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  • Complete NLP Master Training & Certification

  • Includes all the tools you need to be an effective Life Coach!
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Full Accreditation & Professional Memberships
  • Full Accreditation & Lifetime Membership with the International NLP Association

  • Full Accreditation & 3-month Gold Membership with International Association of Professional Life Coaches

  • Up to 60 ICF hours of Coach-Specific Training (for ACC accreditation requirement)

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Easy & Intuitive to Learn and Build Life Coaching Skills

Online Life Coach Training Structure

Detailed Syllabus listed below

Our Life Coach Training is presented through the
5 Phases of a Coaching Session. 

You’ll learn each of the life coaching and NLP skills in a systematic way which mirrors the actual life coaching process successful coaches use.

As you learn about each of the five phases, Pre-Coaching, Information Gathering, Transformation, Integration, and Wrap-Up/Homework, you will learn the key NLP tools, models, and techniques that are most effective in each phase.

We have created the iNLP Universal Coaching Model™ that assists you through each phase of the coaching session, so you know what to do and when to do it. With the help of our Coach-Go™ and Coach-Do™ worksheets, you will be able to confidently move your client from obstacle, to action, to goal.

By the end of your Life Coach training experience, you’ll have:

  • Over 50 NLP and life coaching techniques to use with clients, all organized in a common-sense, accessible way.
  • A simple-to-use coaching system for working effectively with clients.
  • Knowledge and experience putting the iNLP Center coaching system in practice, just like you will as a professional life coach.
  • Three professional and accredited certifications to hang on your wall!


Life Coach Training


NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training Module Descriptions:



Life Coach Training Module 1

Module 1: Introduction to Life Coaching & Your Coaching Vision

  • Kick-off Your Life Coach Training with a Success Plan
  • Attend a Private Coaching Vision Session with iNLP Center Founder, Mike Bundrant

The first module of your Life Coach Training is where your vision begins.
We’ll take you step-by-step through the elements that go into creating your coaching vision – your business goals, your coaching niche, how much you should charge, and even what you’re most worried about.

After that, you’ll have a private session with iNLP Center founder, Mike Bundrant, to review your coaching vision. He’ll help you clarify your vision and develop a plan of action to work on during your life coach training and clear direction after completion. Plus, to keep a record of your plan, he’ll send you a personalized e-journal to track your progress towards your vision!


Module 1 Introduction to Life Coaching  
Unit 1 Course Overview
Unit 2 Attending Live Sessions
Unit 3 What is Life Coaching?
Unit 4 Your Coaching Vision
Unit 5 Your Business Goals
Unit 6 Identify Your Niche
Unit 7 Your Ideal Client
Unit 8 Stumbling Blocks
Unit 9 Submit your Coaching Vision


Life Coach Training Module 2

Module 2: The Confident Coach Mindset

  • Master emotional states
  • Transform blocks into positive resources
  • Apply optimism to any situation
  • Learn new behavioral skills quickly

Nothing affects behavior as much as a mindset. Sometimes you can change your mindset and feelings as an act of will. Other states of mind are difficult to change. In this life coach certification course, you will learn to change those mindsets that don’t budge on their own.
The coaching mindset is fundamental. It’s not as much coaching technique, but the states of mind coaches need to be in while coaching. The Coaching Mindset is broken down into three sections – 1. Confidence-building facts about life coaching and the life coaching process that most new coaches don’t understand, 2. Accessing specific states of excellence while coaching to perform better. and 3. Learning specific coach beliefs to feel more confident and draw more potential for your clients.


Module 2 The Confident Coach Mindset  
Unit 1 The Three Elements of Coach Confidence
Unit 2 Confidence-Building Facts for Life Coaches
Unit 3 • Stealth Mission: Listening
Unit 4 The Client's Responsibility
Unit 5 Focusing on an Issue
Unit 6 The Coach-Client Relationship
Unit 7 Influential Relationships
Unit 8 Coaching States of Excellence
Unit 9 The Beginner’s Mind
Unit 10 • Psyche Builder: The Beginner's Mind
Unit 11 Coaching with a Beginner's Mind
Unit 12 • Stealth Mission: The Beginner's Mind
Unit 13 The Presuppositions of NLP
Unit 14 Life Coach Ethics


Life Coach Training Module 3

Module 3: The Structure of a Life Coaching Session

  • Never get lost in a life coaching session
  • Have confidence that you always know what to do next
  • Lead clients naturally to the results they seek

One of the biggest questions new life coaches have is, “What do I do in a session with clients?” Many life coach certification courses teach about coaching, but not how to actually coach real people. The iNLP Center is different. In this module of your life coach certification, you’ll be introduced to the iNLP Center Universal Life Coaching model. This unique coaching system eliminates the mystery behind effective coaching by revealing the Five Phases of a Coaching Session.

From the moment a client walks in the door or appears on your screen, the Five Phases are in play. For a coach, every moment is an opportunity to move the coaching ahead and help the client achieve what he came for.

You’ll learn specifically how effective life coaching sessions work and a powerful, step-by-step system for doing them yourself. Additionally, when you discover the real purpose of a life coaching session, you’ll be more clear and focused than ever.


Module 3 The Structure of a Coaching Session  
Unit 1 What is a Life Coaching Session?
Unit 2 The Purpose of a Life Coaching Session
Unit 3 The Life Coaching Session Overview


Life Coach Training Module 4
This module also includes:
NLP Practitioner Training Module 3

Life Coach Training included NLP Training Practitioner 3

Module 4: The Pre-Coaching Phase

  • Know how to start a coaching session right
  • Create deep rapport with clients quickly
  • Inspire greater trust ethically
  • Master non-verbal communication

Certain things need to happen before great coaching can begin and they happen in the Pre-Coaching phase. During this module, you’ll learn specifically what clients need when they arrive at a coaching appointment so that they feel comfortable and ready to proceed. If you miss this one, the entire coaching session will be compromised.

Pre-Coaching is also when you must begin the rapport and trust-building process. To create a deep connection with your clients, you need to move beyond verbal rapport to establish a powerful, non-verbal connection. In this module, you’ll learn how to read your clients’ non-verbal communication and tap into a deeper connection with them.


Module 4 The Pre-Coaching Phase  
Unit 1 What is the Pre-Coaching Phase?
Unit 2 The Client's Needs in this Phase
Unit 3 The Coach's Goals in this Phase
Unit 4 • Psyche Builder: Pre-Coaching
Unit 5 Introduction to Rapport
Unit 6 The Six Elements of Rapport
Unit 7 Determining Your Rapport Level
Unit 8 • Coaching Exercise: Non-verbal Matching and Mirroring
Unit 9 • Stealth Mission: Rapport Building


Life Coach Training Module 5

Module 5: The Information Gathering Phase

  • Always know what question to ask
  • Set the coaching up for success by seeing the big picture
  • Lead the client to breakthrough insights
  • Proceed to coaching techniques with confidence because you’ve got the right information


Getting the right information from clients is the difference between powerful coaching and mere conversation. The best life coach training shows you how to understand clients in a way that naturally reveals solutions to what holds them back.

If you want to become a world-class life coach, you’ll learn to ask the right questions at the right time, providing a-ha moments and a surge of motivation to your clients. Done well, quality information gathering will reveal the specific goal for any life coaching session, as well as what needs to be done to get there. It’s like rising above a maze and suddenly seeing the path out.

In this module, you’ll receive the iNLP Center’s proprietary Coach-Go model, which serves as your guide for gathering exquisite information without getting lost in the process.


Module 5 The Information Gathering Phase  
Unit 1 The Information Gathering Phase
Unit 2 Outer Obstacles
Unit 3 Inner Obstacles
Unit 4 Purpose of the Information Gathering Phase
Unit 5 The Kick-Off Question
Unit 6 The Coach-Go Model
Unit 7 Full Session Demonstration #1


Life Coach Training Module 6
This module also includes:
NLP Master Training Modules 1, 2, 11

Life Coach Training also includes NLP Modules

Module 6: NLP Coaching Models

  • Serve as an expert guide for your clients
  • Know which techniques to apply and when
  • Identify the best opportunities for clients to grow

A coaching model is like the map in a GPS system. Once you set a goal destination, the map shows you how to get there. A good map will also warn you of traffic jams and help you plan the trip. Without a map, how will you get to a new destination?

Life coach certification is the process of learning to use coaching maps to guide clients toward their goals. It’s important to understand that life coaching can’t happen without coaching models. Coaching conversations are not aimless social interactions. They are intended to go in a positive direction toward a new destination for the client.

As a coach, you need to provide maps that your client doesn’t have. iNLP Center coaching models are simple enough to learn quickly, yet cover a broad, relevant territory.


Module 6 Information Gathering - Coaching Models  
Unit 1 What are Coaching Models?
Unit 2 Logical Levels
Unit 3 Logical Levels Categories
Unit 4 Logical Levels Example 1
Unit 5 Logical Level Example 2
Unit 6 • Psyche Builder: Logical Levels
Unit 7 • Coaching Exercise: Logical Levels
Unit 8 Introduction to Psychological Levels of Development
Unit 9 Levels Overview
Unit 10 NLP and Developmental Theory
Unit 11 What We Learn from Developmental Theory
Unit 12 • Psyche Builder: Levels of Development
Unit 13 • Coaching Exercise: Levels of Development
Unit 14 Introduction to The Physiology Map
Unit 15 Understanding the Quadrants
Unit 16 Rules and Characteristics
Unit 17 Implications of The Physiology Map
Unit 18 Additional Map Understanding
Unit 19 Map Activities
Unit 20 • Psyche Builder: The Physiology Map
Unit 21 • Coaching Exercise: The Physiology Map


Life Coach Training Module 7

This module also includes:
NLP Practitioner Training Modules 2, 6, 8
NLP Master Training Modules 9, 10

Life Coach Training also includes NLP Modules

Module 7: NLP Communication Models

  • Learn to recognize the most important things clients say
  • Know how to systematically ask questions to go deeper
  • Learn to read clients to discover how they are thinking
  • Find the hidden assumptions in communication keep people stuck


Like coaching models, communication models are maps that show you how to direct communication toward a positive outcome. Given how complex communication can be, you need models to guide you.

Imagine a vast field of flowers. There are red, purple, yellow, pink, white, and many other colors mixed together. Your job is to find gather a bouquet for someone special, but you have no idea of the occasion or what this person likes. What will you do? You’ll pick some flowers and hope for the best! But what if you were told in advance specifically which colors to include and which ones to avoid. Imagine being shown a picture of the right flowers to gather. How much simpler would that be?

Life coaching isn’t so simple that it can read from a predetermined script, but it also doesn’t have to be complicated. As you listen to clients speak, what if you could instantly recognize the most valuable information? Good life coach training gives you the communication skills that paint a clear picture of the most important questions to ask, even though a client may present a variety of information.


Module 7 Information Gathering - Communication Models  
Unit 1 What are Communication Models?
Unit 2 Introduction to VAK
Unit 3 Representational System Synergy
Unit 4 Introduction to Eye Accessing Cues
Unit 5 • Exercise: Eye Accessing Cues in Business, Making Decisions/Solving Problems
Unit 6 • Coaching Exercise: Determining Preferred Representational System
Unit 7 • Stealth Mission: Eye Accessing Cues
Unit 8 Introduction to Vague and Specific Language
Unit 9 Using the Meta and Milton Models
Unit 10 Meta and Milton Model: Deletion
Unit 11 Meta and Milton Models: Lack of Referential Index
Unit 12 Meta and Milton Models: Unspecified Verbs
Unit 13 Meta and Milton Models: Nominalizations
Unit 14 Meta and Milton Models: Modal Operators
Unit 15 Meta and Milton Models: Universal Quantifiers
Unit 16 Meta and Milton Models: Cause and Effect
Unit 17 Meta and Milton Models: Mind Reading
Unit 18 Meta and Milton Models: Lost Performative
Unit 19 • Stealth Mission: Meta Model
Unit 20 • Stealth Mission: Milton Model
Unit 21 • Psyche Builder: Meta Model
Unit 22 • Psyche Builder: Milton Model
Unit 23 Introduction to Meta Programs
Unit 24 Meta Programs Considerations
Unit 25 Motivation Toward/Away
Unit 26 Internal/External Validation
Unit 27 Proactive/Responsive
Unit 28 Vague/Specific
Unit 29 Self/Other Motivation
Unit 30 • Stealth Mission: Meta Programs
Unit 31 • Psyche Builder: Meta Programs
Unit 32 Introduction to Presuppositions
Unit 33 Basic Presuppositions
Unit 34 Challenging Presuppositions
Unit 35 Reversing Presuppositions
Unit 36 Creating Presuppositions
Unit 37 • Stealth Mission: Reversing Presuppositions
Unit 38 • Psyche Builder: Presuppositions
Unit 39 • IG Models Integration
Unit 40 YAY! Request Your NLP Practitioner Certificate!


Life Coach Training Module 8

Module 8: The Transformation Phase

  • Know when to use techniques for change
  • Recognize the most powerful kinds of change
  • Implement change techniques with precision

If you’ve gathered good information about the client’s goal and what gets in the way, you should have a toolbox of techniques for overcoming those obstacles. The transformation phase of life coaching. Techniques aren’t everything, but the right technique at the right time works wonders to move clients ahead.

In the Transformation Phase of your life coach training, you’ll learn the optimal conditions for facilitating change, as well as the most influential kinds of change you can achieve inside a coaching session.


Module 8 The Transformation Phase  
Unit 1 Overview of the Transformation Phase
Unit 2 Inner and Outer Models of Coaching
Unit 3 • How Mindset Affects Behavior
Unit 4 • The Mindset of Mindsets
Unit 5 Full Session Demonstration #2


Life Coach Training Module 9

This module also includes:
NLP Practitioner Training Modules 7, 10
NLP Master Training Module 3

Life Coach Training includes NLP Modules

Module 9: Cultivating Self-Awareness with NLP

  • Discover the hidden structure of thoughts and feelings
  • Eliminate the impact of negative thoughts and feelings
  • Breakthrough and break free of self-imposed limitations
  • Gain unparalleled insight into relationships with NLP Perceptual Positions

For the personal growth enthusiast, learning the methods in this module is like opening a present and gazing in awe at the gift you’ve always wanted. The NLP tools here are the hidden structure behind every thought and feeling you can have. And these maps of the mind are not taught anywhere but in NLP coach training. Knowing how your inner life works, specifically, gives you the keys to change.


Module 9 The Transformation Phase - Cultivating Self-Awareness  
Unit 1 Transformations - Cultivating Self-Awareness
Unit 2 Submodalities: Building Blocks of Subjective Experience
Unit 3 Submodality Explore Exercise
Unit 4 • Stealth Mission: Submodalities
Unit 5 • Psyche Builder: Submodalities
Unit 6 Introduction to Perceptual Positions
Unit 7 Exploring Perceptual Positions Exercise
Unit 8 More on Perceptual Positions
Unit 9 Perceptual Positions Sentence Completion
Unit 10 • Coaching Exercise: Perceptual Positions
Unit 11 • Stealth Mission: Perceptual Positions
Unit 12 • Psyche Builder: Perceptual Positions
Unit 13 Introduction to The Twelve States of Attention
Unit 14 Model Overview
Unit 15 Twelve States Sense Experiments
Unit 16 • Psyche Builder: States of Attention
Unit 17 • Psyche Builder 2: States of Attention


Life Coach Training Module 10

This module also includes:
NLP Practitioner Training Modules 4, 5
NLP Master Training Module 4

Life Coach Training includes NLP modules

Module 10: Building Inner Resource with NLP

  • Make solid decisions
  • Motivate yourself easily and others easily
  • Create customized strategies for success
  • Understand key drivers of human behavior
  • Access empowered states of excellence at will

Wanting something is never enough; you also need to be empowered and have an effective strategy for success. You can build inner resources by learning strategies –mental building blocks and formulas – to create any result on the inside before producing it in the world.

Don’t settle for a life coach training that gives you less than the best tools to empower your clients. Clients want results. If you have the tools to help them turn bad decision-making around, motivate themselves effortlessly, and create states of excellence whenever they need, you’ll deliver those results.


Module 10 The Transformation Phase - Building Inner Resources  
Unit 1 Building Inner Resources
Unit 2 Accessing States
Unit 3 Association and Dissociation Introduction
Unit 4 How to Associate & Dissociate
Unit 5 • Psyche Builder: Association/Dissociation
Unit 6 • Stealth Mission: Association/Dissociation
Unit 7 Anchoring Introduction
Unit 8 Creating an Empowering Anchor
Unit 9 • Stealth Mission: Create an Empowering Anchor
Unit 10 New Behavior Generator
Unit 11 • Coaching Exercise: New Behavior Generator
Unit 12 Introduction to Strategies
Unit 13 Phases of Strategy Work
Unit 14 Guidelines
Unit 15 Decision Strategies
Unit 16 Decision Strategy Elicitation
Unit 17 Decision Strategy - Design, Installation, and Test
Unit 18 Troubleshooting Decision Strategies
Unit 19 • Stealth Mission: Decision Strategy
Unit 20 • Psyche Builder: Worst Decision Strategy
Unit 21 Motivation Strategies
Unit 22 Motivation Strategies Demonstration
Unit 23 Troubleshooting Motivational Strategies
Unit 24 • Psyche Builder: Motivation Strategies
Unit 25 • Psyche Builder 2: Best Decision Strategy
Unit 26 • Coaching Exercise: Motivation Strategies Practice
Unit 27 Introduction to the Quad Map
Unit 28 The Quad Map Structures
Unit 29 Map Activity 1
Unit 30 Map Activity 2
Unit 31 • Psyche Builder: The Quad Map
Unit 32 • Coaching Exercise: The Quad Map


Life Coach Training Module 11

This module also includes:
NLP Practitioner Training Modules 9, 12

Life Coach Training includes NLP Modules

Module 11: The Past, Future, and Goal Setting with NLP

  • Set goals that draw upon your strengths and avoid obstacles
  • Identify and overcome the right obstacles
  • Change your perception of the past and future to support your goals
  • Feel more excitement, curiosity, and self-confidence
  • Let go of the past and program your future for success
  • Harmonize the past and future to create learning and motivation

Life coach training without a focus on goal-setting isn’t life coach training at all! Life coaching students should learn how to harness all your resources, anticipate obstacles, and look at goals through a holistic lens.

At the iNLP Center, we take things a step further by giving you the NLP methods that put the entire past and future in perspective. This will give you the opportunity to move beyond past programming and set yourself up for a bright future.


Module 11 The Transformation Phase - The Past, Future, and Goal Setting  
Unit 1 Transformations - The Past, Future, and Goal Setting
Unit 2 Introduction to Outcome Specification
Unit 3 Outcome Specification Step 1
Unit 4 Outcome Specification Step 2
Unit 5 Outcome Specification Step 3
Unit 6 Outcome Specification Step 4
Unit 7 Outcome Specification Step 5
Unit 8 Outcome Specification Step 6
Unit 9 Outcome Specification Step 7
Unit 10 Outcome Specification Step 8
Unit 11 Outcome Specification Step 9
Unit 12 Outcome Specification Demonstration
Unit 13 NLP Goal Setting Guidelines
Unit 14 • Psyche Builder: Outcome Specification
Unit 15 • Coaching Exercise: Outcome Specification
Unit 16 Introduction to Timelines
Unit 17 Timeline Elicitation
Unit 18 Changing Your Timeline
Unit 19 Influencing your Future
Unit 20 • Coaching Exercise: Timeline Elicitation
Unit 21 • Stealth Mission: Timeline
Unit 22 • Psyche Builder: Timeline
Unit 23 • Psyche Builder 2: Timeline
Unit 24 Formula for Manifesting


Life Coach Training Module 12

This module also includes:
NLP Practitioner Training Modules 7, 11

Life Coach Training includes NLP Modules

Module 12: Transforming Stuck States with NLP

  • Overcome fears that block progress
  • Access and maintain positive mindsets on purpose
  • Change limiting mindsets into resourceful ones
  • Overcome bad habits with creative new solutions
  • Turn any negative into a positive

The ability to help some get unstuck and moving forward in life is the signature of a skilled life coach. The iNLP Center online life coach certification will give you the tools to do this consistently. Helping people get unstuck is not the gift of a few lucky people. It’s a skill set that can be learned.

By the end of this module, you’ll know some of the best techniques ever developed to transform negative states and habitual behaviors, making them a non-issue for your clients.


Module 12 The Transformation Phase - Transforming Stuck States  
Unit 1 Transformations - Transforming Stuck States
Unit 2 Anchor Collapse
Unit 3 Mapping Across with Submodalities
Unit 4 • Coaching Exercise: Map Across
Unit 5 The Standard Swish Pattern
Unit 6 • Coaching Exercise: Swish Pattern
Unit 7 Fast Phobia Cure
Unit 8 Introduction to Reframing
Unit 9 Meaning Reframing Exercise
Unit 10 • Psyche Builder: Reframing
Unit 11 • Stealth Mission: Reframing
Unit 12 Six Step Reframe
Unit 13 Six Step Reframe Step 1 & 2
Unit 14 Six Step Reframe Step 3, 4 & 5
Unit 15 Six Step Reframe Step 6
Unit 16 • Psyche Builder: Six Step Reframe
Unit 17 • Coaching Exercise: Six Step Reframe
Unit 18 Double YAY! Request Your NLP Master Certificate


Life Coach Training Module 13

Module 13: The Integration Phase

  • Learn to set your clients up for success between sessions
  • Know the best kind of homework assignments to give
  • Establish accountability with clients to keep them motivated
  • Make the breakthroughs in coaching sessions count

All the mindset shifts in the world mean little if they don’t translate into new behavior in real life. The most important part of any coaching cycle is the actions the client takes between sessions. For coaching to make a real difference, this is a must. How do we get there?

For our life coach certification course, the iNLP Center has developed the Coach-Do model, a proprietary method that shows you how to help clients take action on the insights and newfound motivation that arises in coaching sessions. You’ll learn how to positive expectations with clients and give customized homework assignments that they will be excited to do. This is the work of integration, a skill set every life coach must have!


Module 13 The Integration Phase  
Unit 1 The Integration Phase
Unit 2 The Coach-Do Model
Unit 3 Recognizing Mindset Shifts During Coaching
Unit 4 • Stealth Mission: Coach-Do Recognizing Mindset Shifts
Unit 5 • Coach-Do Action Questions
Unit 6 Eight Ways to Support Behavioral Change
Unit 7 Chunking Down
Unit 8 Helping Your Client Chunk Down
Unit 9 • Psyche Builder: Chunking
Unit 10 Helping Clients Identify Chunks
Unit 11 Celebrating Success
Unit 12 The Coach-Do Model: Putting It All Together
Unit 13 • Coaching Exercise: Coach-Do Model
Unit 14 Full Session Demonstration #3


Life Coach Training Module 14

Module 14: The Wrap-Up and Homework Phase

As a session wraps up, some of the most important coaching can happen if you know how to leverage the power of homework. There are three kinds of homework you can give your clients so they continue making progress between sessions. It’s important to understand the purpose of each and match that purpose to your client’s needs. Do this well and your clientele will grow like never before.


Module 14 The Wrap-up and Homework Phase  
Unit 1 Wrap-up and Homework Phase
Unit 2 What to Assign as Homework
Unit 3 General Guidelines for Giving Homework


Life Coach Training Module 15

Module 15: Coaching Skills Review

  • Develop lasting confidence as a coach through real experience
  • Learn from coaches with 25+ years of expertise
  • Pass your certification and move ahead in your coaching business

This is where we complete your life coach certification training course with a thorough review of the coaching skills you’ve learned. During the course, you will have been practicing your skills with other students and volunteers and here is where it all comes together.

In our coaching simulation exercises, you’ll have a no-risk way to share with other students are trainers what you’d do in common coaching situations. You’ll also learn what other students and your trainer would do, expanding your perspective and skill.

Through simulations, role plays and real coaching with others, you’ll begin to feel a coaching confidence that will propel you forward into success as a life coach!


Module 15 Coaching Skills Review  
Unit 1 Coaching Skills Review Overview
Unit 2 • Full Session Demonstration Review
Unit 3 • Your Coaching Session Final Submission


Life Coach Training Module 16

This module also includes:
NLP Master Training Module 7

Life Coach Training includes NLP Modules

Module 16: Additional Coaching Models

  • Deep self-acceptance
  • Tame the angry, rebellious, hidden or outcast parts of yourself
  • Experience your core state for perhaps the first time

The Core Transformation method is one of the deepest and most sophisticated processes in the field of NLP. The method was developed by Connie Rae Andreas, who has given the iNLP Center permission to teach it.

The goal of Core Transformation is to help one reach their core state, which is a state of wholeness, oneness, peace or connection to the universe. As you work your way up and down the steps, one will see their ability to access their core state at any moment. Every step of the process leads toward that state of wholeness.

In this module, we break down the steps. The video demonstration shows each part of the process so you will be able to replicate it with a client. The exercises featured in this module allow you to try it with a friend and work on yourself as well.


Module 16 Bonus Coaching Models (not required for certification)  
Unit 1 Permissions
Unit 2 Introduction to Core Transformation
Unit 3 Outcome Chains
Unit 4 Video Prep
Unit 5 CT Prep Questions
Unit 6 Core Transformation Step 1
Unit 7 Core Transformation Step 2
Unit 8 Core Transformation Step 3
Unit 9 Core Transformation Step 4
Unit 10 Core Transformation Step 5
Unit 11 Core Transformation Optional Steps
Unit 12 Additional CT Demonstrations
Unit 13 • Psyche Builder: Core Transformation
Unit 14 • Coaching Exercise: Core Transformation

Here’s What Else You’ll Learn:

Most people try to understand others by listening to their words, but there is so much more! If you want uncommon insight into people, you’ll learn to interpret non-verbal communication. Then you’ll be in a rare class of people who get paid to offer insights and direction.

Learn NLP-based life coaching techniques to:

  • Create rapport and trust based on the right cues from clients.
  • Discover new and important growth opportunities for clients.
  • “Read” others and know how to help without getting lost.

There is an undiscovered world of structure within your mind. This inner construct is so important that it should be taught in primary school, not life coach training. Inner dynamics aren’t taught in the mainstream, so when you see the hidden design behind your inner life, you’ll be prepared to help people like never before.

Learn NLP-based life coaching skills to:

  •      Discover the hidden structure of thoughts and feelings
  •      Eliminate the impact of negative thoughts and feelings
  •      Breakthrough and break free of self-imposed limitations
  •      Move beyond bad habits while enhancing who you are
  •      Develop confidence and personal power
  •      Overcome fears, phobias and stuck states quickly

Can you imagine taking a life coach training that does not teach specific skills to help you influence your clients toward change? Clients pay to be influenced in a positive direction. How can you influence them with integrity and respect?

Learn NLP-based life coaching skills to:

  •      Gain greater influence in the most respectful way
  •      Effectively motivate, encourage, and inspire others
  •      Help others access internal resources
  •      Gracefully guide people through problems and decision

A single, powerful question can change the direction of a life coaching session and place a client firmly on the path to success. No life coach training or certification course should be without powerful language tools. You need to discover what’s behind the words and open client’s minds to new possibilities.

Learn NLP-based life coaching skills to:

  •      Always know the right question to ask
  •      Understand complex situations quickly
  •      Uncover the right obstacles to goals
  •      Gain critical insight when nothing is obvious

Wanting something is never enough, you also need an effective strategy to get there. Making solid decisions and motivating yourself under any circumstance is a matter of strategy. Learn inner strategies – the mental building blocks and formulas – to produce any result on the inside before creating it in the world.

Learn NLP-based life coaching skills to:

  •      Make solid decisions
  •      Motivate yourself easily and others easily
  •      Create strategies for success
  •      Understand key drivers of human behavior

Relationships form the basis of our daily lives, but do you know how to optimize them? Learn the three ‘perceptual positions’ that can be used to resolve relationship problems just by experiencing them.

Learn NLP-based life coaching skills to:

  •      Solve misunderstandings quickly
  •      Develop greater perspective and compassion
  •      Radically increase self-awareness
  •      Make relationship decisions wisely
  •      Let go of past, harmful relationships

Life coach training without a focus on goal-setting isn’t life coach training at all! Learn how to harness all your resources, anticipate obstacles, and look at goals through a holistic lens.

Learn NLP-based life coaching skills to:

  •      Make goals achievable
  •      Identify and overcome the right obstacles
  •      Get specifically what you want from your life!

Being stuck is caused by the meaning we make out of any situation. When you can change the meaning you make, you can free yourself. In this module, you’ll learn how to reframe any situation to get unstuck.

Learn NLP-based life coaching skills to:

  •      Consciously create meaning
  •      Redefine any situation to make it useful and productive
  •      Develop world-class mental flexibility and insight
  •      Develop strategies to achieve positive emotional states
  •      Change “impossible” behaviors
  •      Never get stuck again!

Knowing how to build rapport with your client is a key to not only coaching them but turning a coaching inquiry into a paying client. Gaining rapport and the trust of your clients aren’t limited to just verbal skills. There’s a whole level of subconscious common ground you need to have. This gives your clients that gut feeling that they can trust you. If you’re trustworthy, you should make it fast and easy for your clients to know it.

Learn NLP-based life coaching skills to:

  •      Create rapport with clients faster
  •      Inspire greater trust ethically
  •      Become a master of non-verbal communication
  •      Become a highly influential person

The past and the future are organized in our minds. For most people, time is structured unconsciously, so they don’t know how to intentionally learn from the past and stay motivated toward a bright future. Successful people know how to capture the best of past experiences, focus on the future see the big picture as well. How you think about life determines the results you get.

Learn NLP-based life coaching skills to:

  •      Change your perception of the past and future to support your goals
  •      Feel more excitement, curiosity, and self-confidence
  •      Let go of the past and program your future for greater success
  •      See the big picture to create positive expectations
  •      Harmonize the past and future to create learning and motivation

Enroll in a Life Coach Training below:

Course Included Trainings / Certifications Features Pay-in-Full Price Payment Plan Price
NLP Integrated
Life Coach Training

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• Life Coach Training
• NLP Practitioner Training
• NLP Master Training

Pay-in-Full BONUS:
• Hypnosis Training

• 100% Online Course
• Live Training Sessions
• Full Accreditation
• 3 or 4 Certificates
• 60 ICF Hours
(Reg. $2399)
(Reg. $419/month)
$350 x
6 months

NLP Integrated
Life Coach Training

With Business Building System
• Life Coach Training
• NLP Practitioner Training
• NLP Master Training
• Hypnosis Training
• 100% Online Course
• Live Training Sessions
• Full Accreditation
• 4 Certificates
• 60 ICF Hours
• Custom Website
• Digital Marketing Training
• Client Windfall System
$690 x
6 months

NLP Trainer's Track PLUS
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• Life Coach Training
• NLP Practitioner Training
• NLP Master Training
• NLP Trainer's Training
• Hypnosis Training
• 100% Online Course
• Live Training Sessions
• Full Accreditation
• 5 Certificates
• 60 ICF Hours
$532 x
9 months

FAQ’s about this Course

Once you enroll, you will be given access to your Student Dashboard. Your Student Dashboard has links to your course, live sessions, internal messaging system, our student Facebook group, and all your account information. Everything you will need to work on your course is right there.

The first thing you will do once you enroll is either attend a New Student Orientation or watch our Getting Started Videos. Each of these will teach you how to use our learning platform. However, most people are able to get started right away because our platform is intuitive and user-friendly.

Working on your course is very easy!

As soon as you enroll, you can access your training materials from your course list in your Student Dashboard. Just click on the first unit the list to get started. Each unit will direct you to the next unit. It’s very easy to follow.

When you are ready to attend a live session, simply find a time in our Live Sessions Calendar that’s convenient for you, then click the link to enter the virtual classroom. Your trainer and other students will be there ready to work with you!

Learn more about Live Sessions below.

Our live training sessions are an opportunity for you to work directly with our trainers and other students, practicing your new tools and going deeper into coaching application. Our Live Sessions are held in our virtual classroom with audio and video, allowing you to interact in real time.  We offer many sessions per week that you can attend throughout your Life Coach Certification Training, and even after completion for additional help and to earn additional ICF hours.

You are not required to commit to the same time each week, instead, you are able to drop into a session when it’s convenient for you.

You are welcome to attend as many live sessions as you like. However, you are required to attend at least 12 to receive your certification.

  • Module 1: You are required to attend your Coaching Vision session
  • Modules 2-7: You are required to attend at least 3 live sessions
  • Module 7, Unit 39: You are required to attend at least 2 live sessions for this unit
  • Modules 8-12: You are required to attend at least 3 live sessions
  • Modules 13-15: You are required to attend at least 3 live sessions

As a Life Coach Student, you are able to attend all “LC” and “NLP with Steve” classes listed on our Session Schedule.

Times are listed in PDT, GMT-7, Los Angeles, California.

Use this time zone tool to compare the class time for your location, or add the event to your Google Calendar for automatic timezone conversion.

Time ConverterTime Converter

*If you are planning to apply for ICF accreditation, each session you attend is counted as one synchronous coach-specific training hour. You may receive up to 48 credits during and after you complete your training. The course itself provides 12 additional credits.

All our courses are accredited by the International NLP Association (INA). Additionally, our Life Coach Certification Training is accredited by the International Association of Professional Life Coaches. You can receive up to 60 ICF CEE’s which meets the education requirements for your ACC.

online life coach training

Internationally Accredited NLP & Life Coach Certifications

We provide Accreditation and/or Continuing Education for:

International Association of Professional Life Coaches (IAPLC)
• Includes lifetime accreditation and a 3-month gold membership

International NLP Association (INA)
• Includes lifetime accreditation and membership

International Coach Federation (ICF)
• This course satisfies the full 60 hours of Coach-Specific Training* for your ACC Accreditation

National Association for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (NADAAC)

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT

Texas State Board of Examiners for Professional Coaches (TSBE)


The iNLP Center has been approved for third-party tuition assistance from:

The United States Department of Defense

The National Football League Trust


Members of:

Forbes Coaches Council

The Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO).

Immediately upon enrollment, you can begin working on your course!

Simply click on your Student Dashboard, click on your Courses, click on a Unit and get learning! As you work through the online training, you will have a series of offline assignments to complete submit for certification. Additionally, you will also be attending live session to work directly with our trainers and fellow students on coaching application and techniques. These sessions are held online at a variety of times and days to accommodate your schedule.


Life Coach Training

It is not recommended, and here’s why:

Our Life Coach Training has all the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner tools integrated into the context of a coaching session. So, you will learn what tools to use when and why. Some NLP tools and models are for information gathering, some are for transformation, and some are used for integration. This is a much more efficient and intuitive way of learning NLP so that you can successfully integrate it into your coaching practice.

To get the best Life Coach Training experience, enroll in the Life Coach Training upfront. You will learn the same NLP material as in the NLP Practitioner and Master trainings, but you will benefit from understanding the purpose of each tools in the cycle of a coaching session.

90% of the content is exactly the same but is organized into the phases of a coaching session – such as “information gathering tools”, “transformation tools”, “integration tools”, etc. This way, you are able to know not just how to use the NLP tools you are learning, but when to use them. This is often a confusion for students studying NLP and then trying to apply it to coaching. If you plan to be a coach, it is more effective to learn NLP in the context of using it in coaching.

Both the NLP Practitioner, Master, and Life Coach Trainings use the same units for the NLP portions of the trainings, so the depth of NLP is the same for the all courses. However, the Life Coach Training adds in our Universal Coaching Models which arranges the order in which you learn the NLP tools. What you might learn in the NLP Master training, you may learn sooner in the Life Coach Training.

The NLP tools/models in the Life Coach Training modules are organized by their purpose within the 5 Phases of a Coaching Session. If the NLP tool/model is an information gathering tool, it will be listed as a unit in an Information Gathering Phase module, etc. There are many units within the module of the specific phases.

In the NLP Practitioner and Master trainings, the modules are arranged only per tool. So, there are more modules, but fewer units per module, as that module is, most often, only covering one tool/model.

mike bundrant life coach trainingWhy You Should Become a Life Coach with Us

“For over 18 years I have made six figures annually as a life coach. I am willing and well qualified to show you what to do.

As a certified life coach, you can work from home or an office. You can even work exclusively online via Skype or any other platform. You can do individual coaching, group coaching, or email coaching. You can also develop personal growth programs to sell online. The sky is the limit! We give you the tools and help you on your path.

At the iNLP Center we have very successfully accomplished all of the above and more in our online life coach certification track. Now, it’s your turn. We’ll work with you every step of the way during your life coach training to ensure you understand the material, feel confident helping others, and are set up to start working as a coach. We offer a variety of ways to assist you with accreditation, reciprocal coaching opportunities, and give you as much live training time as you like! Let us help you navigate the steps towards achieving your goal to become a certified life coach. We’ll walk you through the life coach certification process, step-by-step.”

Mike Bundrant (co-founder of iNLP Center, Master NLP Trainer, and retired psychotherapist) is your Master Life Coach trainer. Adam Defoe is your live session trainer in charge of grading and student feedback. Hope Bundrant oversees your credentialing process, if applicable.

The Life Coach Certification Training is a self-paced course which takes around 200 hours to complete. You can choose to work when it’s convenient for you. You can also choose to attend the live sessions when it’s convenient for you as long as you attend the required amount by the end of your training.

There is no time limit for completion and your course does not expire. You have lifetime access to your training materials.

If you have questions about our Life Coach Training & Certification beyond what’s listed above, please visit our FAQ’s page, chat us, or call (951) 428-4264.

All Available Trainings & Certifications:

Course Included Certifications Features Pay-in-Full Price Payment Plan Price
NLP Practitioner Training
Read More
• NLP Practitioner • 100% Online Course
• Live Training Sessions
• Full Accreditation
• 1 Certificate
NLP Master Training
Read More
• NLP Master

Requires NLP Practitioner Certification

• 100% Online Course
• Live Training Sessions
• Full Accreditation
• 1 Certificate
NLP Combo Track
Read More
• NLP Practitioner
• NLP Master
• 100% Online Course
• Live Training Sessions
• Full Accreditation
• 2 Certificates
• 60 ICF Hours
(Reg. $1099)
(Reg. $288/month)
$249 x
4 months

NLP Integrated
Life Coach Training

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• Certified Life Coach
• NLP Practitioner
• NLP Master

Pay-in-Full BONUS:
• Hypnosis

• 100% Online Course
• Live Training Sessions
• Full Accreditation
• 3 or 4 Certificates
• 60 ICF Hours
(Reg. $2399)
(Reg. $419/month)
$350 x
6 months

NLP Integrated
Life Coach Training

With Business Building System
• Certified Life Coach
• NLP Practitioner
• NLP Master
also includes
• Hypnosis Training
• 100% Online Course
• Live Training Sessions
• Full Accreditation
• 4 Certificates
• 60 ICF Hours
• Custom Website
• Digital Marketing Training
• Client Windfall System
$690 x
6 months

NLP Trainer's Track
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• NLP Practitioner
• NLP Master
• NLP Trainer
• 100% Online Course
• Live Training Sessions
• Full Accreditation
• 3 Certificates
• 60 ICF Hours
$524 x
6 months

NLP Trainer's Track PLUS
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• NLP Practitioner
• NLP Master
• NLP Trainer
also includes
• Certified Life Coach
• Hypnosis
• 100% Online Course
• Live Training Sessions
• Full Accreditation
• 5 Certificates
• 60 ICF Hours
$532 x
9 months

Certification Program Included Trainings & Certs. Included with your Program Enrollment Fee
NLP for Sales
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• NLP for Sales • 100% Online Course
• Full Accreditation
• 1 Certificate
Hypnosis Practitioner
Read More
• Hypnosis Practitioner Level 1 • 100% Online Access
• Unlimited Live Training Sessions
• 1 Certificate
• Accredited by IHF
Personal Development Program
Read More
• AHA Solution
• Tame the DMN
• Life Metaphor
• Zen Motivation
• Cooling the Fire
• 3 Soul Stirring Questions
• Online with Downloadable Manuals
(Reg. $199)
Success Package
Business Builder System
Read More
• Custom Coach Website
• Digital Marketing Training
• Client Windfall System
(Also available individually)
• Work with sales and marketing experts on components
• Ideal for coaches and practitioners
(Reg. $2097)



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