How To Make Money as an NLP Trainer

Become an NLP Trainer!
Students of iNLP Center have four ways to make make money as an NLP Trainer.

make money as an NLP TrainerYou love NLP and want to teach everyone! But, how do you make money as an NLP Trainer? If you would like to make money as an NLP Trainer, you can do it easily at iNLP Center. Our certified Trainers are able to make money four different ways.

To become an iNLP Center Certified Trainer, you must first complete our Online NLP Practitioner Training and Online Master Practitioner Training. Then, you can either attend one of our Small Group NLP Trainer Trainings or enroll in a One-on-One NLP Trainer’s Training. You can also enroll in our complete NLP Trainer’s Track from the beginning, which includes our online NLP Practitioner training, NLP Master Practitioner Training, NLP Life Coach Training and our private NLP Trainer’s Training. Choosing the right option for you really depends on what your goals for learning and teaching NLP are.

Two Trainer’s Training Options:

Our Small Group NLP Trainer’s Training is in an online classroom format. It meets weekly for 1.5 hours over three months. It is a scheduled two times per year and has no more then ten students.

Our One-on-One NLP Trainer’s Training is a private, custom training focused on helping you develop a custom NLP practitioner or NLP hybrid training (such as business NLP training, sports NLP training, etc. program).

Four Ways You Can Make Money as an NLP Trainer:

• Hybrid Training

The most popular and simplest way our iNLP Certified Trainers make money is by using our blended training model. Here’s how it works…

Example: A client comes to you and would like to learn NLP. You provide them a package with six private training sessions and our online NLP Practitioner training. You charge them $1200.

You then set up their user account in our system and request an invoice from us for the NLP Practitioner training. We send you an invoice for 75% of the course fee ($374.25) which you pay. Once paid, we enroll them in our NLP Plus Training.

You then go over how to use the online training and meet with them six times throughout the training to teach them the material. You have the option of grading their online essays or having us do it. Then, when they have completed the training we issue their certificate with your signature and ours.

Your profit using this scenario would be:
$1200 – $374.25 = $825.75 ($137.62 per hour)

The above is only an example of how the process works. You can charge what you are comfortable with and the number of training sessions you would like to offer.

Additionally, you can receive a 25% commission on any online course or portion of the course that you refer whether you provide training or not.

• In-house Training

Upon completion of your Trainer’s Training, you are listed as an “Available Trainer” on our website. This means that when students choose a Plus or One-on-One NLP Practitioner Training, they have the opportunity to browse our available trainers and read your bio, then possibly chose you.

If chosen, you will receive $100 per 45-minute session. Each time you conduct a session, you notify us and we will issue your payment.

• Traditional Training

The traditional way to make money as an NLP trainer is to conduct a live Practitioner training and certify your own students using our material. You will learn the skills needed in our Trainer’s Training. (Some students prefer to work their way up to traditional NLP trainings by using the Hybrid model to get more comfortable teaching the material.)

Example: You have a small group of five clients that would like to become certified NLP Practitioners. You charge them $2500 each and plan a live ten-day training.

You notify us and pay a student certificate fee of $200 per student. In return, we provide you with an NLP practitioner training plan for a ten-day training and provide your students with an iNLP Center training manual (in English).

During the training, you will teach the material instead of using our audios and videos. Upon completion, we will send you your student’s certificates with our signature and yours.

Your profit using this scenario would be:
$2500 x 4 = $10,000 – $800= $9,200 ($920 per day)

• Integrative Training

This option is only available for student enrolled in our One-on-One Trainer’s Training or by booking additional training sessions, as it requires private training time to complete.

Another way to make money as an NLP trainer is to create a custom training which combines your niché with an NLP certification. This is called an Integrative NLP Training. Some examples are Yoga NLP Certification, NLP for Business Certification, NLP for Sports Coaching Certification. Your student will not receive a NLP Practitioner Certification, but a custom NLP certification such as our NLP Sales Practitioner Certification. You determine the title.

This type of training would not be an “NLP Practitioner Certification Training”. There would be no certification fee because you would not be using iNLP Center material and we would not be issuing a certificate. You will be creating new material for your own integrative training and issuing your own certificate.

This type of Integrative NLP Training can be delivered as a online course on your website or combined with what you are currently doing or want to be doing in a live setting.

We can not give you an example of the financial gain for Integrative Training because it’s based on the norm for custom trainings in your particular niché.

During your One-on-One Trainer’s Training, we help you create the outline and structure for your Integrative training. However, we do not assist in the writing or implementation of the course on your website.


For more information on how to make money as an NLP Trainer by learning more about our NLP certifications and course, please contact us at (951) 428-4264 or email us. We would love to talk to you!

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