NLP Accessing States Video with Mike Bundrant

NLP Accessing States is an NLP model that can help you become a more powerful individual.

NLP Accessing States is a way to be more intentional in each area of your life. It allows you be prepared for any situation that may present itself. It’s a surprisingly quick and simple technique to learn. It takes about only thirty minutes to learn in our Online NLP Practitioner Training.

In this video Mike Bundrant describes what NLP Accessing States is, how to use NLP Accessing States, and how learning the NLP Accessing States model can benefit you.

When you learn how to accessing states you will be able to choose your state of mind whenever needed, allowing you to be more powerful in any challenging or difficult situation. In the iNLP Center online NLP Practitioner Training, you will learn many ways to access your desired state.

NLP Accessing StatesWith NLP Accessing States, there are many different ways to access various states of mind.

As an example, if you desire an excited state of mind, one way to access that state is to remember a memory when you felt excited. Think about what you were hearing at that time, what you were looking at, and what you were feeling emotionally. This will bring forth a feeling of excitement in the present moment.

That was just one way to access states. There are many other ways as well, if that wasn’t your preferred way. The other ways are described in our online NLP Practitioner training where you practice the NLP Accessing States model with other students, friends or a trainer.

Each type of state comes with benefits.

If you want to increase your confidence, ease your anxiety in a time of stress, or boost your focus and productivity in your life, Accessing States is a must to learn! Being able to access a specific state of mind prior to an event will help you get the results you desire or need.

Due to a preconceived state of mind, you’ll be able to move forward with ease as needed. You will experience a mental preparedness that may have been difficult to experience or which you have never experienced before.

Hope Bundrant