ICF Mentor Coaching for ACC or PCC Credentials – Start Now!

ICF Coach Mentor

We offer ICF Mentor Coaching that satisfies the ICF ACC and PCC level mentor coaching requirements.

Our ICF mentoring program consists of 7 small-group clinics and 3 private sessions. All group sessions are taught by a iNLP Center approved MCC coach mentor. Private sessions are taught by an ACC or PCC coach, as applicable to your credentialing needs and ICF Training Track.

Per ICF guidelines, the minimum completion time is 3 months.

How our ICF Mentor Coaching Program Works:

Once you have earned your Life Coach Training Certification, either from iNLP Center or another coach training center you may enroll in our ICF Mentoring Program.

After enrollment, you can begin attending our live ICF Mentoring Clinics. We offer two times per week, which you may attend as often as you like. You are required to attend at least seven live clinics before being assigned your private ICF mentor coach, whom you will meet with three times.

You can start and pause as needed until you have attended all ten sessions (7 group, 3 private).

This ICF mentor program is facilitated in Skype or a Zoom classroom (via audio and video in real time). After each class, your ICF Mentor Coach may assign homework assignments. As well, you will also be able to earn reciprocal coaching hours through our Coaching Buddies reciprocal coaching program.

What’s Covered in your Sessions?

The curriculum is focused around the ICF life coaching competencies. Your ICF mentor coach will customize each learning session based on your needs and interests, and will include:

  • ICF core competency principles and practices (1-2 per class session)
  • Life coaching case scenarios for discussion and application
  • Demonstration of life coaching in the class with students
  • Commentary and class discussion about the coaching process and outcomes
  • Self-assessment of coaching competency and feedback from an MCC mentor and other students.
  • Preparation for the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment, required for ACC credentialing.
  • Review of your coaching demonstrations looking for areas of improvement and excellence.

Upon completion of the entire ACC or PCC mentoring group and individual program:

There is no completion schedule or expiration for your ICF mentor coach program. You can begin and end at any time, as your schedule permits.

Once your mentor program is completed, and you have met the other ICF credential requirements, you will be ready to apply for your ACC or PCC credential through ICF.

Who can enroll?

  • This program is intended for graduates of our Life Coach Training.
    (You must have completed your Life Coach Training prior to attending this ICF Coach Mentor program.)
  • Coaches certified elsewhere who would like to qualify for their ACC or PCC credential with ICF.

Course Fee:

This program is $999 USD.

This program is also included in our NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training ACTP and ACSTH tracks.

ICF Coach Mentoring FAQ’s

What is ICF Mentor Coaching?

ICF mentor coaching is when a life coach is mentored by an a certified ICF Mentor Coach. It focuses on the ICF core competencies and reviewing of coaching demonstration to improve the mentee’s coaching effectiveness.

Who needs ICF Mentor Coaching?

To apply for an ICF Coach Credential you must have 10 hours of ICF Coach Mentoring. Depending on which level of credential you are apply for, you would receive your ICF Coach Mentoring from a coach who holds that credential. If you are applying for your ACC, you can take your ICF Mentor Coaching from an ACC, PCC, or MCC coach. If applying for your PCC, you’ll need to receive your ICF Mentoring from a PCC or MCC coach. If applying for your MCC, you’ll need to be mentored coached by an MCC coach.

Who can offer ICF Mentor Coaching?

ICF Mentor Coaching can only be provided by a certified ICF MCC or PCC coach, or an ICF ACC Coach that has been through at least one renewal cycle (3-years).

When can I take ICF Mentor Coaching?

As per ICF requirements, you can only take your ICF Mentor Coaching after you’ve completed your Life Coach Training.

How long does ICF Mentor Coaching take to complete?

As per ICF requirements, your 10 hours of ICF Coach Mentoring must be over at least a 3-month span.

What is covered in ICF Mentor Coaching?

A typical ICF Mentor Coaching sessions cover the ICF Core Competencies and reviewing of coaching demonstrations. Both of these are necessary for successful completion of your ICF coaching demonstration and coach knowledge assessment.