ACTP Master Coach Training & Certification for PCC

Want to fast track to the PCC credential?

Our Master Coach Training is an ICF ACTP Training for the ICF PCC credential.

A big advantage of our ACTP training is that you can bypass the ACC credential and have your coaching demonstrations evaluated by your trainers instead of ICF. The ICF application process is shortened as well, from 14 weeks to only 4 weeks.

Our ACTP Master Coach Training includes our NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training, Master Coach Training, ICF Mentor Coaching with an MCC and PCC coach, as well as unlimited coaching practice hours. The Master Coach Training portion can be completed concurrently during the ICF Mentor Coaching, saving you much time.

The Master Coach Training will prepare you to receive your Master Coach Certification from the iNLP Center, as well as the PCC credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF). Along the way, you’ll practice and learn advanced coaching methods per ICF’s PCC markers and level up your coaching skills for real-world results. 

If you are already enrolled in one of our NLP-Integrated Life Coach Trainings or NLP Combo, you are able to upgrade into our Master Coach no matter where you are in your program.

ACTP Master Coach Training & Certification for PCC
ACTP Master Coach Training & Certification for PCC

There are 4 options for enrolling in this training:

Full ACTP Master Coach Training

ACTP Master Coach Upgrade from NLP Combo

ACTP Master Coach Upgrade from Standard Track

  • 10-hours ICF Mentor Coaching (PCC+)
  • Master Coach Training
  • Unlimited Reciprocal Coaching Hours
  • Total Fee: $2900 (or $1025/mo x 3 months)
  • Upgrade price only available for students enrolled prior to February 20, 2021

ACTP Master Coach Upgrade from ACC Track

  • Upgraded ICF Mentor Coaching to PCC+
  • Master Coach Training
  • Unlimited Reciprocal Coaching Hours
  • Total Fee: $2200
  • Upgrade price only available for students enrolled prior to February 20, 2021

Here is what is covered in the Master Coach Training, taught live exclusively by Mike Bundrant:

There are five areas of focus in this training, each chosen carefully for its role in advanced coaching. All Master content is taught live.

Advanced Coaching Agreements (6 live sessions)

  • Coaching agreements – goals for each session – are the heart of life coaching. A clear and achievable coaching agreement is the only measure of success for both the coach and client.
  • The coaching agreements section of the training will show you how to:
  • Systematically secure a well-formed coaching agreement
  • Ensure that goals come from the client’s deepest desires
  • Let go of preconceived notions and allow the session to unfold organically
  • Keep clients on a growth path that leads to ongoing transformation
  • Coach with mindful presence and high confidence

What To Do When (6 live sessions)

  • These classes are largely about how to bring about transformation during a coaching session and beyond. Once the coaching agreement is established, how to guide the client toward it effectively?
  • With so many coaching and NLP tools at your disposal, which do you use and under what circumstances? There is no substitute for experience in this area and that’s what you’ll get during these classes.

Observed Coaching Sessions (6 live sessions)

  • ICF requires that PCC-level coaches receive observed coaching sessions in which you will coach a client in front of an instructor and receive feedback. You’ll meet that requirement during these sessions.
  • Moreover, our playful, exploratory approach to coaching makes the observed coaching process positive and fun.

Live Coaching Demonstrations (6 live sessions)

  • The iNLP Center’s live coaching demonstrations count toward your PCC hours. During these sessions, you’ll observe an advanced coach working with a volunteer in a non-scripted coaching session.

Coaching Supervision (6 live sessions)

  • Lacking in most coach training, coaching supervision gives you the opportunity to bring coaching cases and scenarios to class to receive expert supervision.
  • With this supervision, you will refine your approach to coaching and discover opportunities to help clients grow that never occurred to you before.

If you would like to find our more about this training, please either contact Hope Bundrant, attend a ICF Information Session found in the Live Session Calendar, or schedule a call.

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