Learn How to Control Your Thoughts with NLP

Learn How to Control Your Thoughts with NLP

How we see, experience, and understand the world is very subjective. Are we living in a copied world or a true world? This question is one of the most important questions we have to look at, analyze, and work to understand in order to move through life’s situations easily. Learn how to control your thoughts with NLP.

First of all, I would like to differentiate between the true world and the copied world. The true world is the real world around us. It is what we can see with our eyes. However, it doesn’t represent what we are. This where NLP and the True World meet.

We think that we are living in the true world while we actually live in the copied world.

Emanuel Kant spoke of the true world and the copied world and how the teachings of Ludwig Wittgenstein came to emphasize Kant’s point of view. Before Emanuel Kant, the perception was that if we interpreted and expressed things as they are, then we are accepting the interpretations as truth. And, if we interpreted things differently than how they are, then we could accept and call the interpretations false. In short, if it meets our inner belief we accept it as truth and if not, we consider it false.

Kant’s argument was that it was impossible to accept the things in the external world as they are. Kant changed this perception to the subject of our cognition (the world of appearance). It was revolutionary to change the things in the external world to the subject of our recognition as the criteria of the truth; this is called Kant’s Copernican revolution.

Kant held the belief that objects in the world conform to our knowledge. This means that the mind is the main creator of the perceived world, not the outside objects determining the truth.
Therefore, the external world is nothing more than a mirror of what we think about. And what we see in most of the cases, is the reflection of what’s going on in our mind. If we have positive thoughts we will perceive the external world in a completely different way than if we have negative thoughts.

The secret here is the thoughts.

Thoughts are what make some people happy and others upset and dissatisfied. When you can learn how to control your thoughts with NLP you will be able to create your happiness. In my opinion, this is one of the most important advantages of Kant’s theory. It is the foundation of the studies that followed which proved that we are responsible for all our circumstances. Our thoughts determine our actions and reactions in the external world.

Ludwig Wittgenstein was one of the best philosophers in the 20th century. He is the founder of the “Linguistic Turn”. He changed philosophy based on ‘reason’ into philosophy based on ‘language’. How language related to the world, and what the limits of language were, and what this all meant for the philosophers, had a huge impact.

Ludwig Wittgenstein proposed that language is formatted based upon the social context as much as on the logical analysis.

Based on the teachings of both Emanuel Kant and Ludwig Wittgenstein, and by connecting these teachings to the new discoveries of science and how the brain functions, we can now see it very clear that both men were referring to the belief system but using different words and different approaches.

Kant proposed that what we think about we see, which ultimately is our belief system. Wittgenstein proposed that our internal world is expressed by the language we use.

Putting both concepts together can help us analyze how others perceive the world. I call this the Dominant Language, which is the results of the Dominant Thoughts. This means that we can easily analyze our thoughts by watching our language. In my opinion, we can achieve a new level of thought control by analyzing our language. This is what NLP was based on at the very beginning- That our language affects our thoughts and vice versa, and that by controlling one of them the other will change dramatically. When you can learn how to control your thoughts with NLP, you will have an awareness that can positively impact your whole life.

Learn How to Control Your Thoughts with NLP

Can you describe your world in one word or in one sentence and write it down? I urge you to read it what you wrote, analyzing it very carefully to be sure that what you have written is actually expressing your dominant thoughts.

I want you to now read what you have written once more; ask yourself what you were doing the last three hours before writing this word or sentence. If you were doing different activities in the last three hours, how would your description differ?

Now think about how you can link your language to your experiences and thoughts, with having the awareness that they affect and are affected by each other.  How would this change your daily life?

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Nabil El Hady
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