NLP Practitioner & Life Coach Website Design at iNLP Center

Ready to move forward with your business?

iNLP Center offers NLP Practitioner and Life Coach Website Design. Based on your niche, our expert design team will build your custom website or enhance your existing site. For those new to website ownership, we assist you in registering your domain and setting up your hosting. We provide feedback on content, suggest what content to include for the best results, and provide training so you can edit and manage your website. This is a website that you own independently and control over for life.

Here’s what’s included with your website:

  • Initial web site consultation with our designer – i.e., layout, colors, functionality options.
  • Domain name and hosting purchase assistance. 
(you will pay for your own domain registration and hosting package- we provide a link to a very affordable option)
  • Installation of WordPress theme on domain.
  • Customization of site colors using CSS coding to match company branding and font selection.
  • Layout of up to five pages
  • Install and configure 4 basic plugins. 
Common examples include: Social media icon integration plugin, data backup plugin, basic WordPress site security plugin, and newsletter plugin for use with blogs/comments, appointment plugin, form plugin, etc.
  • Basic editing of client provided images; cropping, sizing, color adjustments as needed.
  • On-page SEO optimization.
  • Two rounds of edits after initial web site is completed.
  • WordPress training videos for blogging and editing your site.
  • One hour support via email or phone after site is approved.

What is the cost?

Our Custom Coach Website package is available individually here.

You can also purchase our Business Building System, which includes your Custom Coach Website, Digital Marketing Training, and our Client Windfall System.

When will my website be ready?

Your website will be ready in two weeks after receiving your content. Then, we teach you how to edit and add to your website with a one-on-one meeting and you are ready to go! Of course, we are always around to answer any questions you might have.

What if I already have a domain and hosting?

We can work with whatever domain and hosting you already have. Just let us know prior to purchase and we can help you out.

What if I already have a website?

If you already have your NLP Practitioner or Life Coach Website up and running and aren’t particularly happy with it, we can either offer suggestions for it, or we can convert your current site to a more user-friendly WordPress site if it is not already using that platform. Changing up the design and moving it to a more search-friendly platform can make a big difference in how your are seen as a professional and by the Google searchbots. We will suggest marketing changes you, or we, can make to take your site to the next level!

How do I get started?

  1. Simply purchase either a Custom Coach Website or Business Building System, and the directions on how to get started and when to schedule your meetings with us are listed in the course directions.

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