leaders of Business excite you? Become a Certified Executive Coach!

Executive coaching and leadership certification

Today, more than ever before, corporations hold the opinion that being provided the opportunity to work with a coach is a positive thing.

As a Certified Executive Coach, you will have a pivotal role within an organization to assist leaders of business improve their current job effectiveness through enhanced communication, effective team management, understanding responsibility, coping with high levels of stress, and clarifying or modifying goals.

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  • 9 Modules & 61 Units
  • 30-hour training (self-paced online coursework + live sessions)
  • Unlimited Live Sessions in our Zoom Classrooms with your Trainer
  • Coaching Model to boost your client’s understanding of themselves
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Executive Coaching Impacts Organizational Success!

Executive coaching is a relatively new form of professional development when compared to traditional training or executive education programs. The arena of business coaching services is still very inconsistent and confusing to many and this program will provide you a clear and concise pathway to be a powerful influence in this young and expanding field.

Executive Coaching focuses on both work and career-related goals. It is primarily action-oriented, looking at current and future performance. The role of the Executive Coach is to keep the process on track and moving forward during the heavily, communication-based nature of this style of coaching.

With the complexity of Executive Coaching and Leadership coach situations and client roles, it is not surprising that there is no ‘one size fits all model of the coaching process that would adequately cover the myriad of possible combinations that an Executive Coach could face. In answer to this reality, you will learn the iNLP Center, Executive Coaching SPACE model, which broadens this focus to include the needs and goals of both the executive and the sponsoring organization.  

This multimodality approach might typically include components from the GROW model, Instructional coaching, directive coaching, team/group coaching to name a few. The iNLP Center’s Executive Coaching SPACE model is built around this structure and facilitates flexibility and adaptability, which allows the Executive Coach to create coaching sessions that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of each client, no matter what their role or goals.

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Executive Coach & Leadership Certification Training Tracks

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Executive Coach & Leadership Certification
ACC Track
4 Certifications
NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training (ICF Accredited)
• Executive & Leadership Coach Training
• Business & Marketing Guide
ICF Mentor Coaching

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Executive Coach & Leadership Certification
Standard Track
4 Certifications
NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training (ICF Accredited)
• Executive & Leadership Training
• Business & Marketing Guide
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Executive Coach & Leadership Certification
Coach Training Add-on
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* To enroll in our Executive & Leadership Coach Certification Training, you must have completed or are enrolled in our NLP-Integrated Life Coach Certification. If you are not enrolled in this course, please choose one of our Executive & Leadership Training Tracks above.

What You’ll Learn in our Executive Coach & Leadership Certification Training

In addition to our NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training you will also be completing the modules below to earn your Executive Coach & Leadership Certification:

Life Purpose Coach Training Module 1
Module 1 Introduction to Executive and Leadership Coaching
Unit 1 What is Executive and Leadership Coaching
Unit 2 Executive Coaching Code of Conduct and Confidentiality
Unit 3 Executive SPACE Coaching Model
Unit 4 The SPACE model in action
Unit 5 Activity - Executive SPACE

Module 1: Introduction to Executive and Leadership Coaching

The first module in this training looks into the definition of Executive Leadership Coaching (ELC). You will explore what ELC is and what it is not and how it differs from other types of Life Coaching. This module also covers the Ethics and Confidentiality of Executive Leadership Coaching and introduces the SPACE model approach to this style of coaching.

Life Purpose Coach Training Module 2
Module 2 Self-Awareness
Unit 1 The Self-Aware Executive
Unit 2 What is Self-Awareness?
Unit 3 A Structure for Practicing Self-Awareness
Unit 4 Self-Awareness = Capabilities
Unit 5 Mindset Awareness
Unit 6 Problem Mindset vs. Solution Mindset
Unit 7 The Problem Mindset
Unit 8 The Solution Mindset

Module 2: Self-Awareness

This module addresses the concept of what makes a great leader. You will learn about the qualities that effective leaders possess and explore how they process information both internally and externally. You will address leadership mindsets and the influence of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Life Purpose Coach Training Module 3
Module 3 Effective Leadership
Unit 1 Qualities of a Great Leader
Unit 2 Understanding Leadership Roles
Unit 3 • Exercise: Flexiblity in Leadership Roles
Unit 4 Self-Awareness and Leadership
Unit 5 Team Leadership
Unit 6 Exercise: Know Your Team
Unit 7 Leadership and Motivation
Unit 8 Motivating your Team
Unit 9 Leading Through Change
Unit 10 Understanding the Change
Unit 11 • Coaching Exercise: Managing Change

Module 3: Effective Leadership

Executives play a major role in implementing change within organizations. In this module, you will study the impact of perception and perspective on a leader’s ability to affect smooth and positive change. You will cover the ‘state of influence’ and how knowing your team increases successful change.

Life Purpose Coach Training Module 4
Module 4 Performance
Unit 1 Seeing our Reality
Unit 2 Internal and External Processing
Unit 3 Activity Internal - External
Unit 4 It's all about Perspective
Unit 5 Psyche Builder - Know Your Team

Module 4: Engaging Others

An Executive or Leader is only as good as the team they lead. In this module you will gain an understanding of the power of motivation. You will learn how to create motivation from within and also understand the underlying processes of motivation that will drive the engagement of those in a team.

Life Purpose Coach Training Module 5
Module 5 Action
Unit 1 The Concept of Motivation
Unit 2 Using Meta Programs to Motivate
Unit 3 Psyche Builder - Meta Programs
Unit 4 Coaching Exercise - Meta Model

Module 5: Active Listening

Great leaders to listen! In this module you will cover how to create active listening as opposed to assuming. You will learn how to focus attention when and as required, and how to use the power of voice. The ‘listening state’ and the ‘know nothing state’ are also covered in this module.

Life Purpose Coach Training Module 6
Module 6 Capability
Unit 1 Listen Actively
Unit 2 Activity - Listen and Learn
Unit 3 Attention On - Off
Unit 4 Create a Listening State
Unit 5 The Power of Voice
Unit 6 Activity - The Power Of Voice
Unit 7 Know Nothing State
Unit 8 Psyche Builder - Know Nothing
Unit 9 Coaching Exercise - Know Nothing

Module 6: Smart Questioning

Highly effective leaders have the capacity to ask smart questions. In this module you will learn just what makes a question ‘smart’. You will explore the process of determining the real problem quickly and efficiently by using smart questions. Smart questions also include those that challenge the established mindset.

Life Purpose Coach Training Module 7
Module 7 Smart Questioning
Unit 1 Smart Questions
Unit 2 What are Smart Questions
Unit 3 Benefits of Smart Questions
Unit 4 The Process of Communication
Unit 5 Activity - Find the Problem Quickly
Unit 6 Challenge Questions
Unit 7 Psyche Builder - Smart Questions
Unit 8 Coaching Exercise - Smart Questions

Module 7: Living with Leadership

All good coaching tests the Ecology of change. In this module you will explore the broader ecology of Executive Coaching. You will test change from the perspective of the executive/leader, the organisation and the team members involved.

Life Purpose Coach Training Module 8
Module 8 Living With Leadership
Unit 1 The Ecology of Leadership

Module 8: Own the SPACE

This module provides six powerful questions that Executives and Leaders should know how to ask. These questions are not the same as the smart questions, which deal with operational issues; they go to a much deeper level of team awareness and cohesion that can have a major impact on the goals and productivity of the organisation. This module is where you bring the SPACE model into practice.

Life Purpose Coach Training Module 8
Module 9 Own the SPACE
Unit 1 Six Questions an Executive/Leader Should Ask
Unit 2 The Power of Clever Questioning
Unit 3 Psyche Builder - Clever Questions
Unit 4 Coach Exercise - Clever Questions

Module 9 – Conflict Resolution (Bonus Module)

This module works through a real-world application of the techniques and processes you have learned in the course. You will learn to integrate several techniques to resolve issues in the workplace. This model is easily transferable to internal conflicts that a leader can face and to those that impact the personal life.

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