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Life Purpose Coach Certificate
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Earn up to 83 ICF Training Hours if enrolled in our Life Purpose Coach Track.

Help your Client’s Discover their Life Purpose –
Become a Certified Life Purpose Coach! 

A clear, solid life purpose can resolve internal conflict in a single stroke. For some, life purpose comes as a flash of insight that changes everything. Others finally accept feedback from caring friends and family related to a purpose that reflects natural talents. Others need to dig in deeper and take a more systematic approach. Regardless, everyone needs to understand how purpose works and how to get the most out of theirs. Help your clients feel the fire of purpose every single day of their life.

  • 100% accredited and 100% online
  • 8 Modules & 59 Units
  • Unlimited Live Sessions in our Zoom Classrooms with your Trainer
  • Coaching Model to boost your client’s understanding of themselves
  • Access to your trainer for help and feedback on what you’re learning
  • Study at your own pace and start right now
  • Lifetime access to your learning material
  • Created from 25 years of international NLP training experience
  • This training provides up to 83 ICF Training hours if enrolled in our Life Purpose Coach Track.

Purpose is the essential element of you.
It is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history.
Your very existence is wrapped up in the things you are here to fulfill.
Chadwick Boseman

The Best Thing you Can Do for Future Clients

This coach training takes the mystery out of discovering your purpose in life so you can help others do the same. People who are not living their purposes often use phrases like:

  • Stuck in a familiar rut
  • Same old same old
  • Living on a treadmill 
  • Catering to the expectations of others
  • Isn’t there more than this?
  • Feeling lost
  • What’s the point?

Many people want to do something meaningful with their lives – to make a difference in the world and help others find fulfillment as well.

However, the way forward isn’t always clear. We get caught up in day-to-day survival and lose sight of what’s important. In some cases, we don’t even know how to discover what we’re really meant to do with our lives. 

Life purpose coaching changes all that. While honoring the individual nature of life purpose, the iNLP Center Life Purpose Coach Certification Training takes an effective and systematic approach to discover a rich and rewarding purpose in every major area of life. When you’ve been trained in this system, you are qualified to help others reap the benefits. 

Indeed, many new life coaches enter the field seeking a new path that represents a deeper purpose. The Life Purpose Coach Training will help you clarify your purpose further so that you can lead clients down a similar path. 

Life Purpose Coach Certification Training Tracks

Training Program:Program Includes:One-time PriceInstallment Plan
Life Purpose Coach
Certification Track
4 Certifications
NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training (ICF Level 1)
• Life Purpose Coach
• Business & Marketing Guide
ICF Mentor Coaching

• Provides 83 ICF Training Hours
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$525/mo. for
9 months
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Life Purpose Coach
Certification Add-on
1 Certification
• Life Purpose Coach Training Only
See Prerequisites below*
• Provides 13 ICF Training Hours
Enroll Now
$366/mo. for
2 months
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* To enroll in our Life Purpose Coach Certification Training, you must have completed or are enrolled in our NLP-Integrated Life Coach Certification. If you are not enrolled in this course, please choose one of our Life Purpose Coach Tracks above.

What You’ll Learn in our Life Purpose Coach Certification Training

In addition to our NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training you will also be completing the modules below to earn your Life Purpose Coach Certification:

Life Purpose Coach Training Module 1

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Module 1 – Life Purpose Introduction

The concept of Life Purpose is a contentious one. This program begins with an examination of the meaning, elements, and application of Life Purpose, including the possibility of multiple purposes. You will develop the skills to create a masterful Life Purpose coaching vision.

Life Purpose Coach Training Module 2

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Module 2 – Roles and Conditioning

Your Life Purpose will be the driving force for living your life. To make an informed and accurate decision on this future direction, we must first examine where we came from. This module will detail how a Life Purpose coach guides the client to explore the various influences that have impacted on their sense of Self. You will learn to uncover the Roles and subsequent Conditioning that has led them to their present state, to realign with their life purpose.

Life Purpose Coach Training Module 3

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Module 3 – Skills, Talents, Passion and Purpose

Much confusion exists in relation to the terms Skills, Talents and Passion. This module examines each of these concepts in turn and defines the differences and links between them. You will explore how a client may confuse or ignore the importance of each in uncovering their Life Purpose.

Life Purpose Coach Training Module 4

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Module 4 – The Life Purpose Protocol

After the extensive exploration and discovery work of the previous modules, it is now time to bring some cohesion to the information you have gathered. The Life Purpose Protocol is unique to the iNLP Center and connects the dots in a clear, logical and easy to understand process.

Life Purpose Coach Training Module 5

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Module 5 – Discovering Core Values

Core values drive our behavior and so knowing what they really are is vital to formulating a clear Life Purpose. In this module you will develop your skills in eliciting true Core Values as well as learning techniques to firstly identify and then manage any values conflicts that may present to your client.

Life Purpose Coach Training Module 6

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Module 6 – Statement of Purpose

You have now done the exploration work and it is time to start bringing all that has been uncovered into a clear path to the future. In this module you will learn how to connect the threads of all the previous data collection, into a single, purposeful statement that represents the goal of a Life Purpose.

Life Purpose Coach Training Module 7

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Module 7 – Integrating the Purpose

All the hard work you have done now has to be integrated to your client’s thinking and behavior. It is now time to use the NLP tools you have learned in your Life Coaching to assist your client to embed their newly formed Life Purpose. This is the transformation phase of Life Purpose Coaching and where we get to see the “AHA!” moments for the clients.

Life Purpose Coach Training Module 8

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Module 8 – Case Study

This final module brings all you have learned together. You will work with a real client or volunteer and take them through the Life Purpose process from beginning to end. Your task here is to write up your experience of the coaching journey and the observations that shaped your processes.

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