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Unbelievable! NLP and Hypnosis Scams some Slime Balls Now Claim

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A friend sent me a link a few days ago to the latest and greatest NLP and hypnosis scam.

Now, I am used to hype in the NLP world, which is why our motto at the iNLP Center is “NLP without the Hype“. (Actually, this is why we originally founded iNLP Center)

Essentially, unethical NLP trainers and hypnosis “masters” want you to think they are God and can teach you to do things that you will never be able to do (neither can they).

You get caught in the hype, give them your hard earned money, and naively attend the seminar. A week later, the only thing you have gained is an emptier wallet and (hopefully) a wiser radar for scams.

I’ve written before about the disgusting lies some NLP trainers tell to get your money. This dark side of NLP is something that anyone interested in NLP training needs to watch out for.

This latest NLP and hypnosis scam is so over the top that I just had to share it with you.

Note: I am NOT linking to their scammy site, but the words here are verbatim.

I made some comments below each claim in (parentheses).

Discover The Secret To Causing People To Commit Acts Against Their Will…Violating Their Moral Code…Through the Power Of The Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis

(Huh? You are going to train us to force people to violate their moral code? Who are you? Satan?)

Join us and Discover…The Truth about Hypnosis…what Milton Erickson got wrong

(This is so laughable that Milton is not bothering to turn over in his grave.)

Why you should ONLY be put into a trance by someone you trust…this could save your life.”

(And I suppose YOU people are the ones to be trusted?)

The #1 secret to getting people to commit acts against their will.
The skills and strategies that will turn someone into your very own HYPNO-SPY…giving you complete control over their mind and body.

(Ah…hypno-spies. Why didn’t you say so? My last hypno-spy broke, so I guess I’d better learn better tactics for programming my slaves. Sign me up! I’ll build an army, takeover the world. Or perhaps I’ll just titillate myself with delusions of grandeur. Either way, I’m happy!)

I repeat. I did not make this stuff up. People, right now, are selling expensive seminars to teach you how to do this. Of course, THEY don’t know how to do it, but they obviously believe they can fool you into giving them your money.

At best, they will follow up with a dog and pony show that is nothing but smoke and mirrors. At worst, they will disappear and no such seminar will ever take place and you will never see your money again.

If you are interested in this type of training – if it has appeal to you, I invite you to get off my email list and never return to my website.

We have zero tolerance for greedy, power hungry fools and the iNLP Center. Their scams have compromised the field of legitimate NLP and hypnosis.

I can hear your questions: Wait, are these things possible? Can this really be done?

Yes, you can persuade people to violate their values, but it does not require hypnosis. Ever heard of peer pressure, blackmail and bribery? There are a thousand ways to get people to do what they think is wrong and if you want to focus your energy in that direction – go elsewhere.

Yes, you can brainwash people into doing your will. Ever heard of cults? Jim Jones?

Of course, victims of cult tactics offer up their will and make themselves vulnerable. They participate. When you have a willing participant, it doesn’t require hypnosis to persuade them.

I’ve always want to show up at one of these seminars and say, “Here I am. Hypnotize me to do your will, violate my own values and become your slave. Go ahead…”

That would be fun. The guru would sweat bricks. Of course, they would never choose me as a demonstration subject. Neither would a stage hypnotist.

Stay away from NLP scams. If you are considering NLP training, call your would-be trainer and get a sense of who he is as a person. See if he will tell you the truth and help you learn real skills for your own ethical purpose. I would suggest you only train with centers that are accredited by the International NLP Association because of their strict ethical guidelines.

By the way, if you have desires for unlimited power, then you should really look at the underlying and pervasive sense of helplessness that you have buried. That’s your opportunity for healing and happiness.

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