Alumni Spotlight: Luis Gallardo

Luis is a successful coach who completed the Mental Health Coach training track at the iNLP Center. He found the program very helpful in giving him the tools to understand mental health and the ability to coach individuals towards greater well-being. His current practice aligns with his initial vision and his 10 billion happy people initiative, focusing on coaching mindsets and mental liberation to contribute to global happiness.

For aspiring coaches, Luis recommends staying open to continuous learning, collaborating with others, and embracing a beginner’s mind. This journey is personal and contributes to the collective goal of widespread happiness.

Let’s learn more about Luis:

Hope Bundrant: Thank you for choosing iNLP Center for your training! You’ve completed many iNLP Center trainings and continue to attend live sessions and support our community. Please tell our readers which courses you have taken at the iNLP Center.

LuisI completed the Mental Health Coach training at the iNLP Center. This comprehensive program equipped me with the skills necessary to understand and navigate various aspects of mental health, focusing on coaching techniques that prioritize the well-being and happiness of individuals.

Hope Bundrant: How is your success now and how close is your niche to your initial coaching vision?

Luis: My success has been deeply fulfilling. I’ve been able to make a tangible impact on individuals’ lives by helping them achieve greater happiness and well-being. This success is not just measured in terms of personal achievements but also in how closely it aligns with the larger goal of contributing to a happier world, resonating with the 10 billion happy people initiative. My current position is closely aligned with my initial coaching vision. The core principles I learned through the iNLP Center’s training have been integral to my practice. While there’s always room for growth and learning, I feel that I am on the right path, making strides toward both my personal vision and the collective goal of widespread happiness.

Hope Bundrant: What’s your coaching niche?

Luis: My niche lies in integrating mental health coaching with the broader goal of enhancing global happiness, aligning closely with the World Happiness Foundation’s mission of achieving 10 billion happy people by 2050. I specialize in developing a coaching mindset and liberating the mind, which I believe are critical components in achieving this ambitious goal.

Hope Bundrant: What’s a tip you can give to current students?

Luis: I recommend adopting a beginner’s mind and staying open to continuous learning. Connect with other participants to maximize your impact; collaboration and shared experiences are invaluable. Remember, the journey to becoming an effective mental health coach is both personal and collective. By embracing a coaching mindset and focusing on liberating the mind, you’ll contribute significantly to individual well-being and the broader vision of global happiness.

Hope Bundrant: Where can students find you online?

Luis: My website. and

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