How to Attract Coaching Clients

How to Become a Life Coach Step 7

You’d do well to realize clients want one thing:

Solutions to pressing problems.

They won’t be coming just to hang out with you. They need solutions that they cannot find on their own. If you become a life coach, you will be facilitating solutions to problems.

Many coaches consider themselves more than mere problem solvers. While this is true, clients (especially in the beginning) do not care. They want out of the painful situation in which they find themselves.

If you can demonstrate that you understand their pain and offer a believable solution, you will be hired. It’s that simple.

This is why many successful life coaches (and other businesses) regularly demonstrate their understanding of problems.

Successful life coaches write awareness-increasing articles with titles like:

  • 10 Signs your Life is Out of Balance
  • How to Know when it’s Time to Quit Your Job and Move On
  • The Five Skills Leaders Need to Succeed
  • Seven Signs your Relationship Lack Intimacy

Here’s an article that has inspired a ton of coaching inquiries.

Self-Sabotaging | Why You Avoid Happiness at all Costs

When the right person reads these kinds of articles, they see themselves in them. This is often a profound experience. They are reading an article from someone who understands what they are going through! They know you get it. This is the first step toward connecting with someone who will become your coaching client.

The second step is to present a believable solution.

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