Alumni Spotlight: Fu Che

Fu Che is a successful graduate of the iNLP Center who has completed multiple trainings and actively participates in the community. Fu highlights his achievements, including the development of a leadership program for Cisco Systems and recognition as a respected trainer and coach. His coaching niche focuses on executives and sales leaders, which aligns perfectly with their initial vision. Fu also offers valuable advice to current students, emphasizing the importance of planning, active participation, finding an accountability partner, celebrating milestones, and setting goals to stay motivated.

Let’s learn more about Fu:

Hope Bundrant: Thank you for choosing iNLP Center for your training! You’ve completed many iNLP Center trainings and continue to attend live sessions and support our community. Please tell our readers which courses you have taken at the iNLP Center.

FuI completed the Master Life Coach Training at iNLP Center, achieving the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation in October 2023. Currently, I am enrolled in Executive Coaching and Group Coaching Training.

Hope Bundrant: How is your success now?

Fu: I developed a Global Leader Development program that includes Workshops, Group Coaching, and 1:1 Coaching for Cisco Systems. I am highly regarded as a trainer and coach by both the leadership team and my peers.

Hope Bundrant: What’s your coaching niche?

Fu: My coaching niche includes Corporate Training, Group Coaching, and 1:1 Coaching, focusing on Sales Leaders and Executives.

Hope Bundrant: How close is your niche to your initial coaching vision?

Fu: I am currently living in alignment with my initial coaching vision. The success I have achieved with Cisco Systems and the respect I receive within my professional circles reflect the realization of my aspirations.

Hope Bundrant: What’s a tip you can give to current students?

Fu: For current students, I recommend developing a daily plan to navigate iNLP content efficiently. Actively participate in live sessions to engage with trainers and peers. Establish a coaching buddy relationship to foster mutual accountability. Celebrate small and significant victories along the way, and set a target date for the ICF written exam to stay focused and motivated.

Hope Bundrant: Where can students find you online?

Fu: You can connect with me at

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