International Coaching Federation Credit to Learn NLP

Coach-Specific Training for Aspiring and Current ICF Life Coaches!


Our NLP for Coaches (NLP Combo) is approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for 31 Core Competencies and 27 Resource Development Credits.

This course qualifies as Coach-Specific Training for your ACC Portfolio Path. See ICF listing for verification and details.

Additionally, by attending our included live training sessions (located in our online classrooms) you can earn additional hours towards the required 48 synchronous hours.

Upon completion of the courses, your credits and additional hours will be printed on your certificate. You may request a digital copy or printed copy at no additional charge.

Within our student community, we also provide the opportunity to earn your coaching hours and provide you with a log to record the time spent reciprocal coaching with other students.

Enrolling in this training earns you, not only your CCE’s but also your NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner Certifications. These are the techniques and tools all coaches should have in their coaching toolbox.

Confused about ICF credentialing? We can help!

We can explain how to earn your Associate Certified Coach credential from ICF. Live Chat or email us in the "Questions?" box below.  

Work Towards your ICF Accreditation with Us!

Self-Paced with 100% Online Access: Our NLP Combo program is a self-paced, 24-module online training. You can access the course content 24/7/365 in your online learning portal.

Live Training: In addition to the online training, we allow you to attend as many live training sessions as you like. The live training sessions are taught 6-days a week by our certified trainers in our online classrooms. You can attend when it’s most convenient for you! These live sessions give you the opportunity to learn a more in-depth level of coaching application as well as practicing the techniques you will be learning, with our professional trainers.

Earn Coaching Hours while you Learn NLP: For you ICF Associate Coach Credential you need 100 hours of coaching others. Our course activities integrate approximately 40 hours of coaching others through simply using and practicing the techniques. If you are practicing with other students, these hours can be considered ICF paid (reciprocal) hours, of which 75 are required. If you are practicing your techniques with non-students, these would be considered ICF free hours, of which 25 are required.

Reciprocal Coaching Hours in our Center Community: Earn even more hours! Most our students are aspiring coaches as well. They love working and interacting with each other, sharing information, and insights they’ve gained during the training. Additionally, they are working on earning their coaching hours and are happy to participate in reciprocal coaching (required by ICF). When you are part of our student community, you can connect with others to arrange for reciprocal coaching.

We will personally help you navigate the path to ICF accreditation!

That’s not all…

You also get our 6-course Personal Development Program that teaches you tools to address specific challenges your clients may have. It is included as a bonus with our NLP Combo training.

As an NLP Master Practitioner, you will have the option to continue with us, taking our accredited Life Coach training, Advanced Coaching Clinics and coach mentoring.

And finally,  if you so desire, our NLP Trainer’s Training, if desired. After completing all three programs, you will be a certified iNLP Center Trainer and can train and certify students using our iNLP Center material.




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