End Self-Sabotage with The A-H-A Solution

Finally, a Program to End Self-Sabotage!

end self-sabotage

The A-H-A Solution a unique personal change program that allows you, at last, to end self-sabotage. If you saw yourself at all in the introductory video, then the AHA Solution will change your life.

With this 100% online, immediate access program, you get the tools to:

• Free yourself from negative thoughts and feelings
• Gain fresh insights and AHA moments
• Greatly raise your self-awareness and expand your consciousness
• Increase your personal power and self-esteem
• Make the changes that have always been “impossible”
• Experience a new sense of discipline and freedom
• Feel more control, acceptance and fulfillment
• Have choice where you typically experience no choice
• Renew your self-confidence
• Decide what you want and just do it!

Life becomes so simple when you get out of your own way. Students in our AHA Solution course consistently get the above results.

Here’s what you get:

• 13 Videos that educate you about the attachment types and provide real life examples and solutions.

• 12 Attachment Styles and the specific solution for each one (Four types under each of the three categories, Control, Deprivation and Rejection).

• Self-Assessment Worksheet to discover which of the 12 attachment types apply to you and, specifically, how to let them go.

• AHA Solution Worksheet which helps you discover new choices for moving beyond your attachment.

All the Tools you need to apply this unique knowledge and method of growth in your life.

Immediate online access.

What people are saying about the A-H-A Solution:

Client Testimonials…

How come I have never heard of this? It’s amazing!

Suddenly, my whole world makes sense.

The A-H-A Solution was the answer I never expected. Thank you Mike and Hope!

You can’t find this information anywhere else in the world of psychology and personal growth. This is a truly unique contribution.

They say insight heals. I’ve always been skeptical of that because it never worked for me. With this program I learned that the RIGHT insight heals.

I lost that last 20 pounds. Enough said!

Never realized how I was setting myself up for rejection over and over. With the help of Mike and Hope’s program, I have been able to stop doing that. It has raised my level of self-respect.

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