Alumni Spotlight Dr. Robert L. Wilson Jr.

Robert is a shining example of a dedicated iNLP Center student. He has completed various courses and certifications, including life coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), mindfulness, hypnosis, and hypnotherapy. He’s currently expanding his knowledge of NLP for sales.

Robert’s coaching niche encompasses life, wellness, leadership, and mindfulness relaxation. Let’s learn more about Robert.

Robert: I have taken multiple courses and obtained several certifications through the iNLP Center. They are certified life coaches, Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioners, master Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioners (M-NLP), mindfulness Practitioners, hypnosis practitioners, and hypnotherapists. Currently, I am enrolled in NLP for sales.

Hope: What’s your coaching niche?

Robert: My coaching niche includes life, wellness, leadership, and mindfulness relaxation.

Hope: How is your success now, and how close is your niche to your initial coaching vision?

Robert:  I have enjoyed much success in incorporating all the training and materials into tools and resources for providing coaching, consulting, training, and speaking services, as well as creating products, programs, and services that help people navigate life and wellness from the inside out. My niche has expanded from my initial coaching vision.

Hope: What’s a tip you can give to current students?

Robert:  A tip I would give current students is to empower your clients with the tools to become more aware, resilient, and resourceful. One way to do this is to think about how you use the information you are learning to develop yourself, as well as, your client. What might it look, feel, or sound like for them and you? You can’t empower anyone until they recognize and become aware that they have power. Coaching empowers people by using information to lead to true transformation and results in life. Empower yourself so you can empower others.

Hope: I love that! NLP really makes us aware that we have choices, and having choices gives us power. Where can students find you online?

Robert:  I can be found on several platforms:
Academy: – Author Website:
And social media: Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Alignable YouTube

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