The iNLP Center Team

Founded in 2011, iNLP Center was the first training center to successfully bring neuro-linguistic programming to the online format. Through its unique combination of blended, self-paced learning and challenging offline activities, iNLP Center has the formula for effective, yet affordable training.

With a combined 130+ years in life coaching, NLP, and personal development experience, our staff is committed to providing you the guidance and opportunity to learn in a convenient, online format. Once enrolled, you’ll have training and support for life. We’re real people who care about your needs and goals.

iNLP Center has grown into an international training with students from over 70 countries. Our student body is diverse in culture and experience. They learn not just from us, but from each other. Our customized training format allows our students the ability to connect with fellow students all over the world, accessing unlimited practice partners and networking connections.

As a coach education provider, the iNLP Center mission is to teach life coaching principles and contribute to a global shift in consciousness that will allow humanity to progress beyond our existential challenges. While this may seem impossible to some, it is the only mission that makes sense to us.

Our learning philosophy emphasizes choice and accountability. We believe every trained coach has something unique to offer. Part of the training journey for coaches is to discover and choose their own niche and individual coaching style while remaining accountable to the ethics and core competencies branded by ICF as the gold standard of coaching.

Join our learning community and grow with us!

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Meet the team behind iNLP Center’s NLP Training and Life Coach Certification programs:

Hope Bundrant,  iNLP Center co-founder

Hope Bundrant, PCC
CEO & Center Director

Hope Bundrant is the director and founder of iNLP Center. She manages student affairs, oversees program and business development. She strives to help others become their very best by creating the most fulfilling and student-centered training experience possible. She not only believes we have the power to create the lives we want but walks her talk through the success of the iNLP Center.

When not working 24/7, she enjoys sailing, tennis, and traveling.

Stephen McVey, PCC
Trainer & Director of Education
Trainer for these courses: Master Coach, Life Coach, ICF Mentor Clinics, Life Purpose Coach, NLP Training

With over 35 years in Education and Business leadership, Steve’s passion is to assist others to achieve both personal and professional success. After 19 years as a high school teacher and team leader, he retired to build and run his own Vocational Education and Training company.

Having learned that powerful and engaging communication skills are paramount to success, he now works to deliver strategies and techniques to assist that growth in others, by focusing on both the internal dialogue within ourselves and our external communications with others. It is his belief that understanding and mastering NLP is the cornerstone to this success.

Fabiola Giraldo, PCC
Trainer & Spanish Training Director
Trainer for these courses: Master Coach, Life Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner

Fabiola Giraldo has been curious and passionate about human psychology and development for many years. Her interests include Eastern and Western systems of personal transformation. Since 2006, she has been working with people who seek her services in order to manage stress, gain deeper self-understanding, and find greater peace and joy. Her professional credentials include a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, a Certificate in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, Professional Reiki Training, and an NLP Trainer Certificate.

Fabiola teaches the Mindfulness Practitioner Course at the iNLP Center, where she serves as an NLP Life Coaching online session leader. Prior to that, Fabiola worked in Puerto Rico as a licensed psychotherapist. She relocated to Asheville, North Carolina in the summer of 2018, together with her son, husband, and dog. She currently works as an NLP Life Coach, Hypnosis Practitioner, and Reiki Facilitator at her Stress Management Studio. Fabiola is fluent in both English and Spanish.  She comes from a culturally diverse family and has lived and traveled in different parts of the world.

Rafael Rocha, PCC
NLP & Life Coach Trainer and Portuguese Division Training Director
Trainer for these courses: Master Coach, Life Coach, NLP Training

Rafael is located in Paraná, Brasil. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and specializing in higher education teaching at the Faculdade Assis Gurgacz, Rafael spent a period acting as an entrepreneur in different branches. Having taken personal development courses he began to create tools that helped people achieve goals. His goal was to help his friends and family, he did not imagine that years later he would improve his tools by studying Coaching and NLP. Rafael has already helped thousands of people change their attitudes and find out what really matters to be happy. Rafael earned his NLP Trainer’s certificate at iNLP Center is now the director of the iNLP Center’s Portuguese online training center.

Egle Thomas, PhD
Mental Health Coach Trainer

Egle is a Business, Executive and Mental Health Coach and trainer, with over 30 years of experience across diverse disciplines.

After obtaining her first hypnotherapy certification and experience in Lithuania at the age 15, Egle attained Registered Nurse certification and an undergraduate education in biochemistry in the US. Egle further interned at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, studying cognition and learning, then followed by a PhD in neural and muscular development regulation.

After a corporate career in the UK and the US, Egle obtained an MBA and thrived on entrepreneurial coaching and innovation ecosystem development in the US. After returning back to Switzerland. Egle was accredited by the Swiss Innovation Agency (Innosuisse) as a start-up and scale-up coach and trainer, enabling her to coach and train the most innovative company leaders and teams. Through Stratergix GmbH, Egle continues to drive transformations for diverse groups, from corporates to governments. She also supports diverse investment groups, including in mental health project due diligence.  Egle has been featured in many publications, including the USA Today and the Swiss business women’s journal, Ladies Drive, where she was named “The Revolutionary”. 

When not with her clients, Egle can be found in the mountains enjoying Via Ferratas, rock climbing, skiing, watersports or an occasional skydive. Egle further thrives on teaching Latin dancing, experimenting with new AR/VR/AI and other digital tech, or immersed in deep conversations ranging from epigenetics to quantum physics. Egle has two sons and three grandchildren, based in North Carolina, who also share many of her passions, especially for the outdoors.

Carilyn Moisan, CCHt, CTHt
Hypnosis Trainer
Trainer for these courses: Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy

Carilyn is a Certified Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist with over 20 years and over 500 intensive hours of state-certified hands-on hypnotherapy training, hundreds of hours of research, and a vast array of client experiences to help educate students.

It was when she hit the lowest point in her life when the guilt of post-partum depression had gotten too much to bear, hypnotherapy was her saving grace. It was from that moment that she realized how truly powerful it was, and it became her passion to help others experience that same liberation and empowerment.

When she is not with clients and students, her favorite thing to do is to spend time with her husband and their two boys. They enjoy hiking the NC mountains, fishing, playing with their dogs, riding their Harley, and taking road trips. She personally enjoys crafting, gardening, fitness, and spends a lot of her time reading anything she can get her hands on about Milton Erickson.

Jeremy Sycks Grief Coach

Jeremy Sycks, CLC
NLP Trainer
Trainer for these courses: NLP Training, NLP Sales Training

Jeremy Sycks has worked in operations management as well as retail and business sales for over 25 years. He has worked diligently toward developing students, coworkers, customers, and clients through cooperative leadership and teamwork. His constant hunger for self-improvement and the improvement of others led him to become an NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, and NLP Trainer. Jeremy also shares a deep passion for helping others with their grief with his personal grief coaching.

Jeremy teaches the NLP Sales Practitioner Course as well as runs the grief coaching program “How to cope with the loss of a loved one” at the iNLP Center. He hosts the podcast “Believe Build Conquer” which is his personal philosophy that he lives by. Jeremy is married with a daughter and resides in Ohio U.S.A.

“My mission is to work with any and all people who wish to share in the spirit of growth while building skills and confidence, believing in themselves and others, and conquering their fears and dreams.”

Marco Decandia Brocca, PCC
Italian NLP, Life Coach Trainer and Italian Training Director

Marco has completed his studies in Social Sciences with a Master in Business Administration. After serving in the Navy, over the past twenty years, he has developed his career as a Business Coach and Management Consultant, working with Entrepreneurs and Executives in Italy and abroad. His first contact with NLP dates back to the late eighties when he also started practicing mnemotechnics. His main professional goal is to help people reach their full potential. Marco is a trainer and director of iNLP Center Italia.

Jean O’Toole
Business Development

Jean O’Toole is a Certified NLP Integrated Master Coach, professional life designer and entrepreneur. She has coached over 1500 1:1 sessions helping clients get to their next level in their lives. Jean empowers clients to courageously connect with their best and highest version of themselves and design paths to fully awakened lives. Her ability to compassionately challenge individuals to expand their vision of what is possible for them in their life, has ignited both transformational growth and increased life balance for her clients. She joyfully guides people to powerfully craft their unique future life chapters. Jean deeply values and honors the journey that her clients bravely travel and she enthusiastically celebrates their milestone victories with them. Early in her career, she served as Vice President of a national entertainment firm and in that role helped to launch and direct multiple careers of new talent into television, film, Broadway and in the world of high fashion. She left her executive role to build her first of many future businesses. She is a driven business builder and her multiple businesses have helped thousands of individuals in their education and wellness goals. Jean is an award-winning speaker and best-selling author and over 150,000 people have attended her presentations designed to empower individuals to take action in their life. She has been featured in U.S. News and World Report, Fox Business, College Confidential and CollegeXpress. She has appeared on BOLD-TV and has been a guest on numerous podcasts and radio shows throughout the world.

Her iNLP credentials include: Certified Master Coach, Certified Integrated Life Coach in Neuro-Linguistic, Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Certified NLP Practitioner

Additional credentials include: Certified in Next Level Coaching Methodology, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Embodiment Facilitator, Certified Emotional Empowerment Facilitator, Certified in Advanced Transformational Facilitation, Certified Making It Count Speaker, Certified JourneyDance Facilitator, Bachelors of Science in Arts Administration from Wagner College.

Joy Shepard Baldridge, PCC
ICF Mentor Coach

Joy has been a professional life coach since July 2014. She is also an accomplished classical singer, with a BA in Philosophy and over 20 years of experience in information technology.

In 2019 Joy began working for the iNLP Center as an ICF Mentor Coach. She helps coaches understand and demonstrate the ICF Core Competencies in their coaching by facilitating the development of their own inherent, agenda-free curiosity; teaching them how to listen more deeply — both to their clients and to their own intuitions, and to use what they “hear” to ask powerful questions and make bold assertions in ways that both challenge and foster insight – insights that, when explored and leveraged, lead to breakthrough results.

Joy is fervently committed to helping people take full ownership of their lives by embracing the freedom of choice along with all the responsibility that entails.