How Effective Communication Skills Attract the Two Most Treasured Rewards in Life

Effective Communication Skills. It doesn’t take much imagination to realize that a person with no effective communication skills would fail at life. In fact, without effective communication skills, you wouldn’t survive. On the flip side, the more sophisticated your communication skills, the more successful you may become. And with the most effective communications skills of all, you are a shoe in for life’s top two rewards.

According to a 10-year, 10,000 response survey conducted by Jake Eagle of Green Psychology, the top two priorities in life for most people are: 1) make money (especially since 2008) and 2) enter into a romantic relationship or improve an existing romantic relationship.

Money and love! That’s what we want. And the results are consistent with Maslow’s hierarchy. First, meet basic needs for survival and viability and then create a sense of belonging. Once you feel satisfied that you have food, clothing and shelter, then you begin to look for love and companionship to bring a little pleasure and joy to life.

You cannot accomplish either of the above without effective communication skills. It also follows that the more effective communications skills you have, the better you will be at procuring life’s treasures. How do effective communication skills get you more love or money? Read the following, concrete examples of how one NLP student used communication to create the opportunity of a lifetime.

Effective Communication Skills Yield More Money

Case Study – Josh. For years Josh was passed over for a promotion to sales manager, where he would get an override on his team’s commission in addition to his own. In spite of flourishing sales due to technical expertise in the product line, he couldn’t secure the good graces of his division vice president. In an environment where office politics ruled the day, Josh didn’t know how build rapport with the top dog.

Then he began studying NLP. Josh learned to that people communicate in patterns. If you learn someone’s pattern, you can match it, creating a greater connection and compatibility. The VP’s pattern was auditory. He loved the sound of his own baritone voice and to engage others in conversation. Through this highly verbal process, the man in charge learned to trust his subordinates. Josh wasn’t much for conversation or hearing the sound of people’s voices. He preferred a cool, quiet environment where he could maintain contact with his inner drive to succeed (a kinesthetic preference). This was the big AHA.

Armed with new skills and information, Josh devised a plan to build trust. When the VP was in the office, Josh made himself available for longer conversations, more questions and, to his delight, began to enjoy all the talk, talk, talk that he used to consider a waste of time. He even began to use auditory words that make more sense to people who rely heavily on the auditory modality, as opposed to visual or kinesthetic modes of communication. Funny how things change. What was once a waste of time was now his top priority for career advancement.

Over a six-month period of time, Josh not only built a solid relationship with the VP, but also maintained rapport with his sales manager, who couldn’t help but notice what was going on. With his personal sales also on the rise, Josh was offered the opportunity of a lifetime, a sales manager position in a brand new division, one created to handle high volume accounts. Within 12 months of learning NLP and more effective communication skills, his income doubled. And he never faced greater career opportunity.

Effective Communication Skills Build Flexibility and Influence

Josh’s story is a dramatic example of what is possible. Think about it. What if you could connect with more people, understand what motivates them, and communicate with them in a way that inspires them? What if you could make yourself ten times more valuable because you are that much more flexible and influential.

The possibilities are endless, and they begin with effective communication skills.

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