91 Ways to Inner Peace in the Next 60 Seconds.. Read Fast!

Ways to inner peace

Would you like to have a few ways to gain inner peace on the spot no matter what the circumstance? You are in luck, here are 91 ways to inner peace!

If so, you will find 91 things in the following list that you can do, right now, to create inner peace in the next 60 seconds. These ideas do not require preparation or depend upon other people. They will give you inner peace quickly. And we all know that a little inner peace goes a long way.

You should know that I created this list personally by really thinking it through and asking other people what works. I did NOT just trawl the Internet and scrape random ideas from other blogs. In other words, these ideas are fresh! And I tried to stay away from clichés and fluff.

Inner peace is deceptively simple. Simple things need to be mindfully appreciated. Do yourself a favor and read on consciously.

Remember to leave a comment with the ideas you like best, or mention what works for you. Here’s a primer for your comment: If you wanted to create more inner peace for yourself in the next minute, what would you think, say or do?

Why 91? That’s how far I got!

91 Ways to Inner Peace in the Next 60 Seconds

1. Decide to live within your means.
2. Realize the difference between your wants and needs.
3. Sincerely apologize to (you know who).
4. Ponder the vastness of the universe and realize how small your troubles are.
5. Give up the pursuit of that quick fix for a challenging problem and commit to solving it at a deeper level.
6. Give up that get-rich-quick scheme, too.
7. Spend some no-agenda time with a child.
8. Read the Serenity Prayer and actually apply the wisdom part to a specific worry.
9. Realize which things on your to do list don’t really matter.
10. Listen to white noise – seriously – just listen for 30 seconds and notice how relaxing it is. White noise is the best meditation!
11. Give yourself permission to stare into space for a while.
12. Make your bed. Seriously.
13. Write down the all the things you’re thankful for.
14. Write down the best piece of advice you have ever gotten and ponder it.
15. Ask God or the Universe to forgive you for….
16. Write down the five most important things in your life and appreciate them.
17. Write down how to get more out of the five most important things in your life!
18. Think of someone who is truly worse off than you are and have compassion.
19. Remember time as a child just hanging out with your grandparents.
20. Brush your dog.
21. Immerse yourself in a favorite memory.
22. Strike your favorite yoga pose.
23. Inhale four counts, hold four counts, exhale four counts. Repeat.
24. Write down every stressful thought on your mind until you go blank.
25. Identify your unrealistic expectations and let them go.
26. Mark your calendar for your next day of light expectations.
27. Accept that life is work.
28. Resolve to put forth your best effort every single day of your life, forever.
29. Realize your best effort is absolutely enough.
30. Write down your greatest blessings in life.
31. Tell a friend how much he or she means to you.
32. Decide to spend less time online.
33. Sit on your porch, do nothing, as resolve to do it more.
34. Decide to get help for that problem you can’t solve on your own.
35. Give yourself permission to stare at clouds for a few minutes.
36. Float above yourself in your mind’s eye.
37. Expand your view to include peripheral vision and notice the big picture for a minute.
38. Choose a charity and donate 10 bucks.
39. Think of your worst personal quality and discover the blessing behind the curse.
40. Imagine a protective bubble surrounding you.
41. Place your hand over your heart and feel it beat. Be glad to be alive.
42. Dry skin brush – all over.
43. Decide to be positive for the rest of the day.
44. Accept that you don’t always get what you want.
45. Focus on what you would do with your life if you knew you’d never be rich.
46. Let your body do whatever it wants for a minute (nothing illegal, please).
47. Smell a fresh flower.
48. Look at your problems as if you were a neutral observer.
49. Stretch your tightest muscles, gently.
50. Listen to your inner critic as if you were a true friend.
51. Notice where you are holding tension in your body – make it more tense – then relax.
52. Tap on your upper check bone for a few seconds.
53. Think of three people worse off than you (and decide to help them).
54. Begin dreaming small.
55. Go outside and touch the most natural thing you can see. Really take the time to feel it.
56. Look around you and quietly label each object you see. Realize how simple things really are.
57. Smile the goofiest smile in the world.
58. Think of a frustrating problem while listening to imaginary clown music.
59. Think of a bad memory backwards.
60. Whittle down your monthly budget to the bare minimum needed to survive, then consider the rest gravy.
61. Ground yourself. Imagine roots extending beneath your feet to the center of the earth. You are connected to the planet…
62. Hum a deep, slow hummmmmmm….
63. Rub your hand along any physical texture, feeling every nook and cranny, slowly.
64. Give yourself a scalp massage with all 10 fingers and really feel it.
65. Simply choose to be at peace!
66. Close your Facebook account. (I’m a hypocrite)
67. Locate the North Star and realize there is always a true North.
68. Decide to give up the most meaningless activity you do.
69. Realize you will always have your greatest strength to serve you.
70. Write down the 10 best things going for you in life.
71. Count from 1 to 10 and hear an imaginary echo after each count.
72. Soak your hand in warm water – try it!
73. Turn OFF your computer, sit back, close your eyes, and give yourself a time out.
74. Feel the solid ground beneath your feet and realize it is supporting you.
75. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, ask God or the Universe to put into your mind exactly what you need to hear in this moment.
76. Close your eyes and allow the gently sunshine to warm your eyelids.
77. Decide, no matter what, to save money for the rest of your life.
78. Give yourself the freedom to admit you are wrong whenever you know you are.
79. Look at other people and realize they are people just like you – with their own hopes, dreams, fears and struggles.
80. Accept that there will always be someone richer, smarter, and more X….than you.
81. Think about whose life you wish you had and resolve to stop that.
82. Narrow down your to-do list for the week to a maximum five accomplishments.
83. Consider the realistic worst-case scenario and accept it.
84. Say to yourself, “I am having the thought….” Wait for a thought. Repeat.
85. Resolve to stop trying to fix other people.
86. Admit you care what others think about you.
87. Decide to say no to the person that takes advantage of you.
88. Make a plan to protect your heart from hurt.
89. Decide to make others earn your trust, period.
90. Write a list of every problem you are currently worrying about. Then, filter out the ones that aren’t really your responsibility.
91. Hydrate (dehydration causes stress).

And there you go!

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