NLP Sales Training Online

iNLP Center’s NLP Sales Training Turns Sales Professionals into Top Producers and Leaders in their Field.

If you want to be the best, the iNLP Center NLP Sales Training will give you the tools to make it real.

Do you want to..

  • Feel more confident?
  • Become a master of influence?
  • Close more deals and lead your sales team?
  • Visualize your dream and actually achieve it?

These are the results NLP Sales Practitioners get!

NLP Sales Training will help build your confidence and charisma as your non-verbal communication skills grow. You will gain the tools to understand your client’s needs at a deeper level so you can communicate more clearly and directly, thus increasing your personal influence and persuasion during their buying experience. By the time you’ve completed this course, you’ll be wishing you’d learned this stuff years ago. And you’ll use new NLP skills to build wealth – and your legacy as a top producer.

NLP Communication Skills is the Missing Piece in your Sales Training.

NLP Sales Training Online
NLP Sales Training Online

The iNLP Center Sales Training course will put you in the top 1% of communicators.

The skills you’ll receive in our training are not taught in school. They don’t come with a business degree. Frankly, you can’t find them anywhere in conventional education.

Worse, most sales organizations simply do not offer high caliber sales training for their employees. You can’t sell to your true potential with outdated sales techniques and closes. It’s that simple.

If you want to be the best, you need to do what elite salespeople do. They learn NLP. The iNLP Center NLP Sales Training is a unique, first-of-its-kind training. Take our course, increase your close ratio, and become one of the few NLP sales professionals in the world.

NLP Sales Training Online

NLP Sales Training Modules:

NLP Sales Training Online

The Ultimate Sales Process

Most successful sales navigate a similar process. This module reveals the specific steps or stages in the Ultimate Sales Process. Each step is an essential element that brings the process to a successful close. NLP skills enhance each and every step, making this module unique in the world of sales.

Module 1The Ultimate Sales Process
Unit 1What is a Sales Process?
Unit 2Phase 1: Meet and Greet
Unit 3The Two Common Mistakes During the Meet & Greet
Unit 4How NLP Training Can Help During the Meet and Greet
Unit 5Phase 2: Outline of Expectations
Unit 6Common Mistakes During Outline of Expectations
Unit 7Phase 3: Information Gathering
Unit 8Common mistakes During Information Gathering
Unit 9How NLP can help with the Information Gathering Phase
Unit 10Module 1 - Ultimate Sales Process Quiz 1
Unit 11Phase 4: Presenting the Product and/or Service
Unit 12Common Mistakes During Presenting the Product Phase
Unit 13How NLP can help During Presenting the Product Phase
Unit 14Phase 5: Overcoming Objections
Unit 15Common Mistakes During Overcoming Objections Phase
Unit 16How NLP can help with the Overcoming Objections Phase
Unit 17Phase 6 - The Money and Closing the Sale
Unit 18Common Mistakes During the Money and Closing Phase
Unit 19How NLP can help During the Money and Closing Phase
Unit 20The Sales Process Module Summary
Unit 21Module 1 - Ultimate Sales Process Quiz 2
NLP Sales Training Online

Foundations of NLP

This module contains the founding principles that put NLP on the map. You’ll be introduced to powerful principles that turn you into a more powerful, confident and flexible communicator. You’ll also be prepared in this module to successfully complete this NLP sales course.

Module 2Foundations of NLP
Unit 1Introduction
Unit 2Defining vs. Exploring
Unit 3Themes of NLP
Unit 4Sensory Acuity
Unit 5Behavior Flexibility
Unit 6Techniques
Unit 7States of Excellence/Physiology
Unit 8Challenges & Outcomes
Unit 9Module 2 - Introduction to NLP Quiz
NLP Sales Training Online

Advanced Rapport Building with NLP

Without it, you’ve got nothing. Rapport is the first step in any sales relationship. Most people try to build rapport with words. In the NLP Sales Training, you’ll learn to build fast and effective rapport with your clients, nonverbally. Master nonverbal rapport and your level of influence will soar.

Module 3Advanced Rapport Building with NLP
Unit 1Introduction to Rapport
Unit 2Matching and Mirroring
Unit 3Calibration, Pacing, and Leading
Unit 4Activity: Matching and Mirroring
Unit 5Activity: Pacing and Leading
Unit 6Module 3 Quiz - Rapport Building
NLP Sales Training Online

Anchoring Trust and Credibility

We live in a stimulus-response environment. Anchoring gives you the awareness to understand your client’s stimulus-response behavior and the power to control it. When you know how to offer stimuli that get predictable responses, your level of influence increases. When you know how to easily customize stimuli for each individual client, you’ll lead them right through the close.

Module 4Anchoring Trust and Credibility
Unit 1Introduction to Advanced Anchoring
Unit 2Anchoring to Yourself
Unit 3Steps to Advanced Anchoring
Unit 4Sales Creativity Exercise
Unit 5• Assignment: Anchoring Yourself
Unit 6Spontaneous Anchoring
Unit 7Sales Creativity Exercise
Unit 8Anchoring Your Client
Unit 9Sales Creativity Exercise
Unit 10• Assignment: Anchoring Clients
Unit 11Trust and Credibility
Unit 12Steps to Creating Trust and Credibility
Unit 13• Assignment: Trust and Credibility
Unit 14Module 4 Quiz - Advanced Anchoring
NLP Sales Training Online

Learn Your Client’s Language

Representational systems are the visual, auditory and kinesthetic preferences we each have. While communicating, your clients give you their preferences. Are you noticing? Rep systems are the foundation of influence. When you’re aware of rep systems, you can speak your clients’ non-verbal language.

Module 5Learn Your Client's Language
Unit 1The Psychological Advantage
Unit 2Introduction to Representational Systems
Unit 3• Assignment: Noticing Predicates
Unit 4Eye Accessing Cues
Unit 5• Assignment: Eye Accessing Cues
Unit 6Sales Creativity Exercise
Unit 7Module 5 Quiz - Learning Clients Language
NLP Sales Training Online

Criteria in the Sales Process

You’ve heard of “hot buttons,” those very specific buying triggers that push a sale through the objections to the close. What if you had a way to quickly discover your clients’ hot buttons and trigger them in the moment needed? This is what NLP sales criteria do. When you understand the technique in this module, you’ll be ready to push some buttons!

Module 6Criteria in the Sales Process
Unit 1What is Criteria?
Unit 2Criteria Exercise 1
Unit 3Criteria and the Sales Process
Unit 4Words Matter!
Unit 5Words Matter Exercise
Unit 6Important area’s to use criteria keywords
Unit 7Module 7 Quiz - Criteria
NLP Sales Training Online

The Buyers Subconscious Motivation

Meta programs are like unconscious levers that push and pull us in different directions. When you know how to pull the right levers, you can take charge of any interaction. When you use metaprograms with integrity, you’ll know how to motivate clients, help them make decisions and make your product a must-have.

Module 7The Buyers Subconscious Motivation
Unit 1Introduction to Meta Programs Buyers Motivation
Unit 2Toward/Away Motivation
Unit 3Observation: Toward/Away Motivation
Unit 4Internal/External Validation
Unit 5Observation: Internal/External Validation
Unit 6Proactive/Responsive
Unit 7Observation: Proactive/Responsive
Unit 8Self/Other Motivation
Unit 9Observation: Self/Other Motivation
Unit 10• Assignment: Buyer's Motivation
Unit 11• Assignment: Using Filters in Sales
Unit 12Module 6 Quiz - Buyers Subconscious Motivation
NLP Sales Training Online

The Meta Model

The NLP Meta Model is a linguistic tool for getting specific, breaking rigid communication patterns, and identifying what’s happening beneath the surface. There is no better tool for understanding people at the deepest level and overcoming objections. This is the laser you need in a world of dull knives. With the Meta Model, you’ll even help clients understand their own goals and motivation better than ever. When it’s time to close the deal, you’ll be more than a salesperson. You’ll be someone who helps them get what they truly want.

Module 8The Meta Model
Unit 1Introduction to the Meta Model
Unit 2Deletion, Distortion, and Generalization
Unit 3Isolating Objections
Unit 4Meta Model Distinctions
Unit 5Deletion
Unit 6Unspecified Referential Index
Unit 7Unspecified Verbs
Unit 8Nominalizations
Unit 9Modal Operators
Unit 10Universal Quantifiers
Unit 11Cause and Effect
Unit 12Mind Reading
Unit 13Lost Performative
Unit 14• Assignment: Meta Models
Unit 15Module 8 Quiz - Meta Model
NLP Sales Training Online

Selling with Metaphors

Our minds make sense of the world through metaphor. Life is a game. Make sure you’re on a winning team. The sales process is like a dance and you need to be the one leading. Problems are like a speck of sand in an oyster shell. Over time, they become pearls. Using the right metaphor creates instant understanding and new levels of motivation. In this training, you’ll learn to use metaphors so that your clients will instantly get your meaning and be motivated to buy from you.

Module 9Selling with Metaphors
Unit 1Introductions to Metaphors
Unit 2Metaphors in Sales
Unit 3Types of Metaphors
Unit 4Metaphors and Representational Systems
Unit 5• Assignment: Creating Metaphors
Unit 6• Assignment: Using Metaphors
Unit 7Third Party Stories
Unit 8• Assignment: Creating Third Party Stories
Unit 9Module 9 Quiz - Metaphors
NLP Sales Training Online

Hypnotic Language Patterns

Using language in a very specific way can have massive effects on a client’s subconscious. Commonly we think of this as hypnotic suggestion, however, it is really just using language patterns to allow your client to create, in their own mind, why they should take action. All you have to do is get out of their way and let them buy your product with their own motivations.

Module 10Hypnotic Language Patterns
Unit 1Introduction to the Milton Model
Unit 2Milton Model: Mind Reading
Unit 3Milton Model: Lost Performative
Unit 4Milton Model: Cause and Effect
Unit 5Milton Model: Universal Quantifiers
Unit 6Milton Model: Modal Operators
Unit 7Milton Model: Nominalizations
Unit 8Milton Model: Unspecified Verbs
Unit 9Milton Model: Lack of Referential Index
Unit 10Milton Model: Deletions
Unit 11• Assignment: Milton Model
Unit 12Module 10 Quiz - Hypnotic Language Patterns
NLP Sales Training Online

States of Excellence

Success in sales begins with you. In this module, you’ll learn and apply the secrets NLP practitioners use to control their own state. What mental and emotional state do you need to be in? Optimism. confidence, enthusiasm, calm and collected….

You’ll gain the skills you need to go there at will, even when you’re in the middle of a slump. These tools will pull you out of your mental rut so that you can present well and close more deals.

Module 11States of Excellence
Unit 1States of Excellence
Unit 2Association/Dissociation
Unit 3• Mindset Builder: Association/Dissociation
Unit 4Quick Sales Tip
Unit 5Accessing States
Unit 6• Mindset Builder: Accessing States
Unit 7Self-Anchoring for Personal Empowerment
Unit 8Creating a Powerful Anchor
Unit 9Sales Creativity Exercise
Unit 10Module 11 Quiz - States of Excellence

NLP Sales Training Online

A Resourceful Frame of Mind

Beyond learning to control your mental and emotional state, in this module, you’ll discover and adopt powerful frames of mind. When your overall perspective is powerful, your mind and emotions tend to follow. If you don’t know how to specifically choose your frame of mind, then this module will blow you away.

Module 12The Resourceful Frame of Mind
Unit 1Introduction to Resource Frames
Unit 2Frame: Feedback vs. Failure
Unit 3Frame: Blame vs. Outcome
Unit 4Frame: Possibilities vs. Necessities
Unit 5Frame: How vs. Why
Unit 6• Assignment: Your Experience Using Frames
Unit 7Quick Sales Tip
Unit 8• Assignment: Using Frames with Customers
Unit 9Module 13 Quiz - Resourceful Frames

NLP Sales Training Online

Goals and Strategies

In this module, you’ll discover that goal setting is weak without a powerful strategy behind it. You’re going to use the specific strategy that made Walt Disney an icon. In this module, you’ll apply Disney’s strategy to your own career to position yourself for success like never before.

Module 13Goals and Strategies
Unit 1Introduction to Goals and Strategies
Unit 2Disney Strategy
Unit 3Explore the Disney Strategy
Unit 4Disney Strategy Tips
Unit 5Disney Strategy Examples
Unit 6• Assignment: Disney Strategy
Unit 7Outcome Specification
Unit 8• Assignment: Outcome Specification
Unit 9Module 12 Quiz - Goals and Strategies

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