Live, Virtual Training Sessions!

The Best of Both Worlds!

online nlp training

While you work self-paced in our online platform you also can choose from our 25+ weekly live training sessions to attend! Pop into our virtual classrooms where you can work face-to-face via video and audio with other students and your trainers!

With class sizes no bigger than 15 students, you are able to get personalized help and participate in lively discussions as well as delve deeper into the nuances of NLP and life coaching.

iNLP Center Live Coaching Classes:
The Missing Link in NLP and Life Coaching Skill Development

You can view our current lineup of over 25 weekly classes (held on Zoom) in the calendar below. You can pop into these live sessions anytime during and after your training. These classes are unique in the life coaching industry. With them, we provide you with the following unprecedented benefits:

• Convenient Times

Classes cover most time zones, so students in many countries can find classes to attend. You don’t need to pick one training time and stick to it each week. Instead, you can pick and choose the times that work for you and pop into the session when you’re available! See our current calendar below.

• Personalized & Interesting

Our trainers meet you where you are in your learning process. You can ask any questions, get coaching, practice your skills, and connect with other students through our discussion-based live sessions. You won’t be listening in on a boring tele-call. You will be actively participating and getting all of your training needs met!

• World Class Instruction

To develop world-class coaching skills, you need to learn from the best. All of our coaches are highly trained, skilled, and properly credentialed. Moreover, our coach trainers are continually working through in-house professional development programs to keep their skills sharp.

• Variety of Topics

Depending on the course you are enrolled in, you will have your choice of many topics and training sessions to choose from. Read below to learn about the different sessions you will find on our calendar.

No RSVP Required!

  • Attend when you have time without committing to a regular schedule.
  • Attend as often or as little as you want.
  • Take breaks and vacations without getting behind or missing classes!

Live Session Calendar

Times are listed in PST, GMT-7, Los Angeles, California.

Live Session Descriptions

Live sessions accompany your self-paced online training.

NLP Live

This is our regular NLP class offered several times weekly in various time zones. Come to this class to ask questions about NLP models and techniques as well as go in-depth into the nuances of NLP. This class will be your go-to resource to connect with iNLP trainers and other students, practice skills, and have all of your training questions answered.

NLP Coaching Demo

The NLP Coaching Demo is a regularly-held, special session with iNLP Center lead trainer Mike Bundrant. In these live sessions, Mike Bundrant will coach a student volunteer as he demonstrates how to most effectively use NLP in a coaching session. You are able to volunteer, watch, and ask question each session. Often Mike also demonstrates new coaching concepts and teaches material not included in the course.

LC 2-4

The Life Coach 2-4 class covers modules 2-4 of the training. This is material introduces students to core life coaching values and, most of all, illustrates the key practices and principles that make life coaching work.

LC2-4 also offers simple yet profound techniques to understand the key factors that make life coaching work. Once you learn this material, you no longer have to be confused about what you need to do as a coach.

LC 5-7

In this class we practice the key communication skills that allow you to learn the specifics about the two key areas of coaching:

  1. What clients want to accomplish
  2. What stands in the way.

LC 5-7 offers easy-to-implement, cutting edge communication skills that deliver results every time.


In this class, all the information gathering tools come together as you practice role-play coaching with your trainer and other students. You’ll learn the ultimate formula for learning specifically what you need to know from the client to help him or her move forward.

LC 8-12

LC 8-12 classes focus on what to do when in life coaching. After you’ve learned what the client wants and what stands in the way, there are dozens of methods to employ to help the client move past obstacles and toward goals. Which technique should you use? That’s what you’ll learn in this class.

LC 13-15

In LC 13-15 you’ll learn how to wrap up a coaching session by integrating the learning that has occurred as well as assigning custom homework activities to ensure your clients continue to make progress between sessions.

Webinars and Guest Speakers

From time to time, the iNLP Center offers free webinars to both the public and our students. Topics range from new life coaching models to how to market your coaching business. iNLP brings in guest speakers to conduct webinars as well. All webinars are educational. These webinars are recorded and included in our 100+ webinar library which enrolled students have access to.

Hypnosis Live Sessions

Both practitioner level and advanced live sessions are offered several times weekly in various time zones. Come to this class to ask questions about the how, why, and what of hypnosis, as well as review techniques.  This class is your go-to resource to connect with the hypnosis instructor and other students, practice skills, and have all of your questions answered.