The Best Weight Loss Program: Lose Weight Without Dieting!

Make Peace With Food Through this Revolutionary Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

Having had the problem of being overweight for many years, I can attest first-hand how diets take away confidence in our food-management skills and how the discomfort of being overweight is crippling and pervasive in everyday life. Like you, I was looking for a weight loss program that worked for me once and for all!

Through my weight loss program, it can be done, it has been done, and I am excited and eager to support you finding your own way to do it!

The purpose of this coaching program is to help you overcome the obstacles and challenges of dealing with and managing your relationship with food by creating a life of relief, freedom, and well-being.

I will help you build a strategy to eat differently, create and strengthen new behaviors, implement motivating strategies and work towards your desired weight loss goals by modeling success. The skills you will learn are necessary to build a foundation for food management, no matter what emotions you experience in everyday life.

In this weight loss program, with my personal coaching you will…

  • Learn how to eat vs. what to eat
  • Feel more confident with your body
  • Forget the sense of guilt and the nervous hunger
  • Visualize who you want to be
  • Manage your emotions without food support
  • Change your internal dialogue
  • Ask useful questions
  • Model who have already found success
  • Desire fewer unhealthy foods
  • Forget old habits by installing new ones

When you enter this weight loss program, you need food to manage boredom, fatigue, anger, disappointment, often compensating for emotions and feeling out of control. When you explore this coaching program, you are able to manage meals in the respect of the person you want to be, having a new style of wellness. This can change the direction of your whole life!

My “Lose Weight Without Dieting” Program Includes:

Rossella Tocco
Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Coach & iNLP Center Italy Director

6 coaching sessions with Rossella Tocco!

12 weeks of lesson plans – new topics each week!

• Email support between sessions

Personalized help and support integrating your new habits!

Program Price: $599 USD

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Client Testimonials:

“I lost 57 lbs.! Before this weight loss program, I had never tried to lose weight. I knew that normal diets were not for me. There was a lot of resistance, by the simple word “diet” I was panicking. However, I found it very easy to follow the mindset exercises in this program. Rossella was there when I needed the support of a person who could encourage me in times of crisis. I found myself at ease and I acquired the right mentality to reach my goal.”

“I started my weight loss path with some perplexity and so much fear! After pregnancy and several problems, I could no longer follow a diet: I tried but I just couldn’t do it! I had learned to EAT THE PROBLEMS. BUT, MY PROBLEMS WERE EATING ME. Working on my inner difficulties with Rossella, I was rediscovering my positive aspects, my creativity, optimism, and radiance! I’ve lost 28 pounds so far. Now I’m living lean, naturally!

“After the sadness and the sacrifice of so many diets, I thought I could no longer wear a nice dress or go to the beach … Instead, thanks to Rossella’s weight loss program, support, and sensitivity, yesterday I wore my beachwear with confidence, after losing 20 pounds after making peace with food. I’m on a great path of inner growth and still traveling. Thank you!”

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