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Which NLP Training & Certification is Right For Me?

iNLP Center offers three levels of NLP Certification. Each level provides an accredited professional certification suitable to apply to any area of life. Our NLP certifications and Life Coach trainings and certifications provide the framework for creating positive change, both personally and when coaching others.

Learn NLP or Become an NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner

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If your goal is to learn NLP for personal development or to enhance your current career, we recommend you enroll in on of our NLP Certification Training. If your goal is to practice as an NLP Practitioner or use NLP for coaching, we recommend you enroll in our NLP Combo.

NLP Practitioner Training
This course gives you a comprehensive understanding of NLP techniques and models.
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NLP Combo (Practitioner & Master Training)
This combination course is for those who want to learn the fundamentals of NLP and take it to the next level with advanced models and in-depth application, much of which is only found at iNLP Center.
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NLP Practitioners and Life Coaches play similar, yet different roles with different processes. Depending on the type of person you are, your temperament, and interest, you may choose the Practitioner route or Life Coach route.

An NLP Practitioner works to transform a present state to a desired state. Generally, an NLP Practitioner will address specific stuck states the client is in, then work to move them to a more resources state using an NLP technique or model. As an example, if the client comes to an NLP Practitioner with a phobia, the NLP Practitioner may use the Fast Phobia Cure to move the client from a fear state to a non-threatened state.

A Life Coach assists the client to discover their stuck state, what is causing the stuck state, and what options are available to resolve their situation or stuck state. A life coach assists the client in the discovery and then provides tools the client can use to create and sustain the new behavior or change. In an example of a phobia, the Life Coach may not even choose the Fast Phobia Cure, but would first seek to understand the history of the fear, what is causing the underlying fear, what the fear is providing for the client, if it is rational or not. After exploring the fear, the coach and client may choose to work on a deeper issue, using a different model altogether.

Become a Certified Life Coach

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If your goal is to become a life coach, we recommend enrolling in the Life Coach Training. Our Life Coach Certification includes our NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner materials, as well as full Life Coach Training. The NLP models you learn provide the optimum tools to use as a Life Coach and are taught in the context of the coaching session structure, focusing on how to coach, your coaching mindset, and our iNLP Universal Coaching Model.

Life Coach Training (an ICF ACSTH/Level Two training)
This training is intended for those interested in becoming a certified Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. This course will prepare you to confidently work with clients in a full session, using our coaching models, as well as how to integrate NLP into the coaching process.
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The answer depends on your past experience. If you are not currently a life coach and have not had life coach training, then it is recommended to learn how to coach using NLP versus and not just learning the tools one could use to coach with. Throughout the NLP training, you will have “coaching” exercises to do, but they are within the context of achieving a specific outcome. Our Life Coach Training teaches you how to coach, starting at the beginning with developing the right coaching mindset to the ability to confidently conduct an entire session.

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NLP Certification ProgramsNLP Certification ProgramsNLP Certification Programs

Additional Certification for Specific Applications:

NLP for Sales Professionals

This course will help build your confidence and charisma as your non-verbal communication skills grow. You will gain the tools to understand your client’s needs at a deeper level so you can communicate more clearly and directly. This increases your personal influence and persuasion during their buying experience. Plus, receive your NLP Certification as a Certified Sales Practitioner.
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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Our Hypnosis Practitioner Training is an online course that provides the fundamentals of hypnosis through each stage of a hypnosis session. It is a great addition to your NLP training as hypnosis provides a connection to unconscious thought, that you can then take to the conscious level to apply NLP tools.
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Mindfulness Practitioner Training

This course offers you a complete introduction into the world of Mindfulness, which spans a history of more than 2600 years and is now rooted in both scientific and spiritual discoveries. With such practical and experiential knowledge, you will be in a better position to practice Mindfulness, realize its benefits and share your knowledge with others.
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Life Purpose Coach Training

This coach certification is an additional coach training/certification for students who are enrolled in or have completed our Life Coach Training. It focuses on helping clients determine their core values and life purpose statements. It also includes the life purpose protocol for working with clients.
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Weight Loss Coach Training

Willpower is not enough to lose weight. Learn how to apply NLP to teach your clients how to lose weight, how to use use their internal dialogue to manage their emotional part at meals to achieve their ideal well-being.
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