Group Coaching Certification Training

Enhance your Coaching Practice with our Group Coaching Training

Group Coaching Certification

Embark on the journey to become a Certified Group Coach by equipping yourself with the essential skills to empower your groups for success. Group coaching is a powerful tool that can benefit both individuals and organizations. It is a cost-effective and accessible way for clients to learn from and with others, develop new skills, and achieve goals. Our training program prepares you to coach groups in different formations, from large groups to couples.

  • 100% accredited and 100% online
  • 7 Modules & 42 Units
  • Unlimited Live Sessions in our Zoom Classrooms with your Trainer
  • Weekly Practice and Demonstration Sessions
  • Access to your trainer for help and feedback on what you’re learning
  • Study at your own pace and start right now
  • Lifetime access to your learning material
  • Created from 25 years of international NLP training experience
  • This training provides 20 ICF CCE’s

Unlock Your Coaching Potential and Maximize Your Impact
The iNLP Center’s Universal Coaching Model is Ideal for Group Coaching

In this program, you will acquire the skills to adapt your individual coaching practice into Group Coaching using various formations and styles.

Through unlimited live Zoom training sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to share, explore, learn, and receive guidance on effectively navigating your group’s dynamics for clear and concise outcomes.

Managing the group is a skill that’s often overlooked. Learning how to keep control but still be flexible is the key to smooth and successful coaching outcomes for all your participants.

This training dives deep into the structure of your group coaching sessions, helping to navigate your sessions through our Universal Coaching Model, establishing an ongoing cycle for success. It begins by introducing the coachees to the session, gathering relevant information for the coach and coachee, utilizing NLP tools for transformation, and integrating these changes for external results. Subsequently, it cycles back to prepare your client for the next session.

To significantly elevate the overall experience and outcomes for participants engaged in group coaching sessions, this model not only guides the coaching process effectively but also harnesses the power of group dynamics, enabling enhanced group support, a sense of community, and collective synergy.

Group Support: Within the framework of the Universal Coaching Model, participants in group coaching sessions have the opportunity to receive support not only from the coach but also from peers.

Sense of Community: By implementing this model, a cohesive and collaborative environment is established. Participants feel a sense of belonging and connection with others in the group. This shared community nurtures a space where individuals can openly discuss challenges, share insights, and celebrate successes, creating a powerful motivational force.

Synergy: The synergy generated within a group setting utilizing the Universal Coaching Model is remarkable. When individuals come together with shared goals and experiences, the collective energy and combined efforts often produce results greater than the sum of individual contributions. The synergy amplifies the impact of the coaching process, leading to accelerated growth and achievement.

“A Wise Choice”

“Enrolling in the group coaching course not only introduced me to new NLP techniques but also allowed me to refine my previously acquired skills, adapting and applying them effectively within a group setting.

And Rafael’s dynamic and insightful knowledge-sharing approach is truly commendable!

I’m eager to commence my group coaching journey, equipped with the invaluable opportunities for partnerships and aiding others in their personal and professional growth this program has unveiled for me.” 

– Victoria Pierruccini

What You’ll Learn During the Training

Module 1 – Introduction to Group Coaching

  • Learn about the different types of groups and how to establish and build rapport with each type.
  • Understand what critical adjustments are needed to move from individual to group coaching.
  • Discover how to create coaching packages to generate more significant revenue.

Module 2 – Information Gathering

  • Learn how to gather information when working with groups to ensure all individual group member goals are defined.
  • What is Group-Talk, and how do you facilitate exploration?
  • Discover the do and don’t of mini-lectures for group coaching.
  • Understand group dynamic management and how to help your clients feel heard within the group.

Module 3 – Transformation Exploration in Groups

  • Learn how you can adjust and adapt NLP techniques for use in groups.
  • Discover how to use the power of language to allow each participant to experience their own subjective transformation
  • Learn how to harness the experiences of one participant to help another
  • Explore anchoring in a group to manage each coachees state

Module 4 – New Transformation Models

  • Discover how to brainstorm, plan, and test group goals
  • Learn the skills you need to interact with one participant and the group concurrently.
  • Plan your transformation style and technique for feedback

Module 5 – Integration for Groups and Individuals

  • Learn how to facilitate constructive feedback to bring insight
  • Harness the Coach-Do model to create accountability outside the group
  • Be prepared to wrap up a session and integrate the learning so no one goes home without a new action plan.

Module 6 – Preparation and Coach Skills

  • Learn how to prepare yourself to be confident in front of a group
  • Success tips for speaking in front of audiences
  • Discover next level anchors to trigger your desired state
  • Understand the group dynamic to manage your coachees

Module 7 – Group Coaching Practice

  • Imagine and describe your ideal group coaching session
  • Put your training to work! Prepare and conduct a group coaching session with iNLP Center students
  • Learn what works and where to make adjustments for a successful coaching group

Enroll in a Group Coaching Training Track to Get Started

Training Program:Program Includes:One-time PriceInstallment Plan
Group Coaching
Certification Track
4 Certifications
NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training (ICF Level 1)
• Group Coaching Training
• Business & Marketing Guide
ICF Mentor Coaching

• Provides 90 ICF Training Hours
Enroll Now
$659/mo. for
9 months
Enroll Now
Group Coaching
Track for ICF Renewal

3 Certifications
NLP Combo (NLP Prac & Master)
• Group Coaching Training

• Provides 44 ICF Training Hours
Enroll Now
$537.50/mo. for
4 months
Enroll Now
Group Coaching
Training Add-on
1 Certification
• Group Coaching Training Only
See Prerequisites below*
• Provides 20 ICF CCE’s
Enroll Now

* To enroll in our Group Coaching Certification Training, you must have completed or are enrolled in our NLP-Integrated Life Coach Certification or our NLP Combo (NLP Practitioner and Master). If you are not enrolled in either of these courses, please choose one of our Group Coaching Tracks above.

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