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Free Hypnosis for Weight Loss | The Ultimate Guide (Plus FREE Weight Loss .mp3)

hypnosis for weight loss

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Hypnosis for weight loss.
It’s a viable option for several reasons:

• Hypnosis has a proven track record for weight loss (see references below).
• Hypnosis for weight loss is widely accessible.
• You can also effectively use self-hypnosis for weight loss.

This post will serve as a detailed guide to applying hypnosis for weight loss, including:

  • The reasons weight loss is so difficult and why hypnosis for weight loss is viable
  • Research citations proving the efficacy of hypnosis for weight loss
  • The four critical rules for choosing a hypnosis practitioner who is worth the investment
  • Separating hypnosis myths from reality
  • A free hypnosis for weight loss .mp3 you can download and use immediately

Everything is free. Nothing for sale in this post.

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The Problem: Losing Weight is Extraordinarily Difficult

Accept the inevitable rainstorms in advance. Be prepared to dance. After all, some people spend their entire lives battling obesity. The reasons excess weight doesn’t just fall off are multi-faceted.

Many tough weight loss obstacles are psychological, such as:

  • Depending on food to medicate painful emotions
  • Compulsively eating to fill an inner void
  • Being raised (trained) to perceive food as a reward
  • Being raised among obese people
  • Using fat as a protective emotional shield
  • Using your weight to make you unattractive to the opposite sex
  • Losing weight does not necessarily make you happier, according to research

Some reasons for long-term obesity are physiological:

  • Your body wanting to maintain your current weight as a set point
  • Insulin resistance that produces wild sugar cravings
  • Side effects of many pharmaceutical medications
  • Thyroid and hormonal deficiencies and imbalances

For most of us, the combination of physical and psychological factors puts weight loss goals out of reach, even though the short and long-term consequences are disastrous. Is using hypnosis for weight loss still a viable alternative? Yes.

Even with long-standing weight loss challenges, hypnosis is scientifically proven effective for weight loss.

You can read one study here.

This study involved 60 women that qualified as obese. They were divided into a group who received hypnosis with audio tapes, one who received hypnosis without those tapes and then a control group. They were evaluated at one and six months after the treatment was applied. The result showed a statistically significant result with those groups who received the treatment versus those in the control group at both points of evaluation. The hypnotherapy groups did not show a difference from each other. The results were enough to lead researchers to conclude that hypnosis does hold value as a treatment for obesity.

It should also be noted that hypnosis has also been scientifically proven to alter brain connectivity.

Yes, it can feel like your brain is not cooperating with your weight loss efforts. And that’s probably true, which is why this next hypnosis study is relevant.


Another study on hypnosis measured brain connectivity (related to pain perception) and proved the hypnotic state has dramatic effects. This evidence should provide hope that a regular hypnotic practice can bring about positive changes in brain chemistry and function.

This study was interesting in that it was building upon previous studies that have shown hypnosis decreases awareness of pain. They took that knowledge and then, using PET scans, were able to reliably demonstrate that this was not because of a decreased connectivity in the brain, but an increased level of connectivity in the midcingulate cortex, some subcortical structures, and a large neural network, all of which are involved in the regulation of pain.

Separating Hypnosis Weight Loss Myths from Reality

As a long-time hypnosis practitioner, I’ve fielded a lot of strange inquiries from potential clients.

Can you make me forget what I did so I don’t believe I’m lying about it?
Is it possible to help my husband stop smoking by hypnotizing me?
Will my extra weight fall off without my having to change my diet?
I need to make six figures right away. Can you make that happen?
I’d like to be able to pick the winning horse at the races more often.

True inquiries. I wish I could accommodate, but the real benefit of hypnosis does not come from a magic spell that works in spite of you. Hypnosis for weight loss is not magic. When it works as it should, hypnosis makes it much easier to do what you need to lose weight. You can stick to your healthy diet, avoid temptations, and feel more motivated to exercise.

But you still need to follow through. It’s still up to you. Hypnosis can be a marvelous weight loss tool in your belt, but not a quick fix that requires no added effort on your part. The good news? You will enjoy the effort with the help of an effective hypnosis protocol. That’s what makes all the difference!


Hypnosis can also help you overcome the psychological – and sometimes physical – obstacles to weight loss.

For example, in the free hypnosis .mp3 file at the end of this post, you’ll have a chance to experience the deep inner healing that can occur when you going into a professionally guided hypnotic trance.

Bottom line: hypnosis for weight loss is not a magic cure that requires nothing more. It does make your efforts easier and more enjoyable. Hypnosis can make weight loss possible where it may have never been possible before.

Interested in trying hypnosis for weight loss? You have several options. You can go the classic route by finding a local, walk-in practitioner. Use good judgment if you go this route. Not every hypnotherapist is highly skilled or even ethical. It’s like any other profession.

The guidelines below will help you find one of the good practitioners.

The Four Critical Rules for Choosing a Hypnosis Practitioner Worth the Investment

You may go by whichever criteria you want while choosing a hypnosis practitioner, but be sure to use these rules as well. If you follow these, you can’t go wrong.

1. No snake oil. You don’t want to work with someone who sells magic for a living. The ‘no effort required’ and I’ll fix this for you’ people. No, you want someone who believes in the power of hypnosis, is encouraging and optimistic but also lives in reality.

2. Competitive pricing. Check around to see what hypnotherapists charge in your area. Your chosen practitioner should be right in there. Why? There are those who charge exorbitant fees – not because they are more skilled than others; it’s a greed and ego thing for these practitioners. They think they are special. You might be tempted to think so, too. They’re not. Don’t fall for it.

3. Take your time, do the research. Consider finding someone to trust as a project. It might take a while. Talk to practitioners on the phone. Take advantage of free consults. Read reviews. You’re searching for someone to play an important role in your life. Take it seriously. No rash decisions.

4. You should always feel safe and respected. If a particular hypnosis practitioner gives you the willies, get out. Don’t overlook red flags as to character. Hypnotherapists are just people.

5. It needs to work. You should feel better, behave better and have more hope after every session. Again, not magic, but little by little improvements that you really notice. If after a couple of sessions you’re not noticing any difference, get out. Don’t fall for explanations like, “Your unconscious mind is preparing for big changes” and blah blah….

Stick to these rules and whichever additional criteria you have and you should do fine.

hypnosis for weight loss mp3

Your Free, Professionally Guided Hypnotic Weight Loss .mp3

The free .mp3 is our way of saying thank you for reading this article. It’s yours forever and we hope you benefit as much as we believe you will. The nice thing about it: No effort required. Just listen and relax.

I personally wrote the script and the guided induction is my own voice. This is a deep track, discovering and healing inner conflicts and self-sabotage issues related to your weight loss goals. If you’re having a hard time sticking to your weight loss plan, you don’t want to ignore the unconscious obstacles that hold back! At the end (about 10 minutes) you’ll be surprised at how much more at peace and motivated you’re feeling.

At the end (about 10 minutes) I think you’ll be surprised at how you feel. We’d love to learn how it works for you!

Free Hypnotic Weight Loss .mp3 Below

First, I’ll ask you to share this article on social media. Once you do, the hypnosis for weight loss .mp3 will appear. You’ll also be able to download it to your device if you want. We put a lot of time and effort into this induction and it really works, so I don’t feel bad for asking you to share it. Thank you!

Weight loss hypnosis .mp3 instructions:

Due to the theta binaural beats in the background (not the soothing music), you must listen to this with headphones or earbuds to get the full effect.

Now, you can click the orange play button (upper left) to listen in your browser, or you can download the file to your device by clicking on the small download arrow (upper right). You can also visit the Soundcloud page where this track is hosted. Find this track, then click on ‘more’ (under the track) then ‘download.’ Check your downloads folder!

FYI we cannot deliver the track to you any other way, unfortunately.

As you listen:

Don’t ‘try’ to do anything but listen and follow along. Don’t worry about doing it right.

If you mind drifts, that is good! No worries.

Make notes on how you feel or what you learned during the session.

Repeat the session often – you’ll go a little deeper and integrate a little more each time.

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