How to Make Better Decisions using the NLP Decision Making Strategy

nlp decision making strategyRead to find out how the NLP Decision Making Strategy can help you make the right choice every time…

I’ll tell you a fact about me and buying cars. I’m really bad at it.

I get caught up in the moment and forget about practical reality. Of course, this is exactly what the salespeople are looking for and, embarrassingly, I’m like a fish on a hook.

I have owned 18 different cars since I was 16 years old. That is a different car every couple years! After about a year, I get bored with the car, or I realize it doesn’t meet my needs because I didn’t give consideration to what my needs really were at the time of purchase. I love cars but I’m just too impulsive! Because of this, I am not allowed to car shop anymore without a plan.

A few months ago I set out to purchase a car, once again. I narrowed down the search to a few options and my husband and I went to the dealerships. After the first dealership, I started expanding my choices and going up in price. You know how it is; you see one car and then they try to up sell you. So, your budget creeps up a little and at the next dealership, you start with the new budget and creep up some more. Finally, you end up at a BMW dealership and it’s all over!

When I realized what was happening, I blew off the salesman and walked out. I got back in my car and decided I just don’t make good decisions when it comes to cars and I want this pattern to stop. My husband and I talked and decided to employ the NLP Decision Making Strategy.

The NLP decision making strategy incorporates the NLP concept called VAK.

VAK stands for Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic (touch). When we implement these three senses into our decisions, we tend to make better decisions. Let me tell you how I did this.

My husband asked me the first thing I do when I make a decision about cars. I told him that I look at the car. How it appears is my first consideration. (Visual)

Then, he asked what the second thing is. I said, how the engine sounds when I drive it. Hence, why I love sports cars, especially BMW’s! (Auditory)

Finally, he asked if there was anything Kinesthetic, or feeling oriented, that happens.

I thought about this and couldn’t come up with anything. I don’t think about how the steering wheel feels or the texture of the leather on the seats. Nothing. I also don’t consider how I will feel about this car after a few months.

So, my husband had me think of a way I could bring the Kinesthetic mode into the decision-making process. I came up with a piece of paper with a list of requirements on it. This would be something I could hold onto and carry with me.

I made my list. My list had everything that would have to be checked if I were to buy the car.

At the next three dealerships we went to, I held onto my list. I physically carried it with me. If a particular car didn’t meet the requirements on the list, I walked out. This was particularly hard at the Lexus dealership, but I walked away. It felt good to do that. I felt more grounded to have the list in my hand.

It took longer than usual, but I finally found the right car that met each requirement. I love my car! And the feeling has lasted this time.

The idea of having this list that I hold and follow probably sounds so obvious to you, but often the most obvious things don’t occur to us in the areas where we struggle.

We all have areas that cause us to make poor decisions. It can be eating, arguing, motivation or in any big area we have to make a difficult decision. The NLP idea is that if we incorporate VAK into our decision making process, we may be able to make better decisions because we are more integrated in our thinking.

NLP Decision Making Strategy is just one of many NLP techniques and skills included in our NLP training and certification. Click here for a list of what’s covered in our programs or to find out more.

Hope Bundrant
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