A Simple Way to Use NLP to Motivate Clients

A Simple Way to Use NLP to Motivate Clients

Of course you understand that your prospects need to be properly motivated before they will buy something from you. Knowing this, however, is virtually useless unless you know how to use NLP to motivate clients.

You’ve got to understand how to motivate them so that you can position your product in a way that appeals to them. This means you’d better know how they are naturally motivated. And you can’t ask them…

Can you imagine asking your sales client, “How are you naturally motivated?”

Chances are you’ll get a blank stare in return, followed by a suspicious attitude. Nope, your job is to discover for yourself how your client is naturally motivated, then position your product (assuming you can do so ethically) in the path of that motivation. Then, you’re more likely to get the sale.

In other words, you need a motivation model that you can apply quickly and effectively while you are communicating with potential clients. This is where NLP sales training comes in handy.

nlp to motivate clientsHere is one very simple and effective model of how to use NLP to motivate clients.

People are motivated in one of two ways:

1. Toward something they want.
2. Away from something they don’t want.

Simple, right?

• Your finance client is either motivated toward wealth or away from poverty.

• Your medical client is motivated toward health or away from pain and disease.

• Your real estate client is motivated toward the pleasure of ownership or away from the pain of renting.

How can you determine a client’s motivation. Listen to them with toward/away motivation in mind. They will telegraph their motivation style if you’re paying attention.

I need to lose weight because I don’t want to get diabetes. (Away motivation)
I need to lose weight because I want more energy. (Toward motivation)

I want to buy a home because I am sick of having a landlord). (Away)
I want to buy a home to feel in charge of my own destiny. (Toward)

I want to save for retirement so I am not dependent upon my children. (Away)
I want to save for retirement so I can do what I want with my time. (Toward)

Now, pitch your product to either help them move away from what they don’t want (diabetes, landlord, dependency) or toward what they want (energy, being in charge, doing what they want).

Make sense?

When you’re speaking your client’s motivational language, your product or service will be perceived as the solution in your client’s mind. This is using NLP to motivate clients.

Now, if you can’t actually meet their wants and needs, but make the pitch anyway, then you’re a scammer. Don’t scam people. Sell them what they want and need – and do it well.

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A Simple Way to Use NLP to Motivate Clients