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Become a Certified Weight Loss Coach with our Weight Loss Coach Certification and Learn Extraordinary Skills that Get Real Results! 

Weight loss coaching is a popular niche within the life and health coaching fields. STATS/data…. The need for effective weight loss is so great in the world today that, once word gets out that your coaching really works, you will not be able to keep clients away. The key is to get the right training and find a few test clients. Word will spread.

  • 100% accredited and 100% online
  • 91 Units, 24 Audios, 6 Videos
  • Unlimited Live Sessions in our Zoom Classrooms with your Trainer
  • Special tools to boost your client’s wellness skills
  • Awards 15 ICF Resource Development Hours
  • Access to your trainer for help and feedback on what you’re learning
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  • Lifetime access to your learning material
  • Created from 25 years of international NLP training experience

Willpower is not enough to lose weight. Learn how to apply NLP to teach your clients how to lose weight, how to use use their internal dialogue to manage their emotional part at meals to achieve their ideal well-being.

How is this weight loss coach certification different from other ways to lose weight?

Our weight loss method is based on the concept of modeling. Modeling suggests that we can improve our skills by mirroring what skilled people do. Professional coaching in sports, music, the arts, and academics is based almost entirely on the concept of modeling. To learn a skill, go to someone who can model it for you and teach you to mirror their methods. 

Better yet, the method is simple to learn and apply, with back-up tools to overcome the mental blocks and physical urges that often plague those trying to lose weight.

Modeling has been entirely overlooked in mainstream health and mental health. You won’t find it among conventional weight loss coaching, either. Yet, modeling reveals the only approach to weight loss that is both logical and effective.

Modeling Weight Loss

Modeling applied to weight loss suggests that the weight loss skills necessary are not with those who are currently overweight. To benefit from modeling, we first need a model. In this case, two kinds of people qualify: People who are naturally slender and never gain weight or those who have successfully lost weight and kept it off over time.

What do we learn from these people? 

When you model what they do, you will become one of them! Our weight loss coach certification training is designed to teach coaches to apply the specific process that all slender people use. It’s laid out in step-by-step form, with unlimited live training classes on our virtual platform. 

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What You’ll Learn in our Weight Loss Coach Certification Training

In addition to our NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Training you will also be completing the modules below to earn your Weight Loss Coach Certification:

Module 1 Weight Loss Mindset
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 The Philosophy Behind this Program
Unit 3 You as a Weight Loss Coach
Unit 4 What You Can and Can't Do

Module 1 – Weight Loss Mindset

The purpose of this module is to introduce you to the NLP fundamental principles, to guide your clients to achieve the right weight without diets and keep high their level of energy.

Module 2 The Protocol
Unit 1 Introduction to the Method
Unit 2 Slow Motion
Unit 3 • Psyche Builder - Slow Motion
Unit 4 Eat when you are hungry; do not eat if you are not
Unit 5 • Psyche Builder - Eat When You are Hungry
Unit 6 There are no forbidden foods
Unit 7 • Psyche Builder - No Forbidden Food
Unit 8 How to Eat
Unit 9 Put the fork down
Unit 10 • Psyche Builder - Put the Fork Down
Unit 11 The Surplus
Unit 12 • Psyche Builder - Leave the Rest
Unit 13 Live like the naturally slim person you are
Unit 14 Slow Eating
Unit 15 • Psyche Builder - Slow Eating
Unit 16 • Coaching Exercise - Slow Eating
Unit 17 The Hunger Scale
Unit 18 • Psyche Builder - Hunger Scale
Unit 19 • Coaching Exercise - Hunger Scale
Unit 20 The Sense of Smell
Unit 21 • Psyche Builder - The Smell of Food

Module 2 – The Protocol

The aim is to understand the mentality of a naturally skinny person and how to give your clients access to the ideal state to love their body and abandon their old habits.

Module 3 Your Client's Inner Voice
Unit 1 What is Internal Dialogue
Unit 2 • Psyche Builder - Internal Dialogue
Unit 3 • Coaching Exercise - Internal Dialogue
Unit 4 Talk in Past Tense
Unit 5 • Psyche Builder - Change the Tense
Unit 6 Talk in the Present Tense to achieve your Goals
Unit 7 • Psyche Builder - Speak in Present Tense
Unit 8 Replace "I HAVE to" with "I WANT to"
Unit 9 • Psyche Builder - Want vs. Have To
Unit 10 Respond to the Tone
Unit 11 • Psyche Builder - Listen to Your Tone
Unit 12 Don't Give a Name to Your Problem
Unit 13 • Psyche Builder - Don't Name It
Unit 14 • Coaching Exercise - Don't Name It
Unit 15 We Talk to Ourselves Constantly. We Often Criticize Ourselves. This Is Our Internal Dialogue
Unit 16 The Mirror
Unit 17 • Psyche Builder - The Mirror
Unit 18 • Coaching Exercise - The Mirror

Module 3 – Your Client’s Inner Voice

The aim is to learn to teach our clients how to get control of their mental and emotional state, they will adopt powerful mental and linguistic patterns to direct their mind and body towards the goal of well-being.

Module 4 Modeling & Useful Questions
Unit 1 Introduction to Modeling
Unit 2 Pay Attention to The Eating Behavior
Unit 3 Questions for the Model
Unit 4 The Modelling Process
Unit 5 • Psyche Builder - Ask Good Questions
Unit 6 • Coach Exercise - Ask Good Questions
Unit 7 U. Q. Bavelas
Unit 8 Are You Asking Yourself Useful Questions?
Unit 9 How to Ask Ourselves Good Questions
Unit 10 Concrete Questions Are Needed.
Unit 11 Reframe the Question?
Unit 12 Open Communication with the Unconscious Mind
Unit 13 • Psyche Builder - Engage the Unconscious Mind
Unit 14 • Coaching Exercise - Engage the Unconscious Mind

Module 4 – Modeling & Useful Questions

The aim of a weight loss path is to model naturally skinny people, or whoever has become a normal weight person, discovering which strategies your clients can also use and be able to build questions that orient them towards useful behaviors with Useful Questions.

Module 5 Using Submodalities
Unit 1 Introduction to Submodalities
Unit 2 Submodality Exercise
Unit 3 Mapping Submodalities
Unit 4 Mapping the Unresourceful Food
Unit 5 • Psyche Builder - Food Submodalities
Unit 6 • Coaching Exercise - Food Submodalities
Unit 7 Spin It
Unit 8 Spin It Steps
Unit 9 • Psyche Builder - Spin It
Unit 10 • Coaching Exercise - Spin It
Unit 11 Swish It
Unit 12 Swish It Exercise
Unit 13 • Psyche Builder - Swish
Unit 14 • Coaching Exercise - Swish

Module 5 – Using Submodalities

The aim is to understand how your clients have learned the characteristics of certain foods and discovered the reason why they desire them too much, they can re-learn them again so as not to desire them at all.

Module 6 Creating Your Visualization
Unit 1 Love Yourself
Unit 2 The Visualization Process
Unit 3 Having Trouble Visualizing?
Unit 4 Visualize the Weight Loss
Unit 5 • Coaching Exercise - Visualization

Module 6 – Creating Your Visualization

The aim is to teach your clients how to arrive at perceiving the state of ease, relief, and freedom and to create it immediately through a visualization before have reached the goal.

Module 7 Stop Craving with Anchors
Unit 1 Anchors
Unit 2 • Psyche Builder - Anchors
Unit 3 • Coaching Exercise - Anchors
Unit 4 Shift Cravings
Unit 5 Reframing
Unit 6 • Psyche Builder - Reframing
Unit 7 • Coaching Exercise - Reframing
Unit 8 T Core - Negotiating with Parts
Unit 9 T Core Steps
Unit 10 • Psyche Builder - T Core
Unit 11 • Coaching Exercise - T Core

Module 7 – Stop Craving with Anchors

The aim is for your clients to learn how to install the desired state and control the binges with an original and no-intuitive anchor.

Module 8 Communicating in Weight Loss
Unit 1 Session Demonstration

Module 8 – Communicating
in Weight Loss

The aim is for you Coach to manage the session or audience with consistency and security by offering clear, secure information and avoid any uncertainty.

Module 9 Setting the Session
Unit 1 FAQ

Module 9 – Setting the Session

The aim is, now that you know what to teach, to help you manage the sessions, increase your client flexibility, be aware and self-confident with the Method during a session.

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