Online NLP Practitioner Certification PLUS

brochure-pages-tallOur Online NLP Certification PLUS is a unique, INA accredited blended learning experience.

This comprehensive NLP training uses our world-class online materials (listed below) plus six (6) one-on-one sessions conducted over Skype with a certified iNLP Center trainer.

The PLUS training is the right choice for you if you prefer to work with some personal guidance, at your own pace and want to keep your budget in mind.

Our online NLP training & certification modules come with 12 practitioner manuals, 77 audio & 17 video demonstrations.

Another benefit of the online NLP Practitioner Certification PLUS is that you get to work at your own speed, on your own time and schedule six private sessions at just the right points in the course for you.

What’s Different about our Online NLP Practitioner Certification PLUS?

We teach NLP in the way it was developed, as an exploration of subjective experience. Although we understand the steps to every NLP technique, we believe the techniques are the weakest part of NLP.

The real value NLP has to offer is the perspective, fluidity, and structural way of viewing others and the world. See the world through NLP filters and a new universe is born before your eyes. Through our NLP Practitioner Certification online, the way you see the world will change.

How our PLUS program differs from our traditional Online NLP Training

Our traditional online training is a self-paced learning experience that does not include any private sessions via Skype or phone. With the PLUS training, you get valuable, live training time to use at your discretion. Scheduling training appointments is easy and done directly with your assigned trainer, whom you will have access to throughout the course.

How our PLUS program differs from our One-on-One NLP Training
Our One-on-One NLP training includes (15) 45-minute private sessions with a trainer via Skype or phone. It combines both module & technique instruction, life coaching, and is 100% customized to your personal or professional purposes.

The one-on-one training is intended for people who want a less structured program that still includes direct one on one training.

You get to choose which modules & techniques you would like to cover in each session, or use the time for life coaching and personal growth. (We can also provide suggestions for when to schedule your sessions throughout the course).

iNLP Center training gives you complete online access to our coursework or you can download the course to work offline. All you do is enroll and you will be redirected to the NLP course page and get to work!

Our 12-Module NLP Practitioner Training & Certification includes:

• 17 Demonstration Videos
• 77 Audio Files
• 12 Downloadable Workbooks
• 21-day Plan to Increase your Sensory Awareness and Non-verbal Communication Skills
• Psyche Builders, Stealth Missions and special exercises to boost your skills and make the program exciting to complete.
•  Our world-renown, 6-course Personal Development Program.
• Eight private live training sessions scheduled at your convenience.
• Best of all, our customer service is second to none.

Online NLP Practitioner Certification PLUS course outline:

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• Module 1: Introduction to NLP & The Deeper Dynamics of Change
• Module 2: Intro to VAK Model & Eye Accessing Cues
• Module 3: Non-Verbal Communication and Rapport
• Module 4: Accessing States, Anchoring, Anchor Collapse, Dissociation, New Behavior Generator
• Module 5: Introduction to Strategies, Decision Strategies, Motivation Strategies
• Module 6: The Meta Model
• Module 7: Exploring Submodalities, Making Something Important, Submodality Interventions, The Map Across, The Swish Pattern, Fast Phobia Cure
• Module 8: The Milton Model, As If Frame, Process Instructions Exercise
• Module 9: Outcome Specification, A Formula for Manifesting
• Module 10: Perceptual Positions
• Module 11: Reframing, Context Reframing, Other Frames, Six Step Reframing
• Module 12: Intro to Timeline, Programming Your Future

How does the Online NLP Certification PLUS training work?

You have access to your courses 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You can work on your certification when you have the time, at your own pace. But, you also get private access to our trainers when you want or need a deeper learning experience. As with all our programs, you’ll enjoy lifetime access to refresh your skills as needed!

Once enrolled, you will be redirected to our online course page where you will have full access to our NLP courses, as well be directed to contact us, when you’re ready, to schedule your six 1-on-1 sessions. Plus, you also get access to our bonus personal development courses.  On this page, you have the option to work online or download the material to work offline.

For each module you will 1) download the workbook, 2) listen to the audio and watch the videos as the workbook directs, 3) complete psyche builders and stealth missions and 4) report on your exercises, via email, through short essay questions. We provide feedback on your answers to make sure you understand the material. At any point during your training, you can schedule your private training sessions by contacting your trainer.

sample-inlp-certificateOnce you have completed all 12 modules, your printed NLP practitioner certificate will be signed and mailed to your physical address by US Mail, for no additional fee. Or, you can request an electronic version be emailed to you. Your certificate displays the seal of the International NLP Association.

It’s that simple!




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