Should you Learn NLP?

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Should you Learn NLP? It’s a fair question. It was never meant for everyone to learn NLP.

Is it for you? Here are some guidelines to help you sort it out. Read on with an open mind. This may save you some angst.

Get to know the trainer. The knowledge, experience and character of an NLP trainer makes or breaks an NLP training. Before you opt to spend hundreds or thousands on NLP training – and days or weeks of your life – figure out if the people in charge are really worth that kind of investment.

NLP has been around long enough – free and totally unregulated – that all manner of teachers have emerged. Buyer be warned. NLP is not worth learning from an incompetent teacher.

An effective NLP trainer not only knows the material, but has the life experience and practical wisdom to know when and where to use it and how it applies to a variety of situations. An NLP trainer with character also understands the limitations of NLP.

Understand your style. NLP is somewhat technical. It involves language patterns, non-verbal communication, structural thinking, mental strategies and so on. NLP is anything but fluffy. If you don’t do well digging into some details – if you’re not into applying new models and exploring subjective experience – you may find NLP tedious or confusing. Be prepared to use your brain if you want to learn NLP.

Do you like systems and protocols? At the entry level, NLP can seem overly systematic. It is full of techniques and protocols, models and steps. Many people don’t progress beyond the basics. They don’t get beyond the techniques and turn their NLP learning into more of an art form.

Sadly, NLP begins to get interesting where most people leave off. Yet this is they way of things, is it not? Around 1% of NLP students learn the art form. The rest stick with the protocols. Luckily, the protocols are very useful.

Learn NLP because you’re curious. This is where it’s at for me. Don’t learn NLP to solve your biggest problems, although you may do just that. Don’t learn it to become a better leader at work, even though this will probably happen. Don’t learn NLP with a fixed agenda.

Open your mind, get curious and learn NLP because you love to learn. This is where NLP shines because it goes where no other psychology is capable of going right into the heart of subjective experience.

About Mike Bundrant

Mike Bundrant is a retired psychotherapist, Master NLP trainer, and practicing life coach. He and his wife, Hope, founded iNLP Center in 2011. For information on coaching with Mike, please visit his coaching website AHA System.

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