What NLP Accessing States Has Taught Me

NLP Accessing States – Module 4 (NLP Practitioner Training & Certification)

For me, learning how to change state is essential. I go through many days stressed-filled with my responsibilities of being a mother, wife and student. NLP accessing states has taught me how to change my emotional state as needed. I learned this tool in Module 4 of the NLP Practitioner Training.

Your state of mind, or being, has the biggest influence on how you perceive the world around you. If you spend your life in a state of anger and frustration, you’re going to find the negative in every situation and live in a cold, gray world. The same can be said for living in a positive state of mind. It will directly influence the way you take in your day to day experiences. If you wake up in the morning and tell yourself, “Today is going to be a good day. I can handle the things that could potentially be thrown at me, and I’m going to do so with ease,” and, (assuming that something off-the-wall doesn’t happen), you will likely do just that.

nlp accessing statesThere are some states that are considered “stuck states”, or states of being that we don’t want to be in. These states are usually negative, or at least being portrayed as negative by our mind. They usually stop us from getting what we want out of a certain scenario, because we can’t control how we feel. A “resource state” is the opposite, it is a positive state of being. “Resource states” usually aid in receiving certain situations in a positive light.

NLP accessing states is intentionally accessing specific states of being. Most of the time, we go throughout our day experiencing things as they happen. Not intentionally feeling a certain way, but just “taking things as they come”. But when you actually try to feel a certain way, many find that it can be a bit challenging. What works for one person, won’t necessarily work for the next. If you have a client that finds himself slipping in to a negative state, thinking about the past and letting it become an anxiety in his daily life, you would obviously want to help him enter another, more positive state.

Knowing how to access a desired state of being, as well as help others achieve the same, is a helpful tool that can be applied to many situations. When you have a client who frequently feels anxious, wouldn’t you want to help them reach a more desirable state, such as calm? Or, if you yourself are stuck feeling a certain way, and would like to access another state, this tool would be a helpful way of doing so.

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Fabiola Giraldo

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