The Top 10 Reasons to Choose iNLP Center

The World’s Leader in Accredited Online NLP Coach Training

1. Our Training Content is Comprehensive, yet Easy to Grasp

Even though our training is quite comprehensive, the way we present our content is clear and easy-to-follow. This is the number one piece of feedback we get from students. When you’re practicing and learning NLP, you simply must break the concepts down into easily understood pieces. We do that for you, perhaps better than anyone. Additionally, the way you’ll learn is based on a two-fold approach to personal development and coaching which allows you to apply the material to yourself before applying it to others.

I took NLP Practitioner and Master with a popular training center. I thought the material was amazing, but now I know why it didn’t work that well for me. I am very impressed by how you have taken the material and broken it down and organized it so well. I am trying to encourage NLP to a few friends who are well-meaning young therapists frustrated by ineffective sessions. Now, I have a place to show them an outline of what the skills are, at a reasonable price to learn them. – Gail from Chicago.”

2. iNLP Life Coach & NLP Training Center Features Unlimited Live Training Sessions & Lifetime Course Access

Enjoy the convenience of online training AND the benefits of working in a live training environment! We give you both. All our certification training includes unlimited, live training sessions scheduled throughout each week, taught by certified iNLP Center trainers. The training sessions take place in our virtual classrooms which include video and audio to allow for full student participation. You’ll get to interact with other students, participate in demonstrations, and ask as many questions as you like about what you are learning! What’s really awesome is our lifetime course access. You can review your course material and even attend live sessions after you graduate!

In addition to our many weekly live training sessions, you will also have access to our support team whenever you need us. Whether you choose to attend the live sessions or not, you’ll still be interacting at regular intervals with your course trainers, who will make sure you understand the concepts, techniques, and applications as you. The iNLP Center is a full-time, fully staffed, and successful Life Coach and NLP training center. We are available via phone, email, Skype, and through our Live Chat…forever!

3. Affordability

There’s no catch! If you’ve done some research, you know by now that iNLP Center tuition is significantly lower than the competition. We’ve been able to make our courses very affordable, without sacrificing quality or student support. This is due to a wide range of in-house skill sets and our commitment to spreading the value of NLP. Additionally, because there are no on-site location costs, we are able to provide online, live training for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. This allows us to deliver exceptional NLP training to students in economically-challenged countries, or just on a tight budget, who would otherwise not be able to afford high-quality NLP training. Our life coach and NLP training center staff is committed to making your NLP experience life-changing and effective. We love NLP and what to share it with anyone who has a passion for learning!

4. No Worries, Money-Back Guarantee

It just keeps getting better! Not sure if our online NLP training center is for you? To ease your anxiety, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. We won’t drag out the process with refund forms that take up your seven days! Just send us an email, and we’ll take care of the rest. (Read our FAQ’s page for details.)

5. Convenience

You don’t have to wait for in-person training. Enroll now and start anytime! There is no start date or expiration date for our courses. Our learning center is always open for you to access your course. You can work from a computer, tablet, or even your smartphone from wherever you are! We have also scheduled our many live training sessions throughout each week so you can pick and choose times that fit into your schedule. (Attendance of online training sessions is optional for NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner Certification.)

6. Skills Integration

Why settle for learning NLP in a classroom, far away from your everyday life, and then try to implement the skills after you go home? With iNLP Center, you aren’t merely learning the NLP models and techniques. With our exclusive and time-tested “stealth missions” and “psyche builders” throughout each module, you will be applying NLP to your life and reaping the benefits immediately. No other NLP training center in the world offers these simple and unique activities that infuse NLP concepts into your real, day-to-day life. Suddenly, your life will become the classroom- this is the most effective way!

7. Community

Even though we are primarily an “online school,” we offer quite a few ways to get more involved. You can take advantage of our live, online classroom sessions, our “Work Together” group inside the iNLP e-learning platform, our student Facebook group, and our weekly school-wide webinars. Our goal is to provide the support you need to be successful without charging you a yearly membership fee to be part of our “Inner Circle.” As an iNLP Center student or graduate, you are always part of our NLP training center circle.

8. Third-Party Accreditation

You can enroll at iNLP Center with confidence because we’ve been reviewed by multiple third-party organizations. The International NLP Association (INA), International Coach Federation (ICF), and the Center for Credentialing and Education have reviewed and approved our course material. When you enroll at iNLP, you know you’re getting top quality, professional learning material. Additionally, if you are looking for CEU’s or CEE’s, we include them free of charge.

9. User-Friendly Interface

Log into your Student Dashboard, and there’s your course! Click through the units, listen to audios, watch videos, and complete the assignments and interesting missions. Then, report on your assignments online. It’s really that easy! Want more, just click a link to access an online classroom to attend a virtual live training with our trainers to participate and learn more about the techniques and models you’re learning! Even if you’re new to e-learning, you’ll find this system very user-friendly. Plus, if you have a problem, we are here to help you get back to learning quickly. No robo-trainers here!

10. No Extra Charges or Upsells for Certification!

No bait and switch! At iNLP Center, if you enroll in a course, you get that course, period. We aren’t selling a portion of that course, then trying to sell you the rest of it after you’re “hooked”. Plus, all our trainings include your accredited certificate upon successful completion. We even pay the postage!

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