Simple Experiment Reveals Secret to Happiness

If you miss this short video, you’re missing out on one of the greatest secrets to happiness. You’ll get it in the first 30 seconds.

Then, watch the experiment unfold until you get to the climactic results. Go ahead….



It’s your turn, now. What’s stopping you?

It would take you just a few minutes to complete this experiment for yourself. As I watched the video, of course, I realized that I could do this. I resisted. I justified not doing it.

Then, I did it!

Amazing results on a day that would have been like any other day.

Here’s a few issues that might be getting in your way if you’re not jumping on the phone.

1. You don’t want to make yourself vulnerable.

It does require some vulnerability – or humility to do this. Not everyone is good at that. However, just doing this will go along way toward developing the practice and skill of vulnerability.

2. You’re ego is in the way.

So, you’re proud. You don’t want to confess the profound impact that someone else has had on your life. Get over yourself. This type of ego is antithetical to happiness.

3. You actually believe you are self-made.

You might think that nobody has done anything for you, period. Think again. Someone has.

4. It would be too odd for others to hear something like this coming from you.

So what? You’ve had a personal breakthrough and are acting on it. I don’t think they will mind!

5. Others will expect this kind of thing from you more often.

So what? Give it to them. And you will begin to get something in return. This could turn into a cycle of happiness?

6. You’re a hopeless self-sabotager.

So what? I am, too. That makes it even more important to jump on opportunities like this.

Just do it.

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