iNLP Center Executive Coaching: Empowering Leaders from the Inside Out

According to the 2023 global leadership development study conducted by Harvard Business titled, Ready for Anything, “Leadership development has always been about preparing leaders for future challenges – what’s becoming less certain is what exactly those challenges will be. That’s why the ability of leaders at every level to recognize, assess, and react to changing conditions continues to grow in importance for creating competitive organizations.”

Pivoting due to changes in technology, resources, staffing, production challenges, sales targets or outreach goals can create increased pressure, increased stress levels and increased anxiety for those in leadership or management roles. Their ability to pivot successfully or unsuccessfully in a timely manner directly impacts their team and the overall organization.

To better equip themselves for both change and challenge, business leaders and executives at all levels are opting to hire executive coaches at higher rates than ever before. In the recent 2023 Global Coaching Study from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), 67% of coaches worldwide are serving clients in either an executive, leadership or business coaching relationship, which is 15% increase from 2019.

The iNLP Center is proudly meeting this challenge by providing certified executive coaching training that empowers the coach, both competently and confidently, to engage with C-Suite executives for positive solution-focused exploration between themselves and their teams.

Among the many unique features of this training curriculum is its foundation and support in neuro-linguistic programming or NLP. As defined by Hope Bundrant, founder of the iNLP Center, “NLP is a set of techniques that are used to improve communication, interpersonal relationships, and personal development. It is based on the idea that our thoughts, language, and behaviors are all connected. “

By changing one of these elements, we can change the others. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a set of skills that reveal the kind of communication that matters most – on the inside and out.”

With an intentional focus on Impact Areas for Success, the iNLP Center Executive Coach Training prepares coaches, while aligned with the ICF Core Competencies, to challenge and foster growth for their clients in:

1. High-Level Communication Skills.
Coaches will learn how to assess communication strengths and weaknesses between the executive client and their team.

2. Company Culture of Learning & Personal Development.
Coaches will learn how to support their executive client’s journey to nurturing the company culture that supports both the team as well as the organization. They will learn how to coach executive clients to role model the way to an expanded environment of personal development and growth for their team.

3. Productivity, Output, and Deliverables.
Coaches will learn how to deepen the awareness for their executive clients of where and why momentum for deliverables has decreased or will decrease in the future.

4. Congruence of Mission and Values.
Coaches will learn how to use assessments with their executive clients to spotlight incongruent actions, behaviors or habits of them and their team members. Coaches will learn how to coach their executive clients to lead the way to alignment.

5. Goal Setting and Future Visioning.
Coaches will learn how to coach their executive clients to envision their goals for themselves, their team and their organization through a bold and courageous lens.

6. Creativity and Problem Solving.
Coaches will learn how to coach their executive clients to encourage inspired creativity and problem-solving in their team for the organization.

7. Career Satisfaction and Support to Advance.
Coaches will learn how to coach their executive clients to create an environment that facilitates workplace satisfaction and room to grow in the organization.

8. Leadership and Motivation.
Coaches will learn how to empower the mindset of their executive client to lead the way and energize their team.

9. Clarity of Objectives and Implementation.
Coaches will learn how to support their executive clients in removing obstacles to clarity for themselves and their team.

10. Leveraging Strengths for Efficiency & Optimization.
Coaches will learn how to challenge the perspective of their executive clients to discover strengths and optimize those strengths in each team member for the benefit of the organization.

Our Executive Coach training explores the 3-part relationship of the Executive, the Team, and the Organization. Using NLP tools and coaching, iNLP Center students will learn how to support the executive client through their discovery of strengths,
weaknesses, and most importantly solutions for their team, organization, and themselves.

With the complexity of executive coaching situations and client roles, it is not surprising that there is no ‘one size fits all model of the coaching process that would adequately cover the myriad of possible scenarios that an Executive Coach could face. Because of this, students will learn the iNLP Center Executive Coaching GAPS model, which broadens this focus to include the needs and goals of both the Executive, the Team, and the Organization.

GAPS will be identified and mapped, offering a targeted perspective of where resources should be directed. The iNLP Center GAPS Assessment Tool will clarify the coaching focus as well as assess future progress in the 3-part relationship between the executive, their team, and their organization.

Assessments, corporate scenarios, peer-coaching, assignments for personal inquiry, role-playing, powerful questioning, along with the pairing of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools and techniques will all combine in the master-level training with a culmination of both certification and embodiment of a master-level Executive Coach.

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