Alumni Spotlight: Nancy J. Miller

Nancy has taken many iNLP Center courses over the years. She credits the program with helping her grow her coaching business and finding part-time coaching work.

Initially, Nancy focused on coaching creative entrepreneurs. However, after further training and personal reflection, she has refined her niche to help women over 40 find joy in their work during uncertain times.

Her advice to current students is to make time for personal growth alongside developing their coaching skills and to take advantage of the many resources available through iNLP.

Let’s learn more about Nancy:

Hope Bundrant: Thank you for choosing iNLP Center for your training! You’ve completed many iNLP Center trainings and continue to attend live sessions and support our community. Please tell our readers which courses you have taken at the iNLP Center.

Nancy: In 2017, I received my first certification with iNLP Center as an NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach Certification, Coaching Package Creation Course, and the Personal Development Program. In 2024, I received my Master Life Coach and Mental Health Coach certifications. I was pleased to return to the iNLP Center and have access to my NLP and Life Coach courses to refresh my training. I recently completed the Mentor Coaching for ICF courses and will apply for ICF certification in the near future.

Hope Bundrant: How is your success now, and how close is your niche to your initial coaching vision?

Nancy:  The skills, reputation, and visibility I gained from my coach training at iNLP Center gave me the ability to grow my coaching business and find part-time employment as a coach. When I initially took the Package Creation Course through iNLP Center my niche was creative entrepreneurs. I still love working with writers, creatives, and entrepreneurs, but I have further focused my niche to fit not only my skills and training but also my life experience.

Hope Bundrant: What’s your coaching niche?

Nancy:  Helping women over 40 find joy in their work in the midst of uncertainty.

Hope Bundrant: What’s a tip you can give to current students?

Nancy: I’ve had some personal and physical challenges in the last year, but my training with iNLP Center helped me with personal healing as well as bringing me opportunities for my business. I couldn’t be happier with the trainers, my coaching buddies, the options for courses, and array of materials available for learning NLP, Life Coaching, Inner Dynamics, and hypnosis. I recommend taking time for personal growth as you develop your coaching skills. Take advantage of the growing knowledge, training, and resources that are available through iNLP Center.

Hope Bundrant: Where can students find you online?

Nancy:  Website:, Linkedin:
Instagram:; Facebook: Nancy Phillips Miller

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