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NLP Sales Techniques – Ask the Right Questions!

Sales techniques are a dime a dozen. However, the secret of how to make more sales begins with creating the right plan. You must know specifically what you need to do. You’ll need to create your plan in a systematic way.This article below will set you up for success.

If your asking yourself how to make more money? You may want to consider these NLP techniques for sales But first, you may want to reconsider the question. Here’s why.

The question, “How can I make more sales?” is too vague.

The quality of questions we ask determines the quality of life we live. And this is a perfect example.

When you have a general outcome in mind, such as making more sales, you need to ask more specific questions that will lead to the outcome. This is what an effective salesperson does with clients, right? When selling, your questions are designed to lead your client down a very specific path.

Asking ‘choice’ questions is an example.

A ‘choice’ question is one where you present a choice of options to your client, instead of just a yes or no question. Each choice you present in your choice question will lead them to an outcome that you have determined. Your client will tend to pick one of the options you present. Which one? That’s up to them. In asking a choice question, you have predetermined that any option they choose will lead to making the sale.

How does this relate to us?

We should also use the right questions for ourselves as we seek ways to increase sales!

The very first step to making more sales is predetermining exactly where we want to end up. Get specific! Asking a vague question such as “How can I make more sales?” ultimately fails, as there are too many potential answers. Too many options create a burden of choice.

If you’re wondering how you can make more sales, getting specific means knowing exactly how much money you want to make. If you want more income, what is that number, specifically? Once you have this predetermined outcome, then you begin asking yourself specific questions that will lead to that outcome.
The next question should be…

“Why, specifically, do I want this amount of money?”

It is important to fall in love and marry your WHY’s. This gives you the raw motivation to put in the necessary work to make more sales. If your ‘why’ isn’t strong enough, then you run a high risk of falling back down to where you began.

To make your ‘why’ easier to understand, use this common NLP method.

Step into the end result in your mind’s eye. See, hear and feel what your life will be like once you achieve your goal (write it down in detail). If this doesn’t excite you and shift your state, then keep modifying the outcome and adjust this image until it does.

Now it’s time for the ‘How’

What would have to happen?

• Would you have to close at a higher percentage?
• Increase the size of your average sale?
• See a higher volume of clients?
• Raise the qualification standards for the clients you meet?

You’ve got to know specifically what must happen in order to make more sales.

Make a list of ideas. Narrow it down to the top 3 to 5 ideas that will generate the most sales in the shortest period of time.

Take the top 2 or 3 ideas and ask yourself this question for each one:

What are the specific things I must do to make this happen?

Example: Increase my closing percentage

• I need to become proficient in overcoming objections
• I need to become proficient in the art of influence
• I need to create better questioning techniques
• I need to learn how to become better at asking for the sale.

You now have your specific list of what you must do to increase your closing ratio. Unfortunately, these areas aren’t going to magically implement themselves. You’ll need to grow and develop your sales skills.

What’s your plan of action? What are the action steps to achieving these ‘must do’s’?

Let’s use the example of ‘Becoming proficient in overcoming objections’

• I can write down all the objections I receive on a day-to-day basis and practice diligently.
• I can read a specific book or study a specific subject.
• I can attend a seminar.
• I can complete a course.

After you have a list of the action steps, prioritize and follow them. What action step could you take right NOW that will lead you to proficiency in that area?

The level of action you take will determine your outcome. You need to treat your sales career as your business; the responsibility of your income is all yours!
The last question you have to ask is – “Is the desired outcome worth the effort and sacrifice it takes to achieve it?”

If you hesitate or say no, then your ‘Predetermined outcome’ and your ‘Why’ are not in alignment or compelling enough. You will need to revisit them and adjust accordingly. If your answer is a resounding YES, then its time to get to work.

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