Live, Virtual Training Sessions!

What are Live Training Sessions?

iNLP Center combines the online learning platform with unlimited live training sessions. This means that you are able to work 100% online, yet are still able to interact with other students and trainers in our online classrooms. Unlimited sessions are included with the NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and Life Coach trainings.

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What happens in the Live Training Sessions?

Our Live Sessions are a time to discuss the model or technique you are working on, how it may be used with other models, and any challenges you are having. Live sessions may also include demonstrations, explanations, and anything else the students would like to discuss. They are interactive via video and audio, and you can participate as much or as little as you like. They are not recorded.

Am I required to attend Live Training Sessions?

Attendance is not required NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner Student, although we highly recommend it.

Attendance of 12 live sessions are required for the Life Coach Training. (Two LC 2-4, three LC 5-7, two LCIG, three LC 8-12, and two LC 13-15).

If you are seeking synchronous ICF coach-specific training credits for the NLP Combo or Life Coach Training, the number of live sessions you attend will determine the synchronous hours you receive. ICF can be a little confusing, so please ask if you have questions.

How do I attend?

Our live trainings take place in our Zoom virtual classrooms. The links to the classrooms are accessed through our Live Session Calendar in your Student Dashboard. When class starts, simply click on the “Enter Classroom” link in the Calendar and you will be redirected into the class, ready to participate on video and/or audio – depending on your preference. No RSVP required! Just check the calendar for a convenient time and click the link.

Can I attend any of the Live Training Sessions?

If you are enrolled in the NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner training, you can attend any of the sessions labeled “NLP with Steve”, no matter where you are in the NLP training.

If you are enrolled in the Life Coach Training, you can attend any of the classes named “LC” as long as you are in the modules listed after “LC”. As well, you can attend the “NLP with Steve”.

If you are in the Hypnosis Training, you can attend any of the Hypnosis live sessions.

We do not limit the number of times you attend. You can even continue to attend live sessions after you complete the courses.

All students can attend our weekly NLP Webinar which allow for student participation. These webinars require registration, which will be announced on Mondays of each week. They are recorded live and provide for viewing after, in your Student Dashboard, if you missed one.

Is there a fee to attend the Live Training Sessions?

Live Sessions are included with your course fee, if your course provides live sessions.

When are the Live Training Sessions?

Times are listed in PDT, GMT-7, Los Angeles, California.

Use this time zone tool to compare the class time for your location, or add the event to your Google Calendar for automatic timezone conversion.

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