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This post is hypnosis weight loss script I wrote for clients to help you pursue weight loss with all your heart and end self-sabotage.

The text is below in italics. You’ll also be able to download a .pdf file to print out just the hypnosis script. Additionally, you can download

You’ll also be able to download a .pdf file to print out just the hypnosis script. Additionally, you can download the .mp3 file to listen to the recorded version  – a hypnotic induction, mixed with soothing music and theta binaural beats.

Not bad for free, huh?

How to Use the Hypnosis Weight Loss Script Below

You listen to the .mp3 once a day to relax and allow the hypnotic induction to work on you. It’s loaded with positive suggestions for weight loss and diet.

As far as the written weight loss script, download the free .pdf and print it out. Read it regularly while in a relaxed atmosphere. Allow the words to sink in.

Does reading a hypnosis weight loss script have the same effect as listening?

I think listening with eyes closed is more passive and relaxing than reading. However, just reading the script when you can’t listen is better than nothing – a backup plan. Essentially, you want the message to be processed within your mind. Reading is one way to embed the message – and the unconscious meaning.

What’s different about this hypnotic weight loss script?

It’s loaded with positive suggestions that steer your unconscious mind toward healthy weight loss decisions. Every word – and every tonal shift – was carefully planned and executed for maximum impact.

Best of all, this weight loss script doesn’t just throw positive suggestions at you, it also addresses the negative, self-sabotaging parts of you that have no interest in losing weight.

Most of the time you cannot just command these rebellious parts to behave. They don’t care. And you know it, right? These aspects of our personalities come out at certain times – and we stop caring about diet, exercise, and health.

Ah screw it, I can eat what I want!

And so on. You can find 1000 excuses to break your diet plan, and you will, if you don’t address the parts of you who don’t care. End the vicious cycle so you can stick with your plan, once and for all!

Our hypnosis weight loss script compassionately integrates these attitudes to bring about lasting healing. This is unique. And it really works. After each reading or listening session, you will feel the inner healing take place, which will naturally motivate you to take better care of yourself.

Here is the text of the hypnosis weight loss script:

And here we are….

Please make yourself comfortable…settle in…and don’t worry about how deeply you relax and enter into a trance…you don’t even have to try. In fact, trying too hard to relax may prevent you from going deeper into yourself, where your unconscious mind is waiting with answers that will heal you.

So…just listen, as there are important reasons why you’re here today, aren’t there?

And take a deep breath…..and another…and continue to notice your slow and steady breathing…paying close attention to the feeling of your chest rising and falling….allowing it to rise….almost on it’s own…and feel that positive air pressure…. with the incoming breath and…as you release the air…..letting it to slowly escape on it’s own….notice your chest relaxing and releasing pressure as the air escapes.

You can even imagine the air being a certain, healing color as it enters and leaves your body, leading you further into a deeply relaxed state, not because you’re forcing it to happen? Because deep relaxation happens all by itself, does it not?….when you allow it to happen. When you give into the relaxation and ease of simply being where you are right now.

As you continue to enjoy a state of relaxation…..you can become aware of your desire to lose weight. You may have been seeking for solutions for some time. You’re tired and frustrated with yourself…how difficult it’s been…….you may not have even believed it possible to lose weight. Still, there’s a strong desire within you to be healthy and fit and comfortable in your body. You want to lose weight, and it’s time to heal the part of you that doesn’t want to lose weight.

That’s right…the part of you that doesn’t want to lose weight….that may even want…or insist… on sabotaging your efforts to be healthy….this is a powerful part of you that you’ve been wishing would simply go away and leave you in peace.

Yet, this part of you doesn’t listen, does it? It has a mind of it’s own…it’s own agenda that you now have the opportunity to reconcile within yourself so you can move on, slowly and steadily and successfully arriving at your ideal weight.

And that part of you may be rebelling against your goal, right? Even if you’re not aware right now of seeing, hearing or feeling something on the inside that represents the rebellion. That protest…that part of you who insists on sabotaging your weight loss… will show up. Maybe late at night, maybe in a moment of weakness or laziness or temptation or self-indulgence….this inner weight loss saboteur is lurking in the background, waiting to strike.

And you can face that part of you now…..not as an enemy…not as a victim….but as a long, lost friend. This part of you is the part of you that is hurt, outcast and rejected….rejected by others….rejected by you…..and now is the time to heal. Isn’t it time to extend a healing hand to yourself. Is now not the moment to make peace within yourself?

Allow this to happen…..you can say to this part of you what you’ve always wanted to hear. Allow those words to sink in as you say hear them: I’m sorry you’re hurt. You’ve been hurt by others. You’ve been ignored by me. I’ve wished you would just disappear and now I know that’s not fair to you.  It’s time to heal…and I’d like to you to feel loved….included in my life. I’d like to be here for you and ask that you support me as well. Let’s work together. Let’s end this war. We can make peace. It’s up to us and no one else, isn’t it?

Imagine making peace with yourself, right now…and feeling a healing energy passing through your body that touches all parts of you….bringing together your strengths and resources, healing your weaknesses and bridging the divide that’s been in your soul, keeping you from wholly embracing your healthiest sense of self.

You get to be a whole person…a genuine and integrated human being, with all your strengths accessible to all parts of yourself.

And you can feel proud of yourself – and mature – and motivated by your courage to face yourself and begin a healing process that doesn’t end with this session, but continues on it’s own, showing up in your thoughts and feelings…and your dreams…with even more healing benefits that may surprise you.

And you’ll soon discover all parts of you aligning toward your healthiest sense of self….physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Healthy food will taste wonderful. Unhealthy food will taste fake and empty and lifeless. You’ll be motivated to move your body and invite a vibrant feeling of overall well-being and fitness. And when you feel the temptation to go off course, to sabotage your weight loss, you’ll feel an immediate sense of compassion for yourself, make peace on the inside and remain strong on the outside.

Weight loss, in this way, will come naturally.

Now….take your time…allowing what you’ve learned in this session to integrate into your being….and when you choose to return your attention to the room you’re in, you’ll feel relaxed, awake and full of hope.

Here is the .pdf version of the hypnosis weight loss script above.


Weight loss hypnosis .mp3 instructions:

Due to the theta binaural beats in the background (not the soothing music), you must listen to this with headphones or earbuds to get the full effect.

Click the orange play button (upper left) to listen in your browser. Or, download the file to your device by clicking on the small download arrow (upper right). You can also visit the Soundcloud page where this track is hosted. Find this track, then click on ‘more’ (under the track) then ‘download.’ Check your downloads folder!

FYI we cannot deliver the track to you any other way, unfortunately.

As you listen:

Don’t ‘try’ to do anything but listen and follow along. Don’t worry about doing it right.

If you mind drifts, that is good! No worries.

Make notes on how you feel or what you learned during the session.

Repeat the session often – you’ll go a little deeper and integrate a little more each time.

Thanks for checking out our hypnosis weight loss script!

iNLP Center Staff
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