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The Best Way to Build Mental Flexibility: VAK and the 12 States of Attention [VIDEO]

Mental flexibility is a huge psychological advantage, yet most people do not set goals to become more flexible. However, setting a goal to become more psychologically flexible could change your life in more ways than you might imagine. What if you never got stuck?

Not getting stuck does not mean everything in life goes exactly as you wish. It just means that when life isn’t going your way, you don’t get stuck. For most of it, not getting stuck makes a world of difference. Would knowing you couldn’t get stuck help your confidence and follow through? Mental flexibility leads to more options, greater creativity, and follow-through. Getting stuck all the time is disheartening and exhausting.

Mental flexibility is a fundamental aspect of psychological health. Mental health is more than a mindset. It’s the mindset that enables other mindsets. You need it.

What does mental flexibility mean?

Cognitive flexibility is the ability to change your mindset at will in order to adapt to change, especially unexpected change. Can you think of areas in your life in which you’d benefit from greater mental flexibility? For example:

  • When plans suddenly change, how well do you adapt?
  • When new people come into your life at home or work, how quickly do you accept them?
  • When something unfortunate happens, how well do you handle it, making the best of a difficult situation?
  • How well do you get along with the variety of people in group settings?

Everyone loves a flexible person.

It goes without saying that we all love to be around open-minded, flexible people. But do we enjoy being flexible ourselves? Do we even know how? The good news today is that becoming mentally flexible is interesting and fun. And when you use tools that work, you can see the difference right away.

The following video is an abbreviated life coaching webinar from the iNLP Center. It’s based on NLP or neuro-linguistic programming, which is sometimes considered the how-to of life coaching. The ultra-practical skills offered by NLP are unlike any other personal development tools in that they’re based on unconscious phenomena. Merely learning the model will reveal elements of yourself that you never realized were there.

So, watch!

Learn the 12 States of Attention to Build Mental Flexibility

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