Advanced Interpersonal Skills – A World Waiting to Be Born

Advanced Interpersonal Skills: A World Waiting to Be Born

interpersonal skillsEven the brightest among us are surprised when they discover the hidden world of advanced interpersonal skills. In fact, it can be overwhelming to discover the sheer breadth and depth of skills that are available. This article will highlight some of what is possible and how to get started learning the most sophisticated communication skills developed to date.

Interpersonal Skills: The First Step
The first step to developing world-class interpersonal skills is to become intentional. This simple decision will increase your awareness and bring to life the natural skills you already have. Some contend that this is all you really need to do. Be intentional in all that you say, do and communicate and watch your effectiveness expand.

Building your Repertoire
After choosing to become intentional, most people realize, however, they’d like to have more skill. When you begin to communicate on purpose, you want to do it well. For example:

  • Are you choosing to be vague or specific in your verbal communication? When and where is it most effective to be vague or specific? When should you NEVER be vague or specific and how can you speak more vaguely or specifically on purpose?
  • Are you motivated toward what you want or away from what you don’t want? Do you make decisions based on your wants and needs or your perception of others wants and needs? When and where is it most effective to do one or the other? What about the people you communicate with? Can you tell what motivates them?
  • Do you experience love when people do something for you, say something to you, or touch you? What about your partner?
  • Can you tell what encourages others to be more open with you, communicating in pictures, sounds or feelings?

And we are merely scratching the surface.

Managing Your Influence
Once you tap into the unseen world of interpersonal skills, your influence within yourself and among people begins to expand in ways you never thought possible. It’s like discovering missing pieces to life’s puzzle. Suddenly your world begins to make a lot more sense and, perhaps more importantly, you gain unprecedented control over the life that you create. Some other benefits of becoming a master of interpersonal skills include:

  • Gaining rapport easily with nearly anyone, without the need to manipulate
  • Greater natural influence within yourself and among people
  • Uncommon leadership skills
  • Enhanced intimacy
  • Inner harmony, mental clarity and peace of mind
  • More income (it goes up in proportion to your communication skills)
  • Unwavering confidence
  • A pervasive sense of personal empowerment and effectiveness

In our view, Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the finest interpersonal skills model ever developed. It will change your life. In fact, it would be impossible for NLP to do less than that if you take a little time to learn it. The advanced interpersonal skills you haven’t learned yet are a world waiting to be born. Are you ready for it?

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