Getting Unstuck: Seven Extraordinary Methods


Do you wish you had better ways of getting unstuck?

A lot of us subconsciously hold to the misconception that we should never be stuck in the first place.

So, when we inevitably break our routine or get stuck with a low mood, we double the trouble by assuming that it shouldn’t be happening. Nonsense.

We all get stuck. This isn’t the issue. The question is, how do you get unstuck? Do you have the right tools for you? If you need some extraordinary tools for getting unstuck on a bad day, read on…

1. Track the stuckness backwards

Trace your train of thoughts back to the last time you felt resourceful, then use that awareness to get unstuck.

For example: You are feeling down and lethargic, unmotivated to do anything. You begin to think about the last time you felt good. This morning, right before you heard the news that gas prices were rising again, you felt OK.

With the bad news, you began telling yourself that you will never be able to go on a road trip again, that this ruins everything, and so on. Talking to yourself in a very discouraging tone creates very discouraging feelings.

You realize what’s been going on and STOP speaking to yourself this way. Soon, your mood lifts a bit!

2. Connect with a friend that can help you get unstuck

Reach out to someone you trust and consider a resource. The key here is not to complain or burden the other person. Just tell them you feel stuck and why then listen to their feedback. Ask them what they would do if they were in your situation. We all have great advice to give. Just feeling heard often helps. Connection with others is so important. We can be stuck just because we lack connection.

3. Give yourself permission to be stuck!

Sometimes being stuck is unavoidable. It just needs to play out all on its own. Take this time to rest and ease up on yourself. Careful with this one, though! Taken too far, it can lead to self-indulgence.

The principle here is that giving yourself a break may be just what you need. If you are too hard on yourself, setting yourself up with impossible expectations, you are bound to feel stuck. Relax and take it easy – even for a day. There is a great chance things will work out naturally, with no added effort.

4. Remember a powerful and productive moment

This is one of the classic NLP drills. To get unstuck, remember a time when you felt really resourceful – then step back into that time within yourself. See what you saw, hear what you heard and feel what you felt at the time. You cannot do this full without changing your inner state.

When you feel your state change, then it is important to act on it! Getting unstuck requires a combination of changing your state, supported by action. Start a snowball moving in a different direction…

5. Imagine a time in the future

Give yourself permission to be inspired by the future. Of course, the more positive and realistic the future seems to you, the better. Let your mind be free for a few minutes to dream about your plans coming to fruition. Imagine achieving your goals and how getting past stuck moments are part of the process.

If this is motivating to you, then get moving!

6. Take your mind off autopilot

It turns out that autopilot thinking is related to the brain’s Default Mode Network (DMN). Turning off the DMN is possible through a certain kind of awareness practice. Here is a great way to turn off your autopilot thinking and take control of your thoughts:

Write down every thought going through your head until your thoughts die down a little – don’t censor yourself! Just write your stream of consciousness. Then, once your thoughts slow down, tune into some white noise. The sound of a fan, the refrigerator, or distant traffic will do. Just tune in and listen.

Did you feel yourself settle after 10-15 seconds of listening to pure white noise? Now, write down what you need to do to get unstuck and get moving again.

If you find that this method has potential for you, then you MUST get the Tame the DMN program!

7. Go ahead and throw a fit

If all else fails, let your emotions out! You MUST, however, do this in a totally responsible way, never infringing upon another person’s space or making a nuisance of yourself.

So, hop on your bed or the couch, lie down and kick and scream. Let it out and get your psychic energy moving! It will absolutely change your state. There are some great psychotherapies based on this kind of activity – and for good reason. Go ahead, if you dare!

What are your best ideas for how to get unstuck? Share them in the comments…

iNLP Center Staff
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