Alumni Spotlight: Jorgen Vejle

Jorgen is a graduate of iNLP Center who has taken many of their courses including NLP Life Coach, NLP Master, and Hypnosis Practitioner. He uses his learning to coach clients through intensive retreats in Asia. He advises current students to take their time, focus on understanding rather than memorizing, and to be true to themselves.

Let’s learn more about Jorgen:

Hope Bundrant: Thank you for choosing iNLP Center for your training! You’ve completed many iNLP Center trainings and continue to attend live sessions and support our community. Please tell our readers which courses you have taken at the iNLP Center.

Jorgen: I have over the past two years completed the (NLP integrated) Life Coach, NLP Master, Hypnosis Practitioner course, and I have obtained ICF PCC level credentials. When I started my journey, it was partly because of my lifelong interest in personal development but also to try to establish a foundation for my own future coaching business. At this point, I feel that I have benefited greatly in BOTH respects, but I am still an active participant in many live sessions, and I truly enjoy the opportunity to meet engaged and committed teachers as well as like-minded future coaches.

Hope Bundrant: How is your success now and how close is your niche to your initial coaching vision?

Jorgen: I don’t do a lot of advertising, nor do I have a traditional webpage. I simply get clients from fellow coaches/counselors. The reason that I am able to do this, is that my services are never ‘competing’ with my colleagues services. I am simply providing a service that they can not provide themselves and when the (happy) client returns home, the client is likely to re-visit for continued support if needed. It is clearly not the ‘fastest’ way to build your business, but it is a sound one. Apart from that, the ‘slow’ approach also provides more space and time for reflection, evaluation, and continued self-development.

Hope Bundrant: What’s your coaching niche?

Jorgen: I actually don’t have a very strongly defined ‘niche’ type of client (in a traditional sense) – I believe that almost all individuals can benefit from the same basic tools in coaching regardless of the underlying issue, BUT having said that, the very nature of my coaching services certainly make them VERY ‘niche’ oriented. First of all, I ONLY offer coaching sabbaticals/retreats, in-house seminars in Asia (Thailand) of 20 to 30 days duration – The ‘core’ of my coaching (Unity Coaching) is the in-separable connection between mind and body. Throughout all this, I make broad use of my own personal experience, NLP techniques, conversational hypnosis, mindfulness techniques, common sense and if at all possible, often a touch of humor!

Hope Bundrant: What’s a tip you can give to current students?

Jorgen: Take your time! Reflection is the real ‘game-changer’, and reflection takes time. Don’t try to memorize any ‘techniques’ or ‘terminology’, because their only true value is to enhance your UNDERSTANDING of the true (underlying) subject at hand – Never ‘put mind over matter! If you encounter a ‘technique’ that you either don’t understand or agree with, give it fair consideration, yes, but remember we don’t all have to be or feel the same, so if it doesn’t feel right, just leave it be. Look for an alternative tool, but above all, be true to YOURSELF. Maybe the suggested technique will make more sense to you at a later stage. You will only be able to help others (and yourself) IF you have full faith and confidence in your OWN actions.

Hope Bundrant: Where can students find you online?

Jorgen: If anyone wishes to obtain more detailed information about Unity Coaching, please feel free to contact me directly at: [email protected] and I shall be happy to provide this.

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