Overcome the Two Primary Obstacles in Life with the Following Formula

There are two kinds of obstacles that prevent success.

1. External obstacles can stand in the way of success.
2. Internal obstacles can sabotage success.

In this short post, we’ll give you the formula for handling both of them.

The first are real-world, external obstacles. External obstacles do not originate from within. They are simply facts. For example, let’s say that you need $25,000 to start your own business. You do not have $25,000. This is a real world obstacle – a fact that stands in the way of moving forward.

Then there are internal obstacles, which usually involve emotions. Fear, anger, self-loathing, impatience and various insecurities and inner conflicts can sabotage your efforts to move ahead, whether or not you have external obstacles.

Identify and Overcome Obstacles with this Simple Formula

Get a notepad, it’s time to answer some questions that will create a new direction for you.

1. Write down your goal.

2. Ask yourself, “What stops me from achieving this goal? (Outcome Specification questions, NLP Practitioner, Module 9)

Tip: List the external obstacles first. Then list the internal obstacles.

External obstacles:

Internal obstacles:

3. Create a plan for overcoming the external obstacles, while resolving the internal obstacles.

Hint: The vast majority of external obstacles are merely internal obstacles in disguise. For example:

Goal: To start my own business.

What stops me:

External: I don’t have the $25,000 investment.

Internal: I am afraid of failure, so am not 100% committed.

Here’s the point: To get the $25,000, I really need to be committed. There may be a loan I could get. There may be an investor I know. I may need to save money for a while. Etc…

Yet, without 100% commitment, I really have no business getting the 25K, right? And I certainly won’t find a creative way to go about it.

There is almost ALWAYS a way over, under or around external obstacles!

Yet, if you do not have your internal game aligned, the external obstacles won’t budge. In fact, if you are not aligned for success on the inside, then be grateful for the external obstacles. They may be saving you from a more costly self-sabotage scenario.

Overcoming inner obstacles is the name of the game.

And you need inner resources to do it. Without the right inner resources:

• You may lack the creativity to find solutions.
• You may lack the drive to get things done.
• You may lack the patience to get there.
• You may fear success or failure.
• You may talk yourself out of every good decision.

To recap:

1. Set your goal.
2. Identify your external and internal obstacles.
3. Address those obstacles – realizing that the internal obstacles are almost always more important.

The framework here is an example of NLP in action. Setting up scenarios for clear and effective problem-solving is so important! This is where NLP shines like no other modality.

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