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Learn How to Lose Weight WITHOUT Counting Calories

Everyone would probably love to know how to lose weight without counting calories. Counting calories is not a long-term solution for weight loss. Nowadays, we all know what to eat, what hurts, and what is healthy and what isn’t, so the problem is not education but rather the fact that despite having so much knowledge, we are not able to apply the theoretical notions! Read on to learn a simple trick for how to lose weight without counting calories.

All nutritionists and researchers say that you need to eat fewer carbohydrates, eat less and better, avoid hydrogenated oils, drink water, and eat five portions of fruits and vegetables every day.

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Of course, nutritionists tell us that it is not necessary to count calories obsessively, but I am not saying that we should choose a qualitative diet where we eat 10lbs of meat a day! I have learned to change my proportions, and my clients are doing so easily too.

Before, there would be a main dish of spaghetti and a forgotten side dish of vegetables on my table, but now my main dish is the vegetables, and I put a few spoonfuls of macaroni around them!

Eating well will make you feel different without giving up anything you like!

Want to lose weight without counting calories? MAKE YOUR SIDE DISH YOUR MAIN DISH

Here are a few examples of how to lose weight without counting calories:

Every time you are hungry, choose two foods you want:
Did you choose ham and bread?
A steak and a piece of cheese?
A mix of fruit and ice cream?

Whatever you chose without restrictions, I believe you will not desire everything in your fridge, but if you listen to your stomach, it only desires one to two things at a time.

Choose the best things you have available at the restaurant, the bar, or the fridge and decide which one you prefer between the two you’ve chosen.
If you wanted ham with bread, make the healthy ham the main dish and the carb-filled bread the secondary dish. So, if in the past you would have taken three slices of bread and two of ham, now you can eat five slices of ham and two of bread.

It’s the same thing with ice cream:

If, until yesterday, you would have put four scoops of ice cream in a big cup or even have eaten the ice cream directly from the carton, perhaps adding a few strawberries on top, today you can experiment by filling your cup with fruit (topped with raw sugar and lemon) and then melting a scoop of ice cream over it, to make your fruit extra-delicious!

Make your dishes spectacular. You want to like what you see.
Imagine if we only compared a dish of boiled spinach and chocolate ice cream in our mind. We would naturally choose the ice cream.
But if we start cooking spinach, stir-fried with pine nuts and raisins and extra-virgin olive oil with some spices as well as some crisp toast… well, our salivation glands are activated, and all our senses are involved for the best choice!

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