ICF Mentor Coaching for ACC Accreditation

ICF Mentor Coaching

We offer an ICF Coach mentor that will satisfy the ICF ACC level mentor coaching requirement.

This ACC mentoring program consists of 10 one-hour sessions, as required per the ICF guidelines. Seven of the ten sessions are small group sessions, conducted in our virtual classrooms via audio and/or video. The remaining three sessions are scheduled individually with an iNLP Center ACC qualified mentor.

Per ICF guidelines, the minimum completion time is 10 weeks.

How It Works:

Once enrolled, you will complete an online questionnaire which assesses your professional needs and desired growth outcome.

Next, you will identify group session times in our online class schedule to attend.

You can start and pause as needed until you have attended seven sessions. Once you have completed your seven group sessions, you will have access to schedule your three individual training sessions.

This ICF mentor program is facilitated in our virtual Zoom classrooms via audio and video in real time. After each class, your ACC qualified mentor may assign homework assignments.

What’s Covered in the Group Sessions?

The curriculum for the seven group sessions is focused around the ICF life coaching competencies. Your ACC mentor coach will customize each learning session based on the needs and interests of the students attending and will include:

  • ICF core competency principles and practices (1-2 per class session)
  • Life coaching case scenarios for discussion and application
  • Demonstration of life coaching in the class with students
  • Commentary and class discussion about the coaching process and outcomes
  • Self-assessment of coaching competency and feedback from the ACC mentor and other students.
  • Preparation for the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment, required for ACC credentialing.

What’s Covered in the Individual Mentoring Sessions:

The individual sessions are scheduled with the ACC mentor after you have completed all seven group sessions. The individual sessions are used to customize your individual learning.

This is accomplished as your instructor provides feedback on your role-play coaching and coaching demonstrations.

Additionally, any questions regarding the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment will be covered.

Upon completion of the entire ACC mentoring group and individual program:

There is no completion schedule or expiration for your ICF mentor coach program. You can begin and end at any time, as your schedule permits.

Once your mentor program is completed, you will receive a digital certificate which you can upload with your ICF application at the ICF website.

Who can enroll?

This program is intended for graduates of our Life Coach Training.

You must have completed your Life Coach Training prior to attending this ICF Coach Mentor program.

Course Fee:

This program is $1400 USD, or 3 monthly payments of $500 USD each.

This is course is also included with our Life Coach Training Full ACC Program.

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