Alumni Spotlight: Jessica Eagle

Hope Bundrant: Thank you for choosing iNLP Center for your training! You’ve completed many of our trainings and continue to attend live sessions and support our community. Can you tell our readers which trainings have you taken at iNLP Center?

Jessica: The iNLP Center has been a crucial partner on my path to becoming a skilled coach. Having access to endless classes and connecting with experienced mentors have fully prepared me to help clients from all sorts of backgrounds and life situations. I use the diverse skills I’ve learned to make real changes in people’s lives every day.

I’ve taken the NLP life coach, NLP master coach, and the Mental Health coach training. The well-rounded training I received at the iNLP Center has sharpened my skills and given me the tools to make a real difference, helping people grow and develop.

Hope Bundrant: How is your success now?

Jessica: My journey as a coach has been marked by achievements and growth, both professionally and personally. I am experiencing success within my practice, fostering transformative developments and witnessing the powerful evolution of my clients. This professional fulfillment has been mirrored in my personal life, allowing me to cultivate a sense of accomplishment and well-being.

Hope Bundrant: What’s your coaching niche?

Jessica: I work with individuals going through grief, loss, and major life transitions.

Hope Bundrant: How close is your niche to your initial coaching vision?

Jessica: Looking back, while I began with a vision of being a multifaceted coach due to my wide-ranging interests, my journey, enriched by personal experiences and interactions with peers and mentors, guided me towards a more specialized focus. My own challenges and triumphs gave me the confidence to support others through their difficulties. Today, instead of covering a broad spectrum, I employ a more refined approach based on shared experiences and genuine understanding. This evolution feels authentic, enabling me to resonate deeply with and assist my clients through their challenges.

Hope Bundrant: What’s a tip you can give to current students?

Jessica: Maximize your learning experience by utilizing the resources available at the iNLP Center. Fully immerse yourself in the classes, and don’t hesitate to step beyond your comfort zone. Engage actively with your peers—such interactions are a foundation for lasting friendships and invaluable learning, as I’ve personally experienced. The richness in collaborative learning and networking is just as crucial as the formal instruction, so embrace every opportunity to interact and grow.

Hope Bundrant: Where can students find you online?

Jessica: They can visit my website at as well as connect with me in the live sessions!