Our Online Learning Process

NLP Training Online Process


You can enroll in our training center by purchasing a course. There are “Enroll Now” links at the bottom of the training program pages to enroll in a course by either paying in full or choosing a payment plan. Once you checkout, your course will be added to your Student Dashboard and you will have immediate access to your training material as well as directions on how to participate in the live sessions and complete your courses. We also have New Student Orientations each week to help you get started.

Training Platform

Upon purchase you will have access to your Student Dashboard.  Everything you need is located in your Student Dashboard. You’ll find your courses, calendar, trainer contacts, coaching buddies, and other account information you will need to complete your courses.

Course Training Components

Online coursework

Your training materials are located in your Student Dashboard. You’ll work through each module – reading, listening, watching in and doing. As you learn each model, technique, and skill, you will be practicing what you learning in a series of offline activities

The activities are labeled Psyche Builders, Stealth Missions, and Coaching Exercises. They require you to either work on your own, with a volunteer (friend, family, co-worker, other students), or to simply observe others. Once you complete each exercise, you will prepare a report (template provided) to submit online for grading.

Live Training Sessions

You have the ability to attend live sessions with our certified trainers via Zoom. All courses, except the Personal Development Program, include live training sessions. Each training has its own live session requirement.

Our live sessions are held in our online Zoom classrooms which you can access easily from your Student Dashboard. We offer over 40 live sessions per week in a variety of times, 7-day per week. You simply “pop in” to attend a class as needed. See more details and our calendar.

Reciprocal Peer Coaching

We provide unlimited reciprocal coaching through our Coaching Buddies and Practice Partners programs. This is included with all our trainings (aside from the Personal Development Program). These practice hours count as paid coaching hours for ICF credentialing and as a way to practice the new skills you are learning.


You’ll receive feedback from your trainer on your reports , coaching demonstrations, as well as full access to your trainers during the live sessions and via email.


We assess you based on your course activities. We do not have tests or exams. You are required to earn specific scores on your responses to your offline activities. For most trainings, you will also be submitting demonstration audios for evaluation. All activities and responses can be redone and as needed to pass.


Digital certificates are included and awarded upon successful completion of a training. They are formatted to be printed out nicely by you.

Lifetime Access

You will continue to have lifetime access to your course materials and live sessions even after you complete your training.

Getting Help

At any point that you are unsure of how to navigate the site or work on a module, you can click on the tab at the bottom right of the screen that says, “Questions?”  If we are online, we can chat with you. If we are offline, you can leave a question or message, and we will respond as quickly as possible. You can also call us at (951) 428-4264.

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