Tame the DMN

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  1. larry

    I have gone over this material three different times and I sure I’ll go back over it dozens more. Tame the DMN has helped me in ways I didn’t know I needed. I have been very stressed about my current situation and this course has helped me get unstuck and move forward productively.

  2. TomNicolle

    I started this module some time ago and now am getting back to it. I recall the exercises and will also have to go over this a number of times. I find the concepts unnatural in a way but I believe it is because they are new and will take getting use to with practice.

  3. Jonathan Blair

    This is really great content and practice – it’s pinging associations left and right with different methodologies I’ve come across, but integrates them nicely. There is the latest Neuroscience around stressor activations causing function in the Amygdala to spike, leading to flight/fight/freeze responses in the one experiencing the stress, and activating the adrenal response. In order to transcend that response, we can use these techniques to enter the present moment as in one pointed meditation practice (A narrow focus of sensory state – Visual External Narrow for example), because the flight or fight response is based in anxiety/fear which is a future attentive state. Then into mindfulness/zen practice (Broad external sensory state) that elicits a trance like state and helps the unconscious to re-sort the information accordingly.

    Mapping across to this DMN taming technique:
    Fight = Expanded Persona, Flight = Contracted persona → Amygdala spike
    Narrow sensory focus = one pointed meditation → Cognitive function
    Broad sensory awareness = true mindfulness/zen meditation → Cognitive awareness

    There’s more – it’s fascinating how it all aligns!

  4. Marina Sell Schinemann

    This Unit makes neuroscience taught in an easy way, very practical. I’m already using it myself and with my clients.

  5. Aline Vannucci

    Yes. Stress is a physical symptom not a root cause of problems, the stressor in which challenge sometimes become out of control and it causes the so called fight or flight reaction, so the límbico System activates the body’s resistance to threat the distribution of the neuro chemical and hormones creating a series of other events. How fantastic to know I can use NLP in the way to help to default the process. I have tried and works!!! Great, great, great material!!!

  6. Shari Lueck

    Does anybody know how to download this? I would like to save it to refer back to.

  7. Amanda Johns

    These techniques are helpful to create a better response to current situations in my life. I feel that when I take the time to sit still and hear my heart, I change the world within me and that’s how I shift my view of the world around me.


    This is a great tool for relieving anxiety. This year has had so many variables. I am going to be playing with this to get me through the rest of the year. Thank you!

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