This Simple Shift in Perspective Melts Your Worries

Imagine this bizarre scenario: You suddenly lose your ability to worry about anything in the future. .

Time to celebrate?

Not exactly. If you couldn’t worry about anything, you would absolutely tend to cross streets without looking! Worry can be a good thing. And you will never lose the ability, thankfully.

Chronic worry when there is no danger, however, is another matter. It seems our minds can take this basic good thing – worry – and exaggerate it until we feel nice and tortured. You could be worried about:

Losing your job when there’s no evidence that you will.
A child getting sick when the child is actually very healthy.
Your partner cheating when you partner shows no signs of disloyalty.
Failing to achieve a goal when you clearly have to ability to accomplish it.

These kinds of worry really do plague normal people.

So, here’s a quick and easy NLP tip to slash your worry.

It’s from our NLP training. We’ve noticed that students in our online school are finding it very helpful. It’s called the As-If Frame. This As-If Frame relies on what Einstein valued more than knowledge: Imagination. Just follow these four steps.

1. The very first thing to do is to focus on a positive outcome and project it at least six months into the future. If you have a goal, then see yourself having already accomplished that goal a few months down the road. Simple, right?

If you’re worried about losing your job, see yourself succeeding at your job in the future. If you’re worried about your child’s health, then see yourself with your child in a healthy state. And so on.

2. Next, take an imaginary ride to that point in the future. It’s easy. Just pretend you’ve time-traveled. You’re at that point in the future and all is well. Things turned out!

3. Now for the really helpful part: Imagine “looking back” to the present day and seeing how you did it. Notice what you did along the way, specifically, and how you avoided the pitfalls.

4. Now, come back to the present, keeping this future perspective in tact.


You should end up with more self-confidence and less worry if you do the As-If Frame.

One student in our online school said the following after doing the As-If Frame (non-edited):

Currently I need to get my daughter a car. This is causing me stress, as financially I am uncertain how I will manifest it. The car is very exciting to her and will benefit our family by reducing the time I spend driving. I chose a time of three months ahead as this is my goal.

As I looked back from the future I thought to myself, why were you so worried, you know you create everything in your life. The months leading to get to the car did not seem as stressful as we envisioned them to be. She was able to use my car and everything worked out perfectly.

Going into the future several years we remember getting the car and have forgotten the inconvenience of having her drive my car for a few months. In looking back from the future, I feel proud of myself for accomplishing this goal.

Looking at my present problems, I realize that they are not as big as they appear. Overtime they will be solved and most of them forgotten.

I am learning that changing perspective and altering time creates confidence and reassurance with handling situations.

So there you go! Another small NLP victory. Do this great little As-If-Frame experiment. And do it right now. Let us know what happens.

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If you thoroughly do the above technique and remain worried, then your worry might be the result of a deeper, self-sabotaging scenario. You should watch this free video to learn how self-sabotage works and how to stop it.

iNLP Center Staff
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