Your Score of 21-50% and What it Means

Thank you for taking our Rejection Quiz!

You scored in the 21-50% range. What does this mean?

This is a mid-range score. It means you have some strong personal attributes, as well as room for improvement in establishing self-confidence in key areas.

You are likely conflicted – even if mildly – about your relationships with others and perhaps struggle with setting clear boundaries.

Learning to recognize how self-sabotage sets you up for rejection will lead to significant self-growth. Given the progress  you’ve made thus far in life, you are well-equipped to see things about yourself that you have never seen before.

It will be very helpful for you to learn how the rejection attachment creates self-sabotage. Watch the free video mentioned in the form below to learn how the rejection attachment works. In the video you’ll also discover two additional categories of negative psychological attachment.



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