Inner Dynamics – The Life Coaching Model Based on Subpersonalities

Inner Dynamics is the coaching model offered exclusively at the iNLP Center in our Mental Health Coach Training. This is an advanced training with requires enrollment in our Mental Health Coach Certification Track.

By inner dynamics, we mean: How you relate to various parts of your personality and the role these parts play in your daily experience and behavior.

How our inner parts or subpersonalities relate to each other and get triggered is a major factor in how we think, feel, and behave. The fact that each part of us wants something different often creates inner conflict. How many times do we mull over decisions and think, “There’s a part of me that wants to do this, but another part that’s not so sure?”

While one of those parts may ultimately win the debate, we are unaware of the influence this interaction has on us during and after the decision-making process. When the root cause isn’t identified, any progress made in changing our behaviors or tackling emotional baggage may repeatedly hit roadblocks or suffer setbacks. This is because we typically attempt to treat the whole self instead of dealing directly with the part or parts responsible for perpetuating the issue.

If a dentist were to treat your terrible toothache by simply numbing your entire mouth and sending you home, that medicine would eventually wear off and you would hurt again. Instead, coaches who practice Inner Dynamics are like dentists who fill the cavity, restore the tooth, and make your entire mouth feel better in the process.

Inner Dynamics work reveals all parts of ourselves through direct communication. The process begins by identifying specific parts that, once triggered, ‘hijack’ our minds, such that we begin to act out their script. This hijacking part creates chronic stress or self-sabotaging behaviors, which is eliminated once we engage and heal the part in need.

Parts work is highly experiential and engages all VAK modalities to see, feel, and listen to a troubled part, as well as the related cast of inner characters that show up during the process. We learn so much about ourselves, bringing awareness to an amazing inner world that astonishingly few people discover.

As we continue to move through emerging parts and peel back our internal layers, we go deeper, eventually reaching our Core Self. We know we have reached this sacred space of the Core Self when we are at last fully present, mindful, curious, and appreciative.

Training in Inner Dynamics Makes you a Better Life Coach

Mental Health Coach students embark on the same personal journey through which they will ultimately guide clients. These coaches are a unique and courageous group of advanced practitioners who have delved deep into their own psyche, found and embraced the Core Self, and healed their most troubled parts.

This ability to easily access the Core enables Mental Health Coaches to guide their clients from a truly mindful, compassionate, curious and observational place, which makes for a more rewarding experience for the coach and uncommon results for clients.

The iNLP Center programs for life coaches prepare coaches for learning the Inner Dynamics model by providing a solid foundation in the models and approaches, NLP language patterns, and VAK modalities, required for this deeper type of work.

How Clients Benefit from the Inner Dynamics Model

Just like that nagging toothache that won’t go away, clients often seek out life coaches to help them address issues that have long plagued them or perhaps when previous approaches have failed to stick. They want answers and long-term relief. Inner Dynamics is the perfect solution for powerful and lasting transformation to occur.

Inner Dynamics allows the coach to take a surgical approach to helping clients by going directly to the source of their issue. The experiential nature of the work brings more immediate impact and awareness, generating significant “AHA” moments and relief early on in the coaching process.

As each part is addressed, the client’s overall state calms, which helps with overall stress. As individual parts are healed, the client feels a growing sense of well-being and personal power. And as each layer unfolds within the whole self, the insights generated for the client are cumulative and ongoing, many times spilling over like a waterfall.

The Inner Dynamics process is generally so enlightening and powerful that clients – and coaches alike – often want to continue the exploration – leading to fulfilling, long-term coaching relationships.

To learn more about how you can become a Mental Health Coach and use the Inner Dynamics model, visit our Mental Health Coach Certification page.

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